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Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
Darklands is a world of war and brutality without end, the world of darkness we inherited - and one that you can help bring to life!
475 backers pledged £108,036 to help bring this project to life.

More WIPs, Fulfilment News and Price Rises!


Time for some more work in progress images, Kickstarter backers! We have more of Belech and some finished Aalvór for you, as well as more news on project fulfilment and price rises (which occur over the weekend).

First, some WIPs...

Belech, Scion of Baalor

Roberto Chaudon's been beavering (or should that be lobstering?) away on our Fíorfomor, Belech, and already we know this miniature is going to be fantastic. So much character and otherworldliness!

Roberto will continue working on Belech and we think he'll be finished in early December. He probably won't make it out before January, however.

Aalvór, Mallax Tain

Benoît has now finished and cut Aalvór, as you can see. He should be winging his hairy way to us shortly!

...and here's his little piggy to hang off his belt:

We like piggies!!

We expect Aalvór to land shortly and we should get some casts out before Christmas.

Darklands: a World of War Fulfilment

With the shipment going out today, almost two-thirds of the Khthones Starter Sets have now been completed and sent off, so we are on course to get them all out by the 9th of December.

Once the Khthones Starter Sets are completed, we'll begin shipping remaining items from your orders, except for the QuickStarter Rulebook (which won't be printed until January we think, now). We'll combine these remaining items with Wave 0 orders for First Edition items from the Darklands: First Edition kickstarter project with these shipments where possible, of course.

Of other recently completed sculpts, the Limited Edition Penda with Wolf Helm, Chaagmuth on hoof, Brynhild Gunnblindi and Gamla Bror are now being shipped, along with the first casts of Angrislaug and Pétroyos. Vaak's going out next week. Please understand that we are prioritising orders with Khthones Starter Sets - so if the above miniatures are all you've left with us, please be patient!

In terms of remaining sculpt progress, here's an update:

  • Allan Carrasco: Qaano will be sculpted later in the year.
  • Benoît Cosse: Aalvór is done and Maallolvór is under way. The Werwulfas are next...
  • Roberto Chaudon: Belech is underway!
  • James van Schaik: Kernuor on Karnun-Beast isn't yet finished unfortunately, although James is a little busy with his own Kickstarter project. We hope to have him by the end of next week.
  • Stéphane NGuyen: Druc is under way!
  • Stéphane Simon: He will begin work on Leofwen on Great Hart (as well as Leofwen on foot from Kickstarter II) in December.

QuickStarter Rules

The QuickStarter Rules will be finished early next week and off to the graphic designer. We've made a few alterations to certain rules that were causing combat to become a little clunky - namely, Damage+ is removed completely and Parry Dice are removed completely, to be replaced by a simple "-1" parry modifier for shields only - as well as a few other bits and pieces.

A downloadable version - in fact, the first "living" version - will be available in next Friday's update, version 10.3.

I'll make sure a list of changes is provided of course!

Muster Rules

Now that the QuickStarter Rules are just about sorted, we can turn our attention to the Muster Rules and address some of the issues that have reared their ugly heads - knowing which miniatures relate to which profiles, for one thing - as well as start to include new profiles for miniatures that will be made for the second Kickstarter project. Adding in profiles for new miniatures from the First Edition kickstarter also ensures we're able to sort out Ubiquity issues for many realms!

The Muster Rules will begin to take shape over Christmas and the New Year. We'll sort out existing problems first, and then add new profiles later.


We've been hard at work with Stefan Kopinski to get the templates sorted and the results are brilliant, even if we do say so ourselves... here's an example of what you can expect:

...and here it is at roughly actual size:

roughly 3" wide
roughly 3" wide

The Pig Splatter Template, of course, is a crush template, and so the pig itself will be a hole, as you can see below...

roughly 3" wide
roughly 3" wide

If you're under that hole, woe betide you...

We've also got to add numbers and arrows and logos and so forth, so there's still work to do on them. But you get the general idea... but one thing's for sure: our templates are going to be totally unique!

