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Fight against the Soviet onslaught in this revolutionary 1-3 player game!
Fight against the Soviet onslaught in this revolutionary 1-3 player game!
1,044 backers pledged $87,821 to help bring this project to life.

The First Day Filled with less Ire and more excitement!

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Wow, what a first day that was...

Not only did we crush the funding goal in 11 hours, but we are just a few hundred dollars away from unlocking the SECOND stretch goal.

Let's talk a little bit more about the stretch goal that we just unlocked. Let's meet the leaders.


When playing with the expansion, during the Reinforcement Phase, the revolutionary players have a new decision to make! Do they spend their precious recruit icons on getting more insurgents onto the board, or do they recruit leaders? 

Leaders are represented by named cards, each with a unique ability. Thematically, they're people who have been fighting since the 23rd of October, battle hardened on the streets of Budapest. Let's take a look at one of them, Margit:

She knows the value of a good tactical move, and she can hide all Insurgents in a third of the map! That means they can ambush again, they can build more barricades... Opening up new strategies in a heartbeat.

Does she seem familiar? If you've played Days of Ire, she should be! 

Here she is, a week earlier, as a fighter in Days of Ire! And if you're playing a campaign game this will all matter in a very dramatic fashion! Fighters that die during Days of Ire will not be available as Leaders during Nights of Fire, and fighters that finish the game active, will start Nights in your hand! So to experience the unparalleled experience of playing 2 games as 1, make sure your pledge includes the Red Army Pack, where you'll get to meet Margit and her brothers and sisters in arms!

Speaking of that campaign...

You have been speaking, and we have been listening. The demand for the separated Campaign cards is higher than we expected. And although having these two products separated is not sustainable for retail or for the long run, this does not mean we cannot reach some sort of compromise to make this a possibility only for early supporters - you guys. 

We will be printing a small exclusive print run of the campaign cards as well as the leader cards just for this Kickstarter campaign (basically all of the cards that come in the Days & Nights expansion). This set will include ALL the stretch goals related to those cards that we will unlock throughout the campaign. This set will NOT be available in any way outside this campaign except of course by buying the Days and Nights Expansion in retail.

Of course, for us to be able to do this, we have to make some compromises. The cards will be packaged in shrink or a zip-lock bag, and will not have any branded packaging. The rules for the campaign mode will also only be distributed to the backers via a digital PDF. 

However, this pack will include all of the gameplay content that you need to play the campaign mode as well as any extra content that we might add along the way. We will be making this pack available for 18$. 

To get the pack, simply add 18$ to your pledge now, and when you receive the pledge manager link, you will have 18$ of credit that you will be able to redeem against this add on pack!

Please understand that this is quite a risky move for us, as there is a possibility that we might not hit our minimum order quotas and because it causes a significant logistics overhead. But we are sure we can pull it off, especially if we can get some additional support from you in spreading the word and getting the game to more people. 

How can we do that? 

There are many of ways:

  • Simply visiting the Kicktraq link here helps us get higher on that hot list. 
  • Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page 
  • Sharing the game on your social media networks.
  • Posting and starting a discussion in one of your favourite board game discussion groups on Facebook, Twitter or Boardgamegeek (or other networks).
  • And just word of mouth! Tell your friends, family and anyone who you think might be interested. 

That's it for this evening! Onwards to the next goal! Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to reveal a few new ones! Thank you for an incredible first day!!  

- Mighty Boards

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    1. Missing avatar

      michel guerin on

      @ David
      Thanks a lot for your answer. I feel reassured now!!... :)
      Because I have the feeling that these cards are a must. For replayability of course, but also for balancing the game accordind to player's strength (making it easier at the beginning and harder when one becomes an expert).

      By the way, I don't know how to have access to the pledge manager and to add the 5$ for DoI (considering that the funding period is now ended). Not that important anyway.

    2. David Turczi Collaborator on

      -$118 includes NoF+DoI+Red Army Pack (minis AND cards).
      -the $18 upgrade is for people who did NOT buy the Red Army Pack, but wanted the cards from it. Therefore you don't need it.
      -the only thing you are "missing" are the promos for DoI from the first KS campaign, which you'll be able to add in the pledge manager for $5.

    3. Missing avatar

      michel guerin on

      unclear also for me.
      - What is missing in the 118$ pledge ?
      - What is added exactly in this 18$ pledge ?
      - How can I add this option now, if it wasn't done?

    4. Missing avatar

      David Siao on

      It's a little unclear to me: are the cards in the $18 pack included in any of the pledges?

    5. Anthony Ferrise on

      DoI is one of my favorite games in my collection. Thanks for the sequel. And thank you for the opportunity to get the campaign cards (with stretch goals!) without having to get all the minis. I for one quite like the aesthetic of the chits - so I wouldn't really want to use the minis anyway. Kudos to you for listening to your backers. Looking forward to following this campaign.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cateanu Mihnea on

      Thank you for finding a compromise!

    7. Jacob Schoberg on

      I think it's a good compromise. Nice job. $18 seems pretty steep, though.

    8. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Wade: That’s correct, since we will be printing these based on the number of people interested, it will be really helpful to know more or less what sort of numbers we are talking about before the end of the campaign.

    9. Wade M. Page

      I plan on getting both games, it's great to have solo options if you don't have regular playing partners.

      And while I'll likely do the minis as well, I think this is a good compromise for those who aren't interested!

      I suspect the reason to add on now vice via the Pledge Manager is to give the Creators some logistical assistance in projecting out whether a minimum order quota is going to be viable...

    10. David Turczi Collaborator on

      @Xrayman: we want to give a chance to you guys to reach more stretch goals :)

      Whereas "non-standard" pledges ("i want two of that, and one of that but not that") are complicated to sort out just from a number, so it's easier to make you add the money in the pledge manager.

    11. Missing avatar


      Slightly confused. The instructions on the campaign page say DON'T increase your pledge amount for add ons, but for this you do??

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Hogan on

      You guys are awesome. What a very swift response to the unrest in pockets of the population.
      (I am still really looking forward to the minis.)