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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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Story Goal - Tendrils in Her Mind - Episode 2

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Dr. Miraine had looked deeply and closely at every new horror that mutation had brought into the world. What had she seen that had sent her out into the Wilds, at the risk of her own life? 

She emerged from a narrow street onto a plaza littered with burnt-out cars. Her destination was almost in sight now, but she hesitated. She might have succeeded in pushing the Whisperer out of her mind for now, but not before the psychic learnt exactly where she was going. This plaza was the obvious place for an ambush. 

By its nature, mutation was a creative spirit, ever searching for new forms to morph into. But one thing was always the same: it had always been limited to humans. In the last samples she had asked the scouts to bring back to the Fortress, she found mutation everywhere she looked: in rats, in lizards, in cockroaches. 

A flash of bright orange dashing through the twisted metal caught her eye. It stirred a memory – a walk on the beach with her daughter, on day as sunny as this one. 

Dr. Miraine’s heart missed a beat – in a clearing in the middle of the plaza, she could see her daughter. She was wearing the same orange dress she had worn that day, its hem still wet from the waves. And – 

– without warning, a ball of flame consumed her. She could see the flesh bubble and melt, the bones blacken. 

The flames became a monstrous beast, a vast mouth closing around Dr. Miraine, searing her skin, burning into her mind. The fire roared with a voice that was first her daughter’s, then her mother’s, then a chorus of all the lovers she had ever lost, all, one after the other, screaming the same thing: You did this. 

Without knowing where she was going, she ran. One moment she was running through the halls of her high school on the day she failed that Physics test she hadn’t studied for; the next, she was in the alley behind the club where her first sweetheart had dumped her. Each scene was consumed by the fire that was so close it felt like it was part of herself. 

Through the flames, she caught a glimpse of an old camper van. Its door was thrown open, and a hand reached out towards her. “In here!” a woman’s voice called out to her. “You’ll be safe!” 

What should Dr. Miraine do? 

a) Trust the woman and dash into the camper van. 

b) Keep running.

Voting is on a BGG poll - Story Goal unlocks on the 3rd June!

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