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RE:boot is the 5th official release of independent electronica band, Midiboy.
Created by

Gregg Hart

5 backers pledged $680 to help bring this project to life.

One Week To Go!

Just one more week left for RE:boot Kickstarter program.  It's not too late to jump in!  Even though we are set to be fully funded, you still partake in the pledges to get the unique rewards.  Every plateau has something that will be unique that only pledgers will be able to partake in. Unique opportunities are as follows:

$10 - $30 will get you the digital download 1 month before anyone else. For the (very) few of you that got the Advance Copy,  the final version of the album has an additional song (a cover of The Wall by Kansas) as well as the final master, with several mastering improvements over the review version.

$15 - $30 will also get you a personalized signed copy of RE:boot. 

$50 will give you the opportunity to get your name placed somewhere in a track on the album as well as getting your name mentioned in a special place in the liner notes. *

$100 also gets your name mentioned on the official RE:boot T-shirt

$500 (only one left) gets you the opportunity to be an executive producer on the album and the right to pick another cover song.  (So, this could even make the Advance Copy have 2 less songs than the final release if we get another Exec Producer). 

* only people who pledge $50 or more will get their names on an actual track on the album AND in the liner notes, but there have been other non-Kickstarter opportunities for people to get their names listed in the liner notes.