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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
308 backers pledged £54,695 to help bring this project to life.

Manage Your Pledge

Posted by Mierce Miniatures (Creator)

The Mierce Miniatures website is ready for you to manage your pledge - as long as you have completed the survey and Kickstarter have collected your money, of course!

How to Manage your Pledge

If you have completed the survey and your pledge has been collected by Kickstarter, we have now registered you on our website (if you were not registered already), applied Moneyback to your account of an equal amount to your pledge and given you access to the special "Darklands: Savage Hordes II" categories based on the reward you have selected.

These categories are the meat of managing your pledge, for you simply log in and choose what you would like just as if you were online shopping. You use the Moneyback that is now on your account to purchase those items, and you can even purchase extra items if you wish - although you will have to pay for those with your debit or credit card, of course!

If you have not completed your survey, or if your payment has still not been collected, I'm afraid we cannot give you access to the pledge management system so it is in your interest to sort them out as soon as possible. Please e-mail us at to tell us you have done so!

Pledge Management Sequence

1) Log In

The first thing you must do, of course, is log in to our website. If you do not already have an account on our website:

Your username is the e-mail address you have used with this Kickstarter project.

Your password is "KICKSTARTER", if you haven't registered on our website before. We do urge you to change your password as soon as you can once you have logged in! If you have registered before, your password is still the one you selected.

Once you've logged in to our website you'll be able to manage your pledge - in other words, tell us exactly what you require for the money you have pledged. However, before you start this process, there's a few things we need to explain first.

Please read the following very carefully!

2) Change your Password

The second thing you must do is to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD on the Mierce Miniatures website!

3) Find the Kickstarter Categories

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a square icon on the left hand side - underneath the Templar's Forge logo - which shows a little graphic and the words "Manage your Pledge here!" in yellow. Simply click on that icon and you will be taken to our Kickstarter page, which lists the two categories pertaining to you as a backer of this Kickstarter project:

  • The "Darklands: Savage Hordes II" category lists all of the items from this Kickstarter project, neatly arranged by kindred, with essentials, shipping items and rewards at the top. Many of the items within this category will be open to you until they are shipped, so in most cases you have until February 2017 to choose the items you would like!
  • The "Darklands: Savage Hordes" category lists all of the items from our previous Savage Hordes Kickstarter project, Darklands: Savage Hordes, which we're giving you access to as a bonus, if you hadn't backed it of course. Many of the items within this category will be open to you until they are shipped, so in most cases you have until June 2016 to choose the items you would like!
  • The "Existing Mierce Miniatures" category lists all of our existing miniatures (including those from the Darklands: a World of War and Darklands: First EditionKickstarter projects, and the BaneLegions range) at around 20% off their recommended retail price, unless they were at a different price on the Savage Hordes project. It also includes those from the Darklands: First Edition II and Darklands: Monstrous Mounts projects at 10% off their recommended retail price! This discount is a "thank you" to all of our backers for backing this project, but these existing miniatures at this price will ONLY be available to you until midnight (GMT) of Monday, February the 29th, 2016 - AND THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE WILL GIVE A DISCOUNT ON OUR BACK CATALOGUE TO BACKERS AFTER A PROJECT ENDS - so we suggest you purchase those as quickly as possible!

4) Choose the items you want!

Next, just choose the items you want from our Kickstarter project by adding them to your basket as if you were shopping normally. Press the "BUY" button!

You can grab all of the above!
You can grab all of the above!

If you've purchased the "Two Hosts" or "Savage Hordes and Two Hosts" items, please make sure that you tell us which starter hosts you would like in the "Special Instructions" box when you go through the basket. Your choices will be applied at some point in the future.

5) Add more stuff!

If you wish to add more miniatures to your basket from the Kickstarter campaign that you did not pledge for, you can do so now.


You MUST purchase at least ONE shipment wave item, which MUST - at the very least - be the D: SH II - UK/EUR/ROW - ONE SHIPMENT item.

If you are ONLY purchasing existing items, simply purchase the D: SH II - UK/EUR/ROW - EXISTING ITEMS SHIPMENT item.

If you are purchasing both Darklands: Savage Hordes II items and existing items, purchase both the D: SH II - UK/EUR/ROW - ONE SHIPMENT item and the D: SH II - UK/EUR/ROW - EXISTING ITEMS SHIPMENT item.

