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In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive...
566 backers pledged £138,533 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Andrew - £20 each if you've pledged "DARKLANDS & UHTRED". Apologies if that's not clear!

    2. Andrew Turlington on

      I pledged at the earlier level, so I can get this model for an extra 20, where some would have to pay 25. What if I want two of them? Is it 20 each, or 20 for the first and 25 for the second? The wording didn't make it clear...


    3. Emil Gustafsson on

      I disagree Rascar, We get one for freebie just plegding the 30-35 tier... then gets another if we plegded 150. And then gets reduced price for this one (if someone would desire a brythoniaid. Those drakes better of made into a couple of boots.) or for the few people who want everything for free.
      Last kickstarter we got two freebies at a even higher goal.

      This kickstarter biggest fault is it not as beginner friendly as the previous one was. This one feel more aimed towards the "vets" which in my eyes is the reason why it dont attract crazy amount of people...
      Then with the quallity given and overall prices 150£ is not really that hard to reach.
      That just my two cents.

    4. Mierce Miniatures 20-time creator on

      @Rascarcapac - all I can say is, watch this space.

    5. Quuids on

      I can't wait for the sculpt

    6. Rascarcapac on

      The monster is great. However, I hope there will be other freebies accessible to backers at the DARKLANDS & UHTRED pledge who can afford neither the £150 minimum of Danilo Cruz nor the Nobles or descendant pledges. There is a huge gap between DARKLANDS & UHTRED and the other pledges. Not everybody can afford a £700 pledge! I thought the primary aim of the Kickstarter is to get as many people to get the rules. There is not enough incentive for that, there are still 114 left in the early bird slot. To promote the rules, more freebies should be made available at that pledge or at intermediate pledges (spending £60, £100 or more). I hope we'll see more like these in the next days guys.