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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
3,658 backers pledged $304,931 to help bring this project to life.

Story Goals, Team Versus and Group Pledges.

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Survivors! This is a Broadcast from the Fortress!
Set up your antennas and listen up. 

In this broadcast:
Story goals – A new feature for our Backers!
Team Versus – A new game mode!
Group pledges – get a discount on the game and shipping!
New Social Stretch Goal - Mutant Die! (You can shout that when you roll it)

Story Goals

We thought it would be a great idea to give you a taster of the Posthuman world and the narrative encounters in the game’s Story Book. So we tasked Daniel, our writer, to write a dedicated series of episodes for the KS that chain together and lead up to a grand finale. At the end of each episode we will ask you to make a choice - by popular vote in a linked Boardgamegeek poll - and this will determine what happens in the next episode (very much like the chain stories in Posthuman Saga). 

Not only this though… we will also unlock story goals that add more content to your game of Posthuman Saga after each episode! These are very much like stretch goals that you unlock through your engagement with the story because of the decisions you make. Sounds like fun? We think so too!

The first Episode will be sent out tomorrow as an update and on BGG and you will have 3 days to vote. After which we will send out an update with the outcome and the unlocked content!

Testing Team Versus mode - note chummy minis.
Testing Team Versus mode - note chummy minis.

Team Versus

After a suggestion from Ludovic, one of our backers, Gordon got an idea for a competitive team mode for posthuman saga. We’re calling it Team Versus. You play co-operatively in a team sharing the same map and board section against another team of two. It’s the best of both worlds ☺. We have been testing it over the last few days and it’s a very different experience and a hell of a lot of fun! 

More about this in some detail in the next Broadcast.

Group Pledges

Some of you have asked us if we can give group discounts and we thought why not? If we can help you save a bit more we’ll do that. So we’re going to open a new pledge tier for groups of 5 and over for backers of the Mega Mutant All-in. This is the most popular tier so we’re just going to offer this. We will be giving you a 20% discount on the game price and a discount on shipping depending on the country and amount ordered. 

Chris has been hard at work calculating estimates for shipping and we can estimate up to 50% savings on shipping to US, Canada, Europe and Asia and between 15% and 40% savings for the rest. The best savings will be on groups of 5 as this is the capacity of one shipping box. Anything in between may reduce the savings.

New social stretch goal
New social stretch goal

Mutant Die!

Once we reach 500 fans on BoardGameGeek, the old boring white D6 will mutate into this little scarred beauty. And if we unlock the other BGG stretch goal (subscriptions) for an extra Loot Die and an extra D6 then both D6 in the game will be upgraded to mutant dice!
(New die will be the same size as the old one) 

----------bzzzt bzzzzt Broadcast over bzzzzt bzzzzt-------------
You can climb down that old radio antenna.  That's all for today survivors.  Spread the word and keep it at that. Everything else is contagious nowadays.

May you mutate only where you really need it. 

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    1. Tyler Martin

      For the group pledge and original PH backers/owners. If there is more than one original owner do we just send all relevant details to get the expansion?

    2. Paulo Rosa

      Hi. The image of the proposed mutated die very much resembles the die of the Unbroken game (not saying that this is a bad thing). In their campaign there was much discussion regarding the visibility/ability to easily distinguish the different strikes, namely between 3 & 4 ,and 5 & 6. You can their final solution here (not saying that you should adopt their solution, but it might help you to be aware of the problems they faced):

    3. Philipp Ottensamer

      Yeah, but if you already going deluxe, why not go all the way?

      Ahhh we'll get the strech goal anyway. ;)

    4. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Philip: Actually we hadn´t thought of making a custom D6 die until you guys suggested it :p. Why didn´t we think about it? Probably cause our focus was on the distribution and design of the custom combat dice and the D6 worked fine for us and testers so it just never came up.

    5. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @snon - We will try to re-write them as stories in the Story Book itself.

    6. Missing avatar

      snon on

      @Mighty Boards:
      " write a dedicated series of episodes for the KS that chain together...":
      Will these then also appear as appendix in the story/rulebook?

    7. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Roberto: The idea of the group pledge is that we ship to one address in one box so you can save on shipping. So you would have to live close to each other.

      @Philipp: The die upgrade was a backer suggestion which we took on.

    8. Roberto Marco Samson on

      Regarding the shipping. Since I live in the Philippines,(but part of Asia in the shipping section), do I need to have a group of ALL Philippines backers. Or can I look for other backers within Asia?

    9. SPECTRE_01 on

      +100 for co-op against the story

    10. Philipp Ottensamer

      Excellent additions! Bravo!
      The die is a little silly though, why would there be a standard boring white D6 in the game in the first place (especially in the deluxe edition)?

    11. Jon Mercurio Knight

      All of that sounds awesome and the follow along story for the campaign is brilliant! Probably my favorite idea I've ever seen in a campaign to promote audience activity to keep the campaign going during the middle stretch!

    12. Drakonvirus on

      Sounds great. Though having a 2 player coop against the game / story encounters would be awesome too.