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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
566 backers pledged £138,533 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Arthur and others - the hosts are designed for gaming, not for painters or collectors. That's why they're called hosts and are set to a certain amount of gold, so I think you're looking at it in completely the wrong way.

      For playing games of Darklands, they're a perfect start to a host. That is what they are designed to do.

    2. Arthur Changry

      Yeah, I agree... not really happy with the pledge tiers this time. Seems only focused on people who either want very little, or a lot of duplicates. Nothing for the painter/collector non-gamer who just wants lots of variety.

    3. Nergal, Medicus Pestilenciae de Valoria on

      @Rick: yes, that is quite a good deal. 2 units of Byzantii with commander is cheaper than 2 units without him - that is a no-brainer. I do not yet have the Tarask, so the new deal would be good, but as I am not sure if I want 2 or 3 units of Legionaries the added commander is tipping me over to two units.

    4. Rick on

      I'm not going for the skirmish hosts myself due to having all the monsters already ;) The encounter hosts though..For the price of the units in them (which I was going to get anyway) I get another commander and the tokens + dice for free, no complaints from me for that double there ;)

    5. Nergal, Medicus Pestilenciae de Valoria on

      @Rick: actually that is the main point that is keeping me from pledging Nobles. I am not sure if it is a wise decission to have a KS structure that results in loads of doubles for the people who pledge for that tier. I really have no use for those - I am more of a collector and painter anyway, that is why Nobles is nice as I would not mind having Drunes that I do not plan to collect, but I want some of the skirmish hosts and that would result in to many dooubles for my taste. For me the result is that I will stay at a lower pledge amount during the campaign.

    6. Rick on

      Those of us who pledged for the nobles have them all already..I don't mind a couple of doubles ;)

    7. Nergal, Medicus Pestilenciae de Valoria on

      Nice hosts. The Norse one is really good, but why does the Byzantii host have Equitus Durio as a Commander? Those of us who buy the mounted model get him on foot anyway - another commeander would have been better value.