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Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
475 backers pledged £108,036 to help bring this project to life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


It's time for a celebration, backers and backeresses, for whilst this is the last project update of 2013 we can look back on a fantastic year for Mierce Miniatures and therefore yourselves - so get out your favourite tipple and have a drink to 2013, because this year we've done some amazing things for you all!

We've run two Kickstarter projects (one of which - this one - is nearing complete fulfilment), produced over seventy new miniatures, written a fresh new wargame and - more importantly - gained a huge number of loyal and supportive Mierce Miniatures customers. It goes without saying that 2013 wouldn't have been as awesome without all of you lot, and we hope that our miniatures exchanged for your money have tickled your hobby bone, given you great joy when unpacked and viewed and painted and played with and thus offered you a deeper understanding of the multiverse in turn.

From all of us here at Mierce Miniatures, we say "Thank you" to each and every one of you: because we couldn't have done any of what we've done in 2013 without you.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Now, yes, this is a Thursday update, but please forgive us not updating you on Mierceday (aka Friday); tomorrow is the last day before The Kids descend upon us until January and therefore the last reasonable day to do some last-minute shopping to ensure we don't get murdered by our other halves on Christmas Day.

That being said, we still have an awesome amount to show you, not the least of which is the first images of our Rhino-Lord, Qaano! But first...

Leofwen, Fane-Bearer of Mierce on Great Hart

As always with Stéphane Simon, there's great progress very quickly... Leofwen herself is now taking shape and whilst there's still plenty to do, he's definitely on course to get her sorted by January.

First, a scale shot...

...and on to Leofwen herself...

We're certainly looking forward to seeing her in the flesh!

Qaano, Srónax Untain

Allan Carrasco is a very busy man and much in demand, but he's managed to get some work done on Qaano and he's looking superb already. We can't wait until he's done, we love our Rhino-men we do!

Knowing Allan's speed we reckon he'll be ready for you all in January!

Maallolvór, Lumbering Mallox

Benoît's working hard on our massive sloth-man-dude and he's starting to take shape properly now... them claws look nasty...

Again, Maallolvór should be ready for January.

Druc, Meat-Hulk

The big lad's moving on! Druc is certainly going to be an impressive beastie if Stéphane NGuyen's got anything to do with it... which, er, he has, as he's the sculptor!

Yet again, January's the date for Druc!

Darklands: a World of War Fulfilment

All of the Khthones Starter Sets for UK customers have now been shipped, along with a lot of those for European / Rest of World customers; but many have not, unfortunately - we've just not had the time to get them sorted before Christmas. Having said that, they're mostly cast, so you're looking at early 2014 (from January 6th onwards) for them to ship, so you won't have to wait long!

This of course means that shipment of remaining items from Darklands: a World of War orders will begin in the new year, but - as the QuickStarter Rules will be printed in January - we can combine most things in your orders at that time.

We'll also combine these remaining items with Wave 0 orders for First Edition items from the Darklands: First Edition kickstarter project with these shipments where possible, of course.

Of other recently completed sculpts, the Limited Edition Penda with Wolf Helm, Chaagmuth on hoof, Brynhild Gunnblindi, Gamla Bror and Jowan and Drune-Hounds are now ready to ship, along with Angrislaug, Vaak and Pétroyos. Belech will ship in January as we have him now, but Aalvór is not yet with us (he'll be sent to us with Maallolvór).

Please understand that we are prioritising orders with Khthones Starter Sets first - so if the above miniatures are all you've left with us, please be patient! We're almost done with the sets as stated above so we should get onto recently completed stuff after they've gone.

Remaining Sculpts

In terms of remaining sculpt progress, here's an update:

  • Allan Carrasco: Qaano is underway and should be finished in January.
  • Benoît Cosse: Maallolvór is under way and should be finished in January. The Werwulfas are next...
  • James van Schaik: Kernuor on Karnun-Beast isn't yet finished but should be done for January.
  • Stéphane NGuyen: Druc is under way and should be complete in January.
  • Stéphane Simon: Leofwen on Great Hart is cracking on - she should be finished before January, although its unlikely we'll get her before then. Leofwen on foot for Darklands: First Edition will follow.

