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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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Story Goal - Tendrils in Her Mind - Episode 3

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Before she set off from the Fortress, Dr. Miraine did her homework. She pinned the locations where the Fortress scouts had picked up all the samples on a map, cross-referenced them against wind direction, and traced the lines back to find a point of origin. In the end, there was no doubt about the source: all the lines pointed back to the Romolo Park Zoo.

Dr. Miraine needed to waste no time explaining the importance of her mission to her new companion. A new wave of mutation was sweeping across the region. A more radical form of mutation spreading its tendrils into every form of life.

The zoo was practically within sight – all they needed to do was cross the plaza and they would already be in Margaret Park. There, they’d need to follow a path through what used to be the flower garden, take the bridge over the pond, and they’d be at the zoo’s gates. 

Of course, they knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

Dr. Miraine had been a research assistant at Romolo Park Zoo for a while, back at the start of her career. Its research labs were among the best in the country. The only question she had was – who was doing it? Playing around with mutation at this level required a brilliant mind and a thorough understanding of genetics – the kind of understanding Dr. Miraine, and perhaps only a handful of others in the world, had.

The Whisperer – “the Black Widow!” Sharpie insisted – knew they were coming, and what they’d be trying to do. They could count on her undivided attention. But, after all, Dr. Miraine reasoned, even a psychic has to sleep every once in a while. She asked Sharpie about the past months, and her new ally didn’t have to think long. 

  “Nights are easier. I feel less of her after midnight.”

Still, the night-time presented its own challenges. In the long years since the gardeners did their last rounds, Romolo Park had grown wild – they’d be venturing into an overgrown tangle of weeds and branches in the dark. And, if the animal mutations had spread far enough to be picked up by the Fortress scouts on their sorties – well, who was to say what lurked here, so close to the source? 

Should they:

a) Wait for nightfall and risk whatever might lurk in the park at night?

b) Go by day and be more likely to fall under the Whisperer’s gaze? 

Voting is on a BGG poll - Story Goal unlocks on the 9th June!

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    1. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      Definitely A, it is more likely to avoid an almost inevitable encounter with the Whisperer

    2. Missing avatar

      Zhelion on

      Really hard decision. However, If the Whisperer could found him even going randomly in streets, imagine what can happen in the middle of a Park going straight over the bridge...

    3. 7Pain's

      normal id avoid nightfall, but these are not zombies, so yeah they need sleep id go at night for this one so. A for me

    4. Erwin || Redlum

      wow, this one is actually a though one! guess A is best, but... still quite dangerous