7) Payment!

Continue through the checkout process until you get to the "Payment" page, where you will see a myriad of boxes to input your payment details. If you are only using your Moneyback - i.e., the "Order Total" amount is £0.00 - then please select "Moneyback" as your payment type, without filling in any other details.

If you are pledging for more items than the Moneyback you have in your account, simply input your card details as normal; you will be charged the "Order Total" amount.

8) That's it!

You've successfully added your pledge. You'll be able to see the order on your "My Orders" page immediately.

Remember, you can add more orders right up to when the items from this Kickstarter are shipped!

Shipment Items

Each item from this Kickstarter project has been given a shipment wave, and shipping items in their waves (rather than waiting until everything's ready) will cost extra.

You effectively have two choices with shipping:

  • 1 - Pay Once for Shipping and Wait: Simply purchase the "One Shipment" item and wait for everything you have purchased to be produced before we ship them.
  • 2 - Pay More to Get Sooner: Purchase the "Two Shipments" or "Three Shipments" items, to get your items when they're ready. Whilst in an ideal world we'd get all the sculpts ready to ship as one package, it can often be the case that some sculptors cannot produce miniatures on time. Thus, if some sculpts slip or are slated for later, it is recommended that you get the "Two Shipments" or "Three Shipments" item.

The individual shipment items are explained below.

  • D: SH - UK/EUR/ROW - EXISTING ITEMS SHIPMENT: miniatures and other products that already exist will be shipped as soon as possible if you purchase this shipment item. Note that this will definitely be after November the 9th, after the Existing Items category is closed, and could be later depending on our workload. If you don't purchase this shipment item, your existing items will ship with your items from this project.
  • D: SH - UK/EUR/ROW - ONE SHIPMENT: your order will be sent in one shipment, and thus will wait until all of the items that you've ordered are produced. The cheapest, but slowest, method - and bear in mind that the items you've released could be released to the general public before you get them.
  • D: SH - UK/EUR/ROW - TWO SHIPMENTS: your order will be sent in two shipments corresponding to two shipment waves, with what is available shipping in Wave 15 (February 2017) and the rest when it is ready.
  • D: SH - UK/EUR/ROW - THREE SHIPMENTS: your order will be sent in three shipments corresponding to three shipment waves, with what is available shipping in Wave 15 (February 2017) and a further shipment in Wave 16 (April 2017) and the rest when it is ready.

It is VERY important that you purchase at least one Shipment Item to cover the amount of shipments you require. If you do not, your order will sit in limbo for all time!

Don't Use Moneyback to Pay for Shipping

Please do not use your Moneyback to pay for the shipment items! Simply use enough of your Moneyback to purchase the items you want, and ensure you pay for the shipment wave items via your debit or credit card.

Using your pledge to pay for shipping means that we've hit stretch goals artificially, and that could impact upon the stretch goals for the next Kickstarter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get my free monstrous infantry?

A: Very easily! As long as you have purchased Golgog Goat-Eater, when you go through the basket you will see a box called "Special Instructions". Simply type which free monstrous infantry you require into that box!

Note that we will check that the amount you have backed on the project enables you to get that many free monstrous infantry miniatures, as of course the more you pledged the more monstrous infantry you could have for free.

Your free monstrous infantry will be added to your order when we have time to do so.

Q: How do I tell you which starter hosts I want if I purchase the "Any Two Hosts" reward?

A: Again, in the "Special Instructions" box of your basket. Simply type which hosts you want into that box, remembering to give us the full title of the host!

Your host choices will be added to your order when we have time to do so.

Q: Can I choose hosts from previous projects for the "Any Two Hosts" reward?

A: Yes - as long as they're the same price! So, for example, you could request a host from Darklands: Metal Age and a host from Darklands: Savage Hordes.

Q: What is Moneyback?

A: Moneyback is a way of "giving" money to customers on our webstore. Any part of an order that is paid for using your card earns Moneyback at 1% of the total order rate, thus giving customers a reason to return and use our website! For Kickstarter purposes, it is an easy way of "giving" the amount you've pledged to your account so that you can choose the items you've pledged for without spending any money. You can also do that, of course, in the same order! Using Moneyback is explained later in this update.

