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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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Tendrils in Her Mind: Episode 2 Outcome, and more Stretch Goals unlocked!

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Thank you to all 218 of you who voted on the story outcome on BGG. This is how you voted:

164 or 75.2% wanted to trust the woman and dash into the camper van.
54 or 24.8% of you would have liked her to keep running.

...and so...

Tendrils in her Mind: Episode 2 Outcome

Dr. Miraine knows that there’s nowhere for her to run when what she’s running from is in her head. Her gut tells her to grab the woman’s hand and she does just that.

She’s pulled into the camper van. Through the fire that still consumes her vision and the screams echoing in her head, she hears the metal door being slammed shut behind her. A voice softly repeats, “It’s okay. I’m here. It’s fine.”

Slowly, Dr. Miraine grows aware of the scene around her. The camper van seems to house a surprisingly neat and orderly life: there’s a neatly made bed, carefully stacked cans of food, and shelves of dark, inky liquids in little glass bottles. Her rescuer turns out to be a young woman, covered head to toe in beautifully detailed tattoos. 

“I see you’ve met…her. I got to this town a few months back. Four? Six? I…find it hard to keep track. I’ve been trying to leave but…I’m trapped in her web. The Black Widow, I call her – she’s never told me her name. I think she likes playing with me. I’ve had to find ways of keeping myself sane. Of…reminding myself what’s real and who I am. My friends used to call me Sharpie. I was a tattoo artist. Back when…” She doesn’t finish the sentence.

As she says that, Dr. Miraine’s eye is caught by the tattoos on her rescuer’s arms. Hastily drawn, without the art and care of the rest of the drawings, her arms carry lists of facts: names, dates, reminders to self. At the top of the list is an image of a spider’s web, with a little human figure caught in the middle.

“But enough about me! I haven’t had a nice, pleasant chat in… forever! Tell me about yourself. What brings you to this jovial neighbourhood?”

Dr. Miraine tells her everything – about the Fortress, the samples of mutation in animals, and her mission. Her rescuer’s eyes open wide.


 EPISODE 3 coming on 5th June...

Backer Mission Objective Stretch Goal unlocked! 

We'd love you as backers to not only back us but also have some creative input in the game. That way you would have also contributed towards the building of the Posthuman world!  

So for this stretch goal we'd like you to suggest images of locations for a new Mission Objective. These have to be images not descriptions. You can add a sentence or two to them but the mission objective story will be designed by us as it needs to fit in with the rest of the game. So if you know of, or spot any interesting locations around where you live or on your way to work, take a snapshot and post it as a reply to this thread on BGG.

Extra Dice and Mutated Dice Social Stretch Goals unlocked!

We've had a very close race between the BGG fan and the BGG subscriber stretch goals with both getting unlocked almost simultaneously! It's a good thing they unlocked together as one adds an extra D6 and Loot die and the other mutates your D6s to special Posthuman themed scar dice! Hope you like our little thank you gift for helping the campaign on BGG!

Now let's go get those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stretch goals - there's the Mutation Pack, Crafted Cuts weapon pack and the Spot Varnish on Deluxe to unlock!

Till the next one!

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    1. Jerod

      Stretching is a good idea before one works out, but I don't know about that here. Plus I have never been one to over medicate. But hey, if the metaphor works for you, then great!

    2. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Björn: Submissions are open until the end of the KS campaign!

    3. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @ Johnathan Seargeant: You summed it up quite nicely there sir. Though we don't think Jerod meant any disrespect towards her skill - it's just that her effect was not that obvious.

    4. Johnathan Sergeant on

      I think the reason the tattoo artist preserves morale is obvious.

      Her tattoos preserve her identity in a thematic universe that constantly projects the fear of becoming something "other", something "not you" Her dedication and discipline in preserving her sense of self is contagious. The characters in this story face an adversary who can influence their thoughts- this tattoo artist flips her the finger and says, "I know who I am." and starts writing her reality in permanence on the medium that can't be taken from her. Her skin.

      Sorry Jerod, but you're full of it. This is perfectly logical, apt and powerful as a storytelling metaphor. You just have to dig a little dude.

    5. Jon Mercurio Knight

      @Bjorn, that sounds like a good idea. I thought the story showed her helping the main character away from danger into momentary safety. but how can we get that impression from the card itself without looking at this story and extrapolating?

    6. Missing avatar

      Björn Prömpeler

      I like the tattoo artist, maybe you could include your idea why she helps to make people feels less down, so people who do not know her storry can better imagine how she is helping :D
      Maybe it is because of her soothing voice or the tattos showing the things she has survived?

    7. Missing avatar

      Björn Prömpeler

      Uh great idea with the location photos :D
      How long do we have to send them in?
      Is there some kind of a deadline?

    8. Jon Mercurio Knight


    9. Jerod

      A tattoo artist??? Sorry, not a fan of that one. Sorry in advance to any tattoo artists out there, but that has to be about the most useless skill in the apocalypse. Plus the active benefit from her doesn't even make sense. Yeah that was a bit of a let down I have to admit.

    10. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Very cool, yet again.

    11. Telgar

      Looks better and better. Pity to not have it in French (large smile)