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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
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    1. Henry on

      @MM, but if Decker adds another mini (female commander for example), then he can get everything in the sweet spot AND an extra mini for the same price if he buys them individually. The sweet spot only works if you pick a £90 kindred or the Khthone mounted general (or save yourself a tenner and pick both).

    2. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Joseph - yes.

    3. Joseph Figueroa on

      @MM Does the sweet spot kindred host still include the black dice and order set like the orginal graphic says?

    4. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Decker - no. The Sweet Spot is meant for those who just don't have the time or inclination to trawl through for the best deal. It's the best deal, in one click.

      The list you've mentioned should be £150, you don't get Danilo until you get to that; and many encounter hosts are £90.

    5. Missing avatar

      decker_cky on

      Will the Sweet Spot get additional gifts for it? Unless I'm missing something, getting things piecemeal is as cheap or cheaper unless you get a non-early bird Darklands & Uhtred, and a £90 host.

      Darklands & Uhtred: £30
      Finnan: Free Stretch for buying Darklands & Uhtred
      Mounted General: £30
      General on foot: Free stretch for buying mounted general
      Encounter Host: £80
      Danilo Cruz: Free stretch for spending £150

      Total: £140 work of kickstarter value.

    6. Henry on

      Really like this update, makes the sweet spot offer totally clear.