Just to recap, these are the templates that will be available:

  • 4" Flame Template (Dyndraig, Cawrdraig)
  • 6" Flame Template (Chimaera)
  • 8" Flame Template (Draiggoch)
  • 6" Breath of Ice Template (Shaaroc)
  • 4" Gopping Spray Template (Torku)
  • 3" Pig Splatter Template (Cormorágg)
  • 2" Stone Shard Template (Cormorágg, Magágg)

Christmas Shipping

As always at this time of year, shipping times become longer until we get into January and the backlog is worked through.

In terms of "last shipping dates", here's Royal Mail's document giving you dates in full:

In short, you're looking at last posting dates, for normal airmail anyway, of:

  • Australia/New Zealand - 4/5 December
  • Canada, France, Greece, Poland - 10 December
  • USA - 13 December
  • Europe - 14 December
  • UK - 18 December (second class). Whilst its actually 20 December (first and recorded) and 23 December (special delivery), we're on holiday from the 18th, so treat everything for the UK as the 18th.

It often happens that packages are delivered after those dates but before Christmas, of course, so there's always hope. I've no idea why France is so early though!

All we ask of you guys, really, is that - again - you remain patient over the festive period, your package will arrive in January if not before!

UPS Shipping

There is a possibility of using UPS to ship your package, which can be 2-3 days, but be warned - this will be expensive and we must ask for that shipping cost before we ship your items. Simply ask for details (by sending an e-mail to if you're really impatient for your stuff or need it for a present or something!

Code Changes and Price Rises

Whilst not strictly related to this Kickstarter project, it's worth giving you a heads up on a few things ahead. Both of these changes will occur over the coming weekend.

Code Changes

For various reasons we've decided to alter the product codes of some of our miniatures. This is a relatively minor issue and won't impact on any private customers, but if you're a retailer please take note!

  • ABN-FTU-1101 - Drast the Hunched - changed to ABN-FTU-1131
  • ABN-FTU-3202 - Dungann - changed to ABN-FTU-1231
  • ANG-BRN-1501 - Beowa (human form) - changed to ANG-SSD-1101
  • ANG-BRN-1502 - Beowa (bear form) - changed to ANG-SSD-1102
  • ANG-MRC-0002 - Meloda - changed to ANG-MRC-0011
  • FMR-BLR-0101 - Kraan on bear - changed to FMR-BLR-0102
  • FMR-BLR-0102 - Kraan on foot - changed to FMR-BLR-0101
  • FMR-BLR-0301 - Chaagmuth on boar - changed to FMR-BLR-0302
  • KTH-GOR-0002 - Sthena - changed to KTH-GOR-0051

These code changes have been put into effect already, so please update your files if necessary.

Price Rises

It's a sad fact of life, but sometimes price rises do have to occur so that we can afford to bring you such high quality miniatures time after time. The cost of materials is always rising, as is the cost of living, and we do hope you understand that we do not increase the cost of our miniatures lightly. We agonise over it, to be honest! Even so, not all of our miniatures are increasing in price - prices are mostly rising on human-sized miniatures and very large monsters - and you'll have until midnight (GMT) on Sunday, December the 1st, 2013 before the prices actually rise (and knowing us, sometime on Monday). So you've a little time to get what you want at the old price.

This does, of course, mean that the discount you're getting from the "Darklands: First Edition Existing Miniatures" category (if you backed our second project) is even better than you all first realised...

Before we give you a big list of what's increasing, please note that prices are rising in two ways. The first way, of course, is that the recommended retail prices - RRPs - are increasing for certain miniatures. The second price change is that the discount for ordering our miniatures directly from ourselves - 10% off the UK RRP, which we gave because we do not supply the packaging with miniatures ordered on our website - is reducing to 5% off (so whilst it's a reduction, it's also an increase. Maths is great). Both of these changes will be effective from the 1st of December, so again, you've a little time to get what you want at the old discount.

So let's give you a list of the miniatures whose prices are increasing...

