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Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
475 backers pledged £108,036 to help bring this project to life.

More WIPs for Christmas Time!


It's Mierceday!

This week, the penultimate update before Christmas, we have work in progress images of Leofwen on Great Hart and Kernuor on Karnun Beast as well as the final images of Belech - who, it has to be said, is an absolute masterpiece in our opinion.

Following on from the QuickStarter Rules update last week, we have the first profiles matched to those rules for the Angelcynn and Khthones, too!

Belech, Scion of Baalor

After adding a few more details, the insuperable Roberto Chaudon has completed Belech, and what a fantastic miniature he has become. Whilst Danny Cruz' artwork is superb, of course, Roberto's added his own unique twists to the son of Baalor and the results are fantastic. We're really happy with this guy!

We'll be getting Belech before Christmas, but he won't be cast now until the new year.

Belech... the Axeman Cometh!

A member of the Dakka Dakka forums, basement.dweller (real name Grigorios from Sweden) came up with this last week... we've decided to make him! Grigorios has kindly signed over the rights to his image so, once we've cast Belech in the new year, we'll be sending a couple back to Roberto so that he can turn one into Belech the Axeman - which you'll then be able to buy!

We've no doubt that more band members will pop out of the woodwork at some point... suggestions for them are welcome, as is the name of Belech's band!

Leofwen, Fane-Bearer of Mierce on Great Hart

Stéphane Simon's working very hard on Leofwen and her Great Hart. The mount is just about complete now, which is massive progress from last week's update, and Leofwen herself is taking shape!

Leofwen also gives you a good idea of the Great Hart's scale - he will still fit on a 60mm base, though.

She and her mount should be finished by January.

Kernuor, Seer-Drune on Karnun Beast

James van Schaik has been busy on Kernuor on Karnun Beast, as you can see! He's really taking shape now and we don't think it will be too long before he's finished.

James should finish up Kernuor on his Karnun Beast very soon we think, judging by the progress here, but of course we won't be shipping him until January now.

Darklands: a World of War Fulfilment

We've got all of the Khthones Starter Sets in packing right now, as well as associated miniatures, but it's highly unlikely that all of them will be sent before January - except for UK customers, whose Khthones sets will definitely ship before Christmas.

This of course means that shipment of remaining items from Darklands: a World of War orders will be delayed into the new year, especially as we've had some very large miniatures to cast (Angrislaug not least!), but - as the QuickStarter Rules will be printed in January - we can combine most things in your orders at that time.

We'll also combine these remaining items with Wave 0 orders for First Edition items from the Darklands: First Edition kickstarter project with these shipments where possible, of course.

Of other recently completed sculpts, the Limited Edition Penda with Wolf Helm, Chaagmuth on hoof, Brynhild Gunnblindi, Gamla Bror and Jowan and Drune-Hounds are now being shipped, along with the first casts of Angrislaug, Vaak and Pétroyos. Please understand that we are prioritising orders with Khthones Starter Sets - so if the above miniatures are all you've left with us, please be patient!

Remaining Sculpts

In terms of remaining sculpt progress, here's an update:

  • Allan Carrasco: Qaano will probably be sculpted in January now.
  • Benoît Cosse: Maallolvór is under way. The Werwulfas are next...
  • Roberto Chaudon: Belech is finished then it's Darklands: First Edition projects for him!
  • James van Schaik: Kernuor on Karnun-Beast isn't yet finished but should be done for January.
  • Stéphane NGuyen: Druc is under way and should be complete in January.
  • Stéphane Simon: Leofwen on Great Hart is cracking on - she should be finished before January, although its unlikely we'll get her before then. Leofwen on foot for Darklands: First Edition will follow.

The observant among you will notice, then, that of the remaining ten sculpts to complete, five are in progress and five are yet to be started, the Werwulfas... so we're almost there guys.

What Else is Yet to be Done?

There's a few other bits and pieces yet to be done of course, so here's how progress is looking on those fronts...

  • QuickStarter Rules: v10.4 (yes, sadly, found a few things to add in / correct from last week's update) will be sorted today, and immediately passed to our artworker who will get it ready for print before January. The rules should then be printed in January at some point.
  • Muster Rules:these will be worked on next week and into the new year. These are download only of course, so we'll give you links when they're ready.
  • Warrior Profiles: these are being worked on and playtested for every warrior that is existing and is included in Darklands: a World of War. Some will be downloadable next week. Once those are done, we'll be starting work on the warrior profiles for Darklands: First Edition, of course.
  • Templates: the first template has been passed to our acrylic manufacturing partner, and over Christmas and into January they should make an apperance "in the flesh" on here, so to speak.

Needless to say, we think that around February time, pretty much everything will be done for Darklands: a World of War!

Christmas Shipping

Now that most of the christmas shipping dates have passed for those outside the UK, this is a little superfluous, but we'll repeat what's been said previously anyway. Note, also, that we'll be shipping many packages today for people outside the UK, so check your My Orders page!

As always at this time of year, shipping times become longer until we get into January and the backlog is worked through. In terms of "last shipping dates", here's Royal Mail's document giving you dates in full:

In short, you're looking at last posting dates, for normal airmail anyway, of:

  • Australia/New Zealand - 4/5 December
  • Canada, France, Greece, Poland - 10 December
  • USA - 13 December
  • Europe - 14 December UK - 18 December (second class). Whilst its actually 20 December (first and recorded) and 23 December (special delivery), we're on holiday from the 18th, so treat everything for the UK as the 18th.

It often happens that packages are delivered after those dates but before Christmas, of course, so there's always hope. I've no idea why France is so early though!

All we ask of you guys, really, is that - again - you remain patient over the festive period, your package will arrive in January if not before!

We've decided to withdraw the offer of UPS shipping now as it's unlikely we'll be able to cast more than we have scheduled before the boys go off on their holidays on the 18th, next week.

Merry Christmas!

Here at Mierce Towers we're not scrooges, but we've been so busy Christmas has largely been forgotten about - until the Casting Trolls came up with this...

Merry Christmas everyone, and here's to a Mierce-tastic new year!

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    1. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      on December 13, 2013

      All so good,

      Kernuor on Karnun-Beast is Jame's best yet from the way it looks so far

      The great hart looks fab, Stephane has a real way with antlers

      And Belech, well Roberto has made a Rocking good job of him

    2. Jan Syring on December 13, 2013

      Band name: The Salty Ones

    3. SacredRoach
      on December 13, 2013

      Mallovar on drums.

      I envision him kind of like one of the urRu (Dark Crystal) hammering out a slow, steady beat.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on December 13, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    5. Richard Bowker on December 13, 2013

      Swap out kernors staff for a microphone?

      Swap carroweks axe for an "axe"?

    6. SacredRoach
      on December 13, 2013

      Wow...sudden urge to paint Belech's face like Tommy Thayer...

    7. SacredRoach
      on December 13, 2013

      Lets names...

      I suppose the obvious ones would be Lip Glossary or Goat Blood Sacrifice...

      But I am leaning more towards KRUSH...