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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
566 backers pledged £138,533 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Marco La Canea on

      Asked for double-check and yes we hope snake girl first xd

    2. Missing avatar

      Murray Quarmby

      Snake girls first. Snake girls first. Snake girls first. Please? They look so dynamic.

    3. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      First - sorry if that wasn't clear.

    4. Marco La Canea on

      The first or the second?

    5. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Darren - there already is one, Danilo, and you get Uhtred and Finnan as freebies too. Additionally, anybody who backs this Kickstarter gets -20% off the RRP of the available items in the Kickstarter.

    6. Marco La Canea on

      i really like gorgorares and will pledge for them, hopefully we can unlock those minis

    7. Lochlannon on

      I personally would go Nobles but without an ability to switch out I'm getting a great discount for stuff I don't need. Now if there were some wiggle room is probably be all over it.

    8. Rick on

      because you know, there is one (danillo ;))

    9. Rick on

      you mean a freebie like danillo when spending 150GBP or more?

    10. Missing avatar

      darren marsden on

      hi backed your first kickstarter and gone for darklands and uhtred deal. but yet to be blown away by this one .having backed £300 last time the skirmish and sweet spot of no use and nobles reward out of reach (unless I want a divorce!!).Any chance of giving those who backed you first time round a tempting offer of some kind .maybe a big discount or freebie if you spend x amount on top off the main darklands uthred deal cheers daz

    11. Emil Gustafsson on

      Hah... majority of these stretch goals is really something I would order.
      But alas I cant drop more cash during the kickstarter period atm...cuz of my lovely cohabit drained quite a big chunk of money.

    12. Quuids on

      My God that's a ton of art being unveiled... I want everything listed! I'm considering the £700 pledge majorly but I won't be able to add anything with it :-(