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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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Story Goal - Tendrils in Her Mind - Episode 3 Outcome

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Thank you to all 209 of you who voted on the story outcome on BGG. This is how you voted:

167 or 79.9% want to wait for nightfall and risk whatever might lurk in the park at night. 41 or 19.6% of you wanted to go by day and be more likely to fall under the Whisperer’s gaze. No idea what the other 0.5% is...

...and so...

Tendrils in her Mind: Episode 3 Outcome

They set off just past midnight. It was slow going – heavy clouds concealed the moon and they dared not use a flashlight. It was impossible to make out the paths at this hour, so Dr Miraine and Sharpie had to cut their way through tall grass and tangled bramble. Several times, the rustle of movement nearby made them stop dead in their tracks. Once, Dr. Miraine thought she caught a glimpse of something skulking through the branches overheard – a blur of fur, scales and teeth – but she couldn’t be sure it wasn’t her imagination filling in the darkness.

As they approached the zoo – or at least, they thought they did, they had no way of telling for sure – the rustling grass reaching upwards met the whispering branches spreading downwards. Everywhere was motion in the darkness, nothing was fixed or stable: it felt like the ground beneath their feet had slipped away and they struggled through a knotted tangle of vegetation. They could no longer tell left or right, up or down. Through the thorns that pierced their skin and the bristles that cut at their faces, they caught split-second flashes of faces that were half human, half something else entirely. 

While she still had some clarity to hold on to, Dr. Miraine found herself thinking: She outsmarted us. She knew exactly what we would do and she was waiting for us.

It felt like she was becoming a part of that tangle herself – like her limbs were sprouting shoots and her ribs were becoming branches that burst through her chest. Her thoughts also changed shape and twisted in on themselves, growing into a dark forest she felt herself getting lost in.

She remembered the writing tattooed onto Sharpie’s arms, the list of facts assuring her of the reality of who she was. The biologist began to repeat a litany to herself, over and over:

“My name is Miraine. I am thirty-nine years old. I am in Romolo Park. I left the Fortress ten days ago. It is half-past two in the morning.”

Each fact, repeated once, twice, thrice, became a solid rock, a stepping-stone that carried her over the abyss. She could trace out a path through the forest in her mind, evade the lurking presence she felt there, between the trees.

She emerged, back into reality, in front of the rusted gate into the zoo.

She knew, without a doubt, that the Whisperer was there.

UNLOCK : Whisperer Story Pack (3 new story encounters) 


Tune in on the 12th of June for the finale!

The Biologist Unlocked!

We are so happy to have unlocked the protagonist of our episodes, Dr Miraine (The Biologist), as a playable character in the game! Dr Miraine was a field researcher with the Army before she focused solely on research. She’s a solid shot, but her strengths lie outside of combat situations. The Biologist plays somewhat differently from other characters. She has various development cards that allow her to gain XP in different ways from other characters such as: NOT killing mutants in combat, using Mind boosts for XP during Forage actions and converting XP to Rep points at a much lower ratio at the end of the game. She’s frail in melee combat, but more than makes up for it with the flexibility of her development cards!


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    1. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Bamboozled by the Whisperer! Great storytelling. I also like that the doctor will play differently in-game. Thanks for injecting even more variety into this game.

    2. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Jimmy: Glad you're enjoying Dr. Miraine's story! The idea is also to give a bit of a sense of the writing in the game itself, and how the story encounters will play out (though in a much shorter format and with outcomes depending on stat tests as well as player choices).

    3. Jimmy Trinket

      Awesome sauce! Really enjoying these updates with Miraine's story, they're like a choose your own adventure. :D

    4. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Werner: Thanks man, we've enjoyed it a lot too - especially with the stellar turnout we had with the votes and discussions about outcomes. We're really happy to have found a more interesting way to weave story and content unlocks than the standard old stretch goal system.

    5. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      Thanks, I'm really enjoying this unique and innovative addition to the campaign.