Q: How much Moneyback have you given me?

A: Based on what Kickstarter tell us, we have added Moneyback equivalent to the amount you have pledged to your Mierce Miniatures account. Obviously, we have only given you Moneyback if Kickstarter have collected your payment.

Q: How do I Use Moneyback?

A: It couldn't be simpler to use your Moneyback. The first page of the basket will show the Moneyback you have available, and all you have to do is type in the amount you wish to use, check the box next to it and press "UPDATE". If you don't want to use any Moneyback with an order, simply uncheck the box next to the Moneyback line, press "UPDATE" and it will be removed from your basket.

Q: Can I purchase more than my Moneyback allows?

A: If you wish to spend more than you have pledged for already then you will have to pay for them! Simply max out your Moneyback on your order and add whatever else you want to your basket. You will, of course, have to pay the difference via credit or debit card. Note that we do not, and will never, accept PayPal as a payment method. Remember, too, that if you are buying more then you will earn Moneyback (1%) for everything over and above the Moneyback you've used. So even by pledging more you'll save a bit more for any future orders!

Q: I read somewhere that you'll be giving 20% off your existing line of miniatures, and 10% off items from Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II. Is this true?

A: Yes. In the special "Darklands: Existing Miniatures" category, we will list all of the miniatures from our back catalogue on general sale (including those from BaneLegions) which you can purchase at 20% off the UK recommended retail price (10% for those items from Darklands: First Edition II and Darklands: Monstrous Mounts) for a short period - until February the 29th.

Q: How long do I get to purchase other Darklands: Savage Hordes II stuff?

A: You have until items begin to ship to backers to purchase more Darklands: Savage Hordes II stuff - thus, you should have until February 2017 at least for everything from this project!

Q: Can I combine shipping with other stuff?

A: We will combine packages where we can, but I'm afraid this does not mean you can avoid paying for shipping for items from this Kickstarter. We will combine some packages, but this does not reduce the extra weight in items from this project or existing items, nor reduce the amount of packing time and packaging material!

Q: What can I do if my payment to Kickstarter has bounced?

A: Speak to your bank and find out what has happened, and correct the issue. Kickstarter will e-mail you and try to take your payment on a daily basis. However, they will only do this for a week - so please sort it out as soon as you can!

If all else fails, you could simply login to our website when the time comes and purchase what you would like from the items available, but we would politely ask you to spend as much as you have backed - that ensures that stretch goals can be fulfilled.

Q: Will unfulfilled stretch goals be fulfilled in the pledge management period?

A: There aren't any unfulfilled stretch goals! All of the stretch goals for this project have been fulfilled, including the last one at £55,000. We decided to give you that at the end without needing to get to them!

Q: Will you add images to each item in the Kickstarter Categories?

A: Yes, absolutely - but please note, this will take time and will not occur overnight. We do expect to have them all there by the end of February, however.

Complete the Survey!

If you have not yet completed your survey questionnaire (sent on Tuesday the 16th of February via Kickstarter) then please do so as soon as you can. We cannot register you on our website or add your pledge to your Moneyback without it!

All we require from you at this stage is your full name and full address. Once we receive the results of that survey, we will register you on our website at, if you are not registered already of course; for you manage your pledge on our webstore just as if you were shopping online.

Even if you are already registered, please take the time to fill in the survey, it helps us check that we have your information correct.

Uncollected Pledges

Kickstarter has been unable to take payment for some pledges by backers. If you are one of these people, we will be reminding you to correct the errors on your card tomorrow.

You only have one week from the date our Kickstarter ended to correct your card details with Kickstarter; that is, until the 23rd of February 2016. Please try to do so as quickly as you can! If you do not I'm afraid we cannot reward you with the items that you have pledged for, and you will have to pledge directly through our website.

Existing Items Shipments

Please note, Existing Items Shipments - Wave 0, if you will - will only begin after Kickstarter has passed payment to us and after the Existing Items category has closed. This should be early March.

PLEASE be patient with these existing items, as we will try to fit them in around the shipping of waves from other projects.

Any Further Questions

If you have any further questions about how to manage your pledge, or indeed anything about Darklands or Mierce Miniatures, simply message us here or e-mail us at

Enjoy, and once again, thank you so much for backing our Kickstarter project!

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