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A 1-5* player highly interactive board game of controlling clouds and mastering the weather!
A 1-5* player highly interactive board game of controlling clouds and mastering the weather!
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Shipping Status Updates by Region! Updates on Replacements! New Support Email!

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

How are we doing with shipping? 


Most of the shipping is completed. We are awaiting the last 100 or so packages to go out, we expect them to do the last wave in the next week and for USA shipping to be completed by the end of the week. 


Shipping for basic packages of Petrichor are completed. Joint Moa shipments are of course not done yet. We are awaiting confirmation from APE on when this is done but it should be quite soon. More info on this in the next update. 


We've been told by Funagain that the Canadian copies have been sent to Snakes and Lattes and should start going out to backers by the end of the week. The last solid confirmation we have is that they are in transit to Snakes and Lattes. 

Rest of the World (Non-Asia) 

These parcels have shipped or are shipping from the USA shipment. They will, of course, take a bit longer than the USA shipments. 


We have some unfortunate news to share on this matter. Boarders Tabletop Cafe' received the packages with the games, however they have stopped contact with us immediately after picking up the package. We have been trying to reach them through various means, however it seems that it is unlikely that we will get to them, and we are considering this cargo (along with our downpayment for fulfillment) as stolen by Boarders Tabletop Cafe', and therefore lost. 

We are in contact with various other companies and people who are affected by this to see how we can react to this unfortunate event. We are not the only creator being affected by Boarders right now. 

This is quite a tough nut for us, we have lost almost 20,000 USD in market value to this event. But, DO NOT WORRY, the backers are not the ones who will be paying for this. Asian backers will still get their games.

So what's going to happen now?

Petrichor is sold out, which means that we cannot ship copies from other depots to replace the stolen Asia copies. The ones we lost were the only ones we had. This means that we will have to do another print run especially to be able to replace these lost copies of the game. We are already in contact with the factory and have started the process of commencing with the print run, and we will be meeting with the factory a number of times this week. We will not, of course, be asking for extra money, this will be done fully at Mighty Board's cost. 

What we do ask for is your support and a bit of patience and time. The print run will commence and the games will again be manufactured in China, which means that it will be much easier to get the games straight to backers as soon as they are hot off the press, as the games would be close and do not require long periods of freight transit. We will work hard with the factory to make sure that we get these games to you as soon as possible, but understand that production lead times (usually around 40 days, at least) do still apply, as well as other lead times for processes and labor. 

If you have any questions or would like more details please get in contact with us via

That's also the main support email from now on. is our main support email. If you need help about anything, you will get the fastest response there. 

And what about Replacements? 

If you have issues with your copy of Petrichor you should use this from to let us know what the issue is and what needs to be replaced. 

We are processing these in batches. The first replacement list for the EU shipment was sent out to Happyshops today and will be fulfilled in the next few days. For US shipments, we will start sending replacement batches as soon as all of the main shipments are done. Please note that we will not reply to every request from the form, we will only get in contact with you if something is not right or if we need further information. Otherwise, if you get no answer, you can assume that your request will be processed and sent with the next replacement batch (usually around one a week, depending on volume of replacements). 

We hope that those of you who have gotten the game are having a good time with it. If you played the game, it would be awesome if you could share your thoughts on BoardGameGeek, good or bad, we are listening and would love to hear your opinions of on the game. 

This is it for today! Wishing you a wonderful spring, and a lot of Petrichor! 

- Mighty Boards

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    1. Cassandra Barnes on

      I have not received my copy of Petrichor yet. I know I ended up paying for the shipping late because I don't check my email as often as I should. I was wondering if I could still get my copy.

    2. Lord Silver

      I received the base game but did not receive the expansion. Are the expansions still being shipped out? This is for the US

    3. Missing avatar

      Connor Alexander on

      Like a few others here, I'm in the USA and have not received my copy nor any notification of shipping. Please update asap.

    4. Demram on

      Dear Mightyboards, I should insist in the fact that you should be answering your backers in the updates comments. Other projects have been more responsible with that than you, and even with all the thing that have make your hands full (the problem with Boarders Tabletop Cafe, etc.) you should be able to improve your communication with the people that backer and bought your game.


