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Update #13

We're still flying! And new film teaser...

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Dear supporters of Midway

Thank you from deep in our hearts for all the support and comments and well-wishes. Midway has been shouldering the blustery winds of film post-production, taking its inspiration from the albatrosses’ winged perseverance through all that man and nature send their way.   

We are proud to announce that a work-in-progress version of the film screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival last week, and had several edifying showings over the course of the festival.  Co-directors Jordan and Emiliani are now back to work polishing a final version of our film.  

Our new goal:  another festival premiere in early 2014. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please check out the new film teaser created for TIFF at

It’s been a long flight, but Midway is closer than ever...and we are so grateful you are with us on this journey.

If you donated at the $25 level or greater, please note that your perk of a downloadable copy of our finished film Midway will be available later next year if all goes well with the release of the film.  An incorrect delivery date for this perk was listed on our Kickstarter launch page and we were not able to edit it, though we have sent several notices trying to amend the date.  We sincerely apologize for any confusion this has created.

In appreciation, 

the Midway film team

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Update #12

MIDWAY film project update!


Dear friends of the Midway film project ,

We hope this note finds you well. It has been a while since an update has been made as we are so busy gearing up to head into post-production of our feature film.

We wanted to thank you again for all your encouragement, love and your passionate support for Midway and let you know that we are working on getting all of your perks prepared. For those of you that have opted for a perk, we will be sending a survey for your address details shortly.

Thanks for your kindness.

We are forever grateful,

The Midway Team

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Update #11 - For backers only

MIDWAY film project update


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Update #10



Dear friends and supporters of MIDWAY,

I'm just back from a day of filming on Midway Atoll-- wind whipping off the water at Midway's South Beach, and hundreds of young albatrosses taking off out to sea for the first time. We lined up our telephoto lens on a popular bird runway (a gap between the bushes that lets the fledglings get a running start) and got a smorgasbord of gorgeous shots in ultra-slow-motion: wings pumping, eyes focused like ninjas, sand flying off their sprinting feet, wide images with the breaking surf in the background, closeups of faces and feathers in the wind, long follow shots of birds flying way out to sea, plus a few hilarious wipeouts and face-plants in the sand. We are going to be able to cut together an incredible fledging sequence, as these are the albatrosses who are are making it, surviving and thriving despite the scourge of plastic that pollutes their stomachs and our world.

And here's the coolest part of all: it was YOU who made it possible for us to be here to film this magnificent sight. Wow! What a privilege! And we’re bringing it back to share with the whole world. Thank you all so incredibly much; you will not be disappointed!

With hugs and love from Midway Island,


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Update #9

A Message from MIDWAY's Director, Chris Jordan

Dear friends,

This morning my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness for your generous contributions that—one by one—got us to our Kickstarter goal.


Some of you are my close friends and family members, and others of you live in faraway countries and have connected with the Midway project through our website and trailer. To every single one of you, I send a huge tear-filled hug of albatross love and gratitude from here on Midway Island. What a wonderful way to change the world: together, in community, across cultures and languages, with a shared vision of love.

How is that for "new paradigm," ay?
: )))))

Some of you have asked if you can still contribute, and where the extra funds will go. The short answer is yes, please do, and we will spend them wisely! Most of the funds we raised here on Kickstarter will go toward to immediately funding the trip in progress to capture the make or break season of albatrosses fledging.  The remainder of the funds will be put toward two key aspects of the film: the music score, and the editing, and for both of these we are lucky to be working with astoundingly talented people.

For our music score, we are working with Rob Mathes, a world-class multi-instrumentalist and composer who is creating a suite for chamber orchestra that will be recorded this fall by members of the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London.

And for our editor, we have the privilege of working with Sabine Emiliani, award-winning editor of March of the Penguins, and one of the most respected nature film editors in the world.
What an honor to work with such dedicated and passionate people, and it is all of YOU who have enabled this to happen.

We still need significant funding for other aspects of the project including one final trip to the island this fall; color correction and sound mix; creation of educational materials to be gifted to educators all over the world; and a few other items.  But for now, your generous contribution has given us exactly the boost we needed to keep the film on track for release next year in as many venues around the world as we can find.

Here is one more heartfelt Thank You, wrapped with a joy bomb from Midway Island to explode in your heart all day long!

With love,

P.S.:  All of the cool rewards you earned, AND a film that will break your heart, COMING SOON!!

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