The observant among you will notice, then, that of the remaining ten sculpts to complete, five are in progress and five are yet to be started, the Werwulfas... so we're almost there guys!

There's a few other bits and pieces yet to be done of course, so here's how progress is looking on those fronts...

QuickStarter Rules - v10.4 (updated)

Thanks to a particularly fine-tooth-combed backer, Michael Brown, along with all of you that have corrected errors, questioned things and generally improved the rules, there's now a version 10.4 of the Darklands QuickStarter rules for you to download. (I knew I should never have said the last version was the final draft.)

You can download them here: Darklands QuickStarter Rules v10.4

The major changes from v10.3 are listed below:

  • Hands: all warriors will now have a "Hands" value, listed on their profile (We were tempted to state "however many hands are on the miniature", and then looked at Uuthüll), and all equipment - combat weapons, shot weapons, armour elements and artefacts - also have a "Hands" value. This is so there's no confusion over how much equipment a warrior can use in any particular action.
  • Warrior Profiles: we've clarified and gone into more detail on the various bits and pieces of a warrior's profile, so that's worth a read.

There are many other minor changes, so I would recommend - especially if you are familiar with the previous versions of the QuickStarter Rules - to have a good read through, and also please check out the Mierce Miniatures forum, in particular the "Darklands Rules Discussion" section and the "Observations from a first read" thread...

In future, any changes to the downloadable Living QuickStarter rules will be made in red, so you can see at a glance what has changed.

There will be a place on our website where the rules, muster rules and profiles are stored and you are assured of being able to download the latest versions. This will happen, but please be patient!

As before, please bear in mind that these QuickStarter Rules are to get you by until they're formatted for printing. As such, whilst they'll look very like these rules in terms of layout and the wording, they'll be a bit more... well, spangly when they're ready for print. Once the QuickStarter rules are printed (we're looking at some time in January), they will of course be sent out to you along with the remainder of your order.

Muster Rules

these will be worked on in January, although there's not much to change. These are download only of course, so we'll give you links when they're ready.

Warrior Profiles

These are urgently required thanks to the changes in the rules, we know, and are being worked on over the holidays. They'll comprise every warrior that is existing and is included in Darklands: a World of War and, once ready, I'll put them up for download. If there's anything you need to know before they're sorted, just ask on the forums please!

Once those are done, we'll be starting work on the warrior profiles for Darklands: First Edition, of course.


The first template has been passed to our acrylic manufacturing partner, and over Christmas and into January they should make an apperance "in the flesh" on here, so to speak.

Here's a quick example of the 3" Pig Splat template - although this may change, so don't start using it yet ;o)

That's not the right size of course - it's around 3" in diameter.

The End of Darklands: a World of War In Sight

We think that - around February 2014 time - pretty much everything will be done for Darklands: a World of War; which will both be a sad day and an awesome day. Either way, we'll find some way to celebrate...!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All that's left to say then, Miercites, is - Merry Christmas everyone, and here's to a Mierce-tastic new year!

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    1. Thorsten Clemens on December 20, 2013

      I think you are absolutly right. It is a great sculpt, but the face has not the same feeling like in the artwork, thats boring so far.

    2. Denilsta on December 19, 2013

      I am so glad I have all the WIP's on order, along with a few more waiting to be delivered.....however, there's something about Leofwen's face....I don't think it has captured the look in the art work which I prefer, it's probably just me. All in all 99/100 for Mierce this year, great products and excellent customer service.

      Merry Christmas to you all.

    3. Grefven on December 19, 2013

      Qaano... I just got three words for that one... "Owh... My... Gawd...!" That is just brutal, and totally killing it. Probably the best looking WIP I've seen in a long time!