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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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Tendrils in Her Mind: Episode 1 Outcome

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Vote results!

Thank you to all 230 of you who voted on the story outcome on BGG.  This is how you voted:

138 or 60% said: Stick to her stealthy route through the narrow streets of the old town, and risk the psychic’s wrath!

92 or 40% of you would have liked her to: Change course and cut straight down 30th November Avenue, and risk being spotted by mutant gangs.

So 'stealthy but known to the psychic' it is...

Tendrils in her Mind: Episode 1 Outcome

Dr. Miraine looked down the mile-long stretch of 30th November Avenue ahead of her. The smashed windows of high-end shops and corporate offices that lined the avenue could hide snipers, Ganger scouts, or who knows what else. Too risky.

Quickening her pace, she dove back into the winding streets of the old town. She kept her mind clear, turning left or right on impulse, not letting the Whisperer read her intended path.

At some point, though she was sure she was heading in the right direction, she realized she had passed the same burned-out toy shop for the third time. More than that – she recognized the shop. Memories she had tried to put behind her came flooding back. She could hear the voice of her daughter. She could smell the acrid stench of burning plastic and flesh.

The Whisperer had burrowed deep into the furthest recesses of her mind. She focused, wandered through the labyrinth of her thoughts, and met the lurking presence there. She could feel its shape – strong, determined, hard as steel, but also mischievously amused.

You just want to play with me, Dr. Miraine thought. Well, I have important things to do. So get out of my head.

She could feel her thoughts bending, changing shape, and knew deep down that the Whisperer was leaving a mark on her mind. But, in the end, through the searing pain, she managed to push the invading presence out.

She knew it was only a temporary victory. She could still feel the Whisperer’s offended rage in the very fibre of her being. She would be watchful. But, for now, she redoubled her pace and pressed on.


Mind Reader: (use only once and discard) At the end of a Broadcast phase, exchange the tile and scavenge site token you have drawn with those drawn by any other player.

Befuddle: During combat (shooting or melee), you can choose to make an opponent reroll any die. Then lose 1 Morale.

EPISODE 2 coming on 30th May...

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    1. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @VonTeese: Daniel (writer) here - thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the narrative. It's great you're mentioning that you thought both choices were valid. That's something I'm really making an effort with in all of the game's story encounters - wherever there's a choice, I want it to be a meaningful one that will make you stop and think for a while :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Maybe you can try next time voting without extra hurdle (BGG login) to check if participation will be higher.

    3. 7Pain's

      its a psychic it can call more mutants anyway with its powers,throw objects and "stealthy" its going to know your presence. but whatever!

    4. Drakonvirus on

      Yeah very cool indeed. Those Whisperer Mutation Pack Cards are awesome!

    5. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Very cool. I like the narrative style. Both choices felt equally justifiable, as opposed to one being “right” and the other “wrong.”