    5. Demram on

      Hi there, it's good to hear news for the backers from the rest of the world (Central and South America). Anyway, I insist on an unanswered question that I made in your last update: is there any way to follow the shipments? any kind of tracking number or something to see where the goods are? As I said before, I have really high hopes for this game, and I hope to get it as soon as possible to play with my friends.

      I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Asian company who was in charge of shipping the game to the Asian backers. I hope you find a solution for that problem, and I suggest to you to try to inform the situation on different media so other game companies get warned about how Boarders Tabletop Cafe works.

      Best regards,

    6. Missing avatar

      Randy King

      Sorry to hear about the issue Boarders Tabletop Cafe and all your backers in Asia that are effected. Since I'm in the USA, and not received my copy yet, I'm guessing my copy is one of the last 100 to go out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edmond on

      I'm from the Philippines and that's really unfortunate to hear. I was actually looking forward to play this around summer season here (late March-early May), but looks like I'm highly likely to have a hold of Petrichor around rainy season here instead.

      Anyway, I can see quite a number of angry posts in Boarders Tabletop Cafe's Facebook page the past few days. Apparently, there were many others who got "scammed".…

    8. Rose N.

      Dude. Sorry to hear about the stolen games. Hopefully, there will be some kind of resolve.
      On another note -- I feel slightly bad about mentioning this after learning about the shady af partner but -- I tried replying a few times to the delivery tracking email with my concerns (based on what it said in the body of the text). It has sent me an automatic failed mail delivery every time. What's up with that? 
      According to the tracking info, the package was sent to an old address that I had updated with you guys earlier in this month (I moved to another city and the name listed on the package is a pseudonym).
      I called UPS to try to intercept it but, apparently, it can't be done because it's going to be delivered by the USPS because of the way it was sent out (even though it has a UPS tracking label)?? What's going on?

    9. Karl Hedstrom

      I guess my reward is in the last (100) U.S. shipments. I hope to get it soon. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Colin Lee on

      Hope you will get a reply from Boarders. That was a nasty piece of work from them. Some closure is better than none :( Thanks for your commitment.

    11. Vaughn Reynolds

      Sorry to hear about the scumbags at Boarders Tabletop Cafe. We need to get this out to others!

    12. FodderZone on

      I'm very sad to hear about the theft, that's terrible. I received my copy in Texas this week and love it! The quality is top notch and I look forward to many games, but that damn wind card! My wife wouldn't stop screwing up my plans!

    13. Gretchen Ingram on

      Wow, now I feel bad about griping about how long US shipping was taking! Sorry to hear about the problems in Asia- I do hope you recoup some (or, better yet, all) of your games/money.

      Can I do anything to help?

    14. Chelsea Brash

      That is so dad to hear what has happened to the Asia shipments. I wish you luck in recouping costs and/or getting your games back. I am extremely happy to report that I have received my game in Australia and it will be on our table this weekend.

    15. Russonc

      That is unfortunate news (Asia....) I hope you are able to recoup the cost or games some how...

    16. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Zack: They will ship at similar times, I mentioned it in the EU section since it is complete, with exception of the Moa copies. Same applies for the US.

    17. APE Gamer Collaborator on

      We'll joint ship everywhere but Asia. We're using a different fulfillment company and will ship out Moa to backers there without needing to wait for Petrichor. Yeah, that's an additional cost that we'll incur, since we were expecting to save money by shipping Moa with Petrichor, but we won't make you wait.

    18. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Adrian: The ROW shipment and US shipment are considered the same. So some have already been sent, and surely some ROW shipments are still within those 100 packages. It will take longer than the mainland US since they are farther away. But they are shipped all together (we gave them one big list).

    19. Missing avatar

      Zack Roehr

      I see mention of the join Moa shipments for EU... how about the joint Moa shipments for the US? Are there no copies left for that fulfillment currently?

    20. zenracer on

      I have a shipping notice and it is on it's way! Let the rain begin!

    21. Dylan Thurston

      Wow, that's some unfortunate news about Asia.

    22. Missing avatar


      First of all, sorry to hear about Asia folks. Second; so for us ROW we should expect shipment within the next 2 weeks? (that is, right after USA local shipments are done?) Thanks.