  • ABN-FTU-1131 - Drast the Hunched - £10.99 to £12.99
  • ANG-SSD-1101 - Beowa (human form) - £10.99 to £12.99
  • BRY-GWY-1131 - Hywel Hir - £10.99 to £12.99
  • BRY-GWY-8701 - Gynroch ap Roch - £59.99 to £69.99
  • FMR-BLR-0101 - Kraan on foot - £10.99 to £12.99
  • FMR-BLR-0102 - Kraan on bear - £29.99 to £34.99
  • FMR-BLR-0302 - Chaagmuth on boar - £29.99 to £34.99
  • FMR-BLR-1131 - Tundaar - £12.99 to £14.99
  • FMR-BLR-1161 - Maagaan - £10.99 to £12.99
  • FMR-BLR-1301 - Brunchaath - £10.99 to £12.99
  • FMR-BLR-1331 - Daachuch - £10.99 to £12.99
  • FMR-BLR-1361 - Aanchuth - £10.99 to £12.99
  • FMR-BLR-7351 - Báintaac - £14.99 to £19.99
  • INF-DIS-0101 - Krull - £109.99 to £129.99
  • KTH-GOR-0001 - Ophios - £34.99 to £39.99
  • NOR-SFG-1101 - Eirik Longaxe - £10.99 to £12.99
  • NOR-SFG-8701 - Mjagnir - £59.99 to £69.99
  • VRS-TCW-0101 - Blunt-Claw - £10.99 to £12.99
  • VRS-TCW-8802 - Flint-Fang - £49.99 to £59.99
  • YSN-KYS-0101 - Carrowek on foot - £12.99 to £14.99
  • YSN-KYS-1131 - Mawdred - £12.99 to £14.99
  • YSN-KYS-1562 - Ulric - £10.99 to £12.99
  • YSN-KYS-3502 - Lugung - £16.99 to £19.99
  • YSN-KYS-3502 - Uggurd - £16.99 to £19.99
  • YSN-KYS-3502 - Muldo - £16.99 to £19.99
  • YSN-KYS-3502 - Nung - £16.99 to £19.99
  • YSN-KYS-8901 - The Terror of Fortriu - £89.99 to £99.99
  • BLG-BNL-0010 - Nagausith - £10.99 to £12.99

Note also that the prices of these miniatures' components will also increase in line with the above.

That's it until next Friday of course!

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    1. Mierce Miniatures 19-time creator on December 2, 2013

      @Alexander - very realistic ;o)

      @Bradley - yea, I'm going to use the same style as the stone shard for Vaak.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Wilson on November 30, 2013

      @Mierce: Quick question about Angrislaug - any idea when he's going to be shipped? I'm hoping to have him in time so I can get him painted up by February, is that realistic?

    3. Bradley Lawson on November 29, 2013

      Shouldn't Vaak have a template?
      May be wrong I am just going off memory and mine has been known to change things up on me :P

    4. Mierce Miniatures 19-time creator on November 29, 2013

      @Ben - it's as it reads; basically, the Khthones sets are going out first (along with any combined stuff for those people), then once they're gone, everything else will be cast and shipped.

      I'll get yours made up and in the post though as it's only those two.

    5. Ben Clapperton on November 29, 2013

      I'm a little confused by this bit -

      "Of other recently completed sculpts, the Limited Edition Penda with Wolf Helm, Chaagmuth on hoof, Brynhild Gunnblindi and Gamla Bror are now being shipped, along with the first casts of Angrislaug and Pétroyos. Vaak's going out next week. Please understand that we are prioritising orders with Khthones Starter Sets - so if the above miniatures are all you've left with us, please be patient!"

      Is the above saying that all orders which don't have a Kthones starter in them aren't being shipped, or that all orders containing the listed minis without a Kthones starter aren't being shipped? I've an old outstanding order for Torku and Vokkinak and I'm trying to figure out whether it should have been shipped yet.

    6. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      on November 29, 2013

      He, he, he, he

      I forsee a lot of bits orders for that piggy (how about expediting getting that bit onto the site, I know I could do with 5 or so extra?)

      and Belech and Aavalor look suitably excellent