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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
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    1. SFG_Dooley on

      Awesome. We're going to run thru the rules this weekend, so I'll put up a little initial impressions thang when we get through.

    2. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @The Irishman - generally 20, some units may be larger, some less.

    3. SFG_Dooley on

      Is there a unit max for infantry? I don't have my rules handy as I'm toiling away at the office.

    4. Funkychef on

      I have been playing encounter sized games recently, and when facing something like Angrislaug, who wouldn't want to be with as many friends as possible? :p

    5. SFG_Dooley on

      I think I may not be as familiar with the rules as you are, mostly because I wasn't focused on the infantry in KS1 with my Norse (being that I have 5 big, angry Trolls from it!!!)

    6. Funkychef on

      @The Irishman - I've yet to have a model from Mierce that wasn't outstanding quality, be it character or regular infantry or monsterous beast :)
      and why a unit of 20? because if you're staring at a big hungry dragon, you want 19 other options to be his lunch before he picks you ;)

    7. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Jeremy - what you see fella; champion, banner bearer, herald and two warriors.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mohr on

      How many unique sculpts can we expect for these? Will it be similar to anglycen with a unique champion, banner, musician, and two warrior sculpts?

    9. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Ronald. Sigh. Not doing very well today... 20 is £115 of course, not £125.

    10. SFG_Dooley on

      Why would you need a unit of 20? They're what, 22 points each?

    11. Ronald Wanders on

      The total for a unit of 20 is still off a bit Mierce. ;) 55 + 60 = 115, not 125. :)

    12. Emil Gustafsson on

      Mah friend feelt the same. +110£ plegde increase confirmed.

    13. SFG_Dooley on

      Ahh that makes sense. I imagine they'll still be of similar quality. Couldn't be more pleased with everyone I've gotten thusfar. Pretty sure I'll be putting an order in for the dragon and gambla today.

    14. Emil Gustafsson on

      Vikings... These guys Ive been waiting for since last kicky. Hussah!

    15. Funkychef on

      @The Irishman - because they are characters, not unit models

    16. Wes, Atalantes Ekdromoi Hoplite

      Awesome units!! Will be definitely on my buy list!

    17. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      It's £60, just amended it... glad you like 'em Irishman ;o)

    18. SFG_Dooley on

      Why not long axe or the banner bearer from KS1?

    19. Wes, Atalantes Ekdromoi Hoplite

      @ funky, you are correct...they said 50 when they meant 60

    20. Funkychef on

      for 20 shouldn't that be £5 for 10 + £60 (2x£30) for 2 x 5 warriors? ;)

    21. Pete Slinn on

      @Kevin - The Angelcynn Duguth will be closest, I expect. I have some from KS1 and those guys are amazing!

    22. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      Are there some similar minis from the MM webstore that we can search for and look at in more detail to see what their appearance will be a little better?

    23. SFG_Dooley on

      Well shitballs. These guys are awesome. Imma be broke by the end of this. Good thing I don't have any interest in bendy plastic, mediocre sculpts that Could pull my money in another direction. :-P