Building Cities stems from the passion for board games, as well as for City Builders intended for computers and consoles. We wanted to create something different from the well-established tradition: in a board game scenario there are already many good games of this type! So, we imagined something that would come closer to a model, where the creation of the city itself could have value both in terms of play as well as visually.

Game table for 4 players, NEEDS 4 GAME BOXES
Game table for 4 players, NEEDS 4 GAME BOXES

We wanted to streamline many processes usually performed by computers. So, we have developed a game that pretty quickly allows you to create districts, placing what is required by the final goal of the game and coping with the various events that will make the job of mayor a real challenge!

*I'm an animated gif, let me upload and have patience!*

The 12 minutes of video tutorials, which you find on this page, are enough to learn the dynamics of the game! Even the manual is simple and short. No one likes to wait indefinitely to figure out a game! When the box, new and sparkling, is there, ready to be opened, there’s no time to waste!

Building Cities offers many challenges, both in single player and multiplayer versions. Challenge Cards will give the opposite mayors many headaches, trade business will penalize some players while favoring others, etc, etc! But even in the single player version you will face many challenges ‘cause every available goal or Event Card is designed to be played - and appreciated - in both versions!

What’s in Building Cities box (1 Player)?

  • 1 - The Game Board (A2 size, 2mm height)
  • 2 - The Rule Book (A4 size, 20 pages)
  • 3 - The Engineer’s Handbook (A2 size)
  • 4 - The Player’s Board
  • 5 - The Districts Sheet (x5)
  • 6 - 403 Tiles 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 2mm height (Roads, Parks, Facilities, Industries)
  • 7 - 300 Cards (Objectives, Challenges, Events)
  • 8 - 1d6
  • 9 - 4 Plastic Markers for the Player's Board
  • 10 - 75 plastic miniatures
  •  The "University" Miniature (only if the last stretch goal is reached) 
  • 01. Truck - 18 Pcs. - 2x1x1 cm.
  • 02. Cargo Ship - 14 Pcs. - 2x4x2 cm.
  • 03. Hotel - 6 Pcs. - 2x2x5 cm.
  • 04. Building - 18 Pcs. - 2x2x4 cm.
  • 05. Office - 12 Pcs. 2x2x6 cm.
  • 06. Airport - 4x6x5 cm.
  • 07. The Symbol of Freedom - 2x2x6 cm.
  • 08. Tower of the Brotherhood - 2x2x6 cm.
  • 09. B.C. University Research Centers 2x4x4 cm.
  • 10. The Amphitheatre 4x4x3 cm.
  • 11. The Pyramid Museum 4x4x3 cm.
  • 12. "H" Skyscraper 2x4x6 cm.

The Rule Book, as we said, is easy and will explain all the rules quickly, as well as deepening some specific situations such as the management of the power grid and water network, the use of Challenge cards and Task Forces, how to take part in the auctions to win Legendary Buildings, as well as the export and trade rules for both versions, single or multiplayer. 

But not only that, in fact, the Rule Book also explains the use of the two areas dedicated to the Bonuses and to the Maluses, in the Districts Sheet: the Event cards, the Challenges and the placement of some buildings will hide unpleasant surprises as penalties, but also features awards for your District which will increase its value!

The “District Value” section (6 sections, one for each District) is designed to gradually update the value of the district. It will be enough to note down all the currency fluctuations, add it all up, and at the end of each round cashout! (Your bank balance will increase too!)

Get the calculator on your smartphone ready!

You don’t need the Rule Book during the game! Everything you need is in the Engineer’s Handbook that will tell you what you need to place a building, costs, financial return per districts, and the number of moves required to build during your turn.

The 300 cards you will find in the game box are divided into Objectives, Events and Challenges.

Objectives will be used only at the beginning of the game. You will draw a card that will assign you a mission, which in a multiplayer game will be the same for all players! Be aware! You will find also some blank cards, and these can be customized.

Events are the cards you will draw at the end of each round. These can be positive and allow you to earn Maya, or you will have to deal with some sort of misfortune and pay!

For example, a card could tell you, "In the city a classical music festival will take place! Collect 50 Maya for each hotel built and 100 Maya for each Concert Hall." Have you been so far-sighted as to have already built them?

Another event card, instead, could tell you: "High level of noise pollution: you have to subsidize maintenance work. If there are more than 14 road- surfaces tiles in District X, pay 20 Maya for each tile that exceeds the indicated limit. If you have 2 or 3 districts, pay 30 Maya for each tile. If there is over 3 districts, pay 40 Maya per tile. If you haven't unlocked the district yet, ignore this card."

"Gosh! So, the key is to build few roads!" Some might think ...

The answer is NO, because another Event Card might put you in front of a situation like this: "Traffic in District X is increasing! The City needs more parking spaces! If you have occupied less than 25 road-surface tiles, pay 20 Maya for each tile necessary to achieve the required level. If you have 2 or 3 Districts, pay 30 Maya per tile. Over 3 Districts, pay 40 Maya per tile. If you haven't unlocked that District yet, ignore this card."

So, a diligent mayor will always choose for a happy medium!

Challenges, finally, will be cards drawn every 4 rounds after the creation of the second District, a sort of Event  Card, but more cruel! And, depending on the type of game - multiplayer or single gamer - their use will change!

If the game has only one player, the Challenge cards must be played immediately, (unless it’s a Task Force card, which we will talk about shortly) So, once the challenge is revealed you will have to deal with it!

In a multiplayer game, you can save the Challenge cards and, at the right moment, use the one you prefer against the least popular mayor!

Who said "coalitions?" Well! The situations that will arise may be multiple and what initially seemed like a pleasant creation of a city in the company of friends, might turn out to be a stiff competition. (We hope a stiff friendly competition :D)

As already mentioned, there are some special cards called Task Force cards! In this case, even if you're in the single-game mode, if you draw one of them, you must save it! The Task Force Cards are your friends. They can allow you to cancel a tough Challenge by playing that card!

We have already said you can play Building Cities in two ways: single-player and multi-player.

The single-player version is what you have buying 1 game box and is a pleasant pastime, moreover, you can become familiar with the game’s mechanics, road construction (curves, intersections, straights) and with the placement of buildings in the most strategic and useful way (where will we put the Police Station? And the Hospital? And what if their range doesn’t satisfy the whole districts?). In fact, you could find yourself in some unpleasant situations where a faulty District might preclude you some possibilities! Or, even worse, make you lose the goals!

Plus, remember: you cannot move or demolish what you have built (roads, tiles, buildings), so, the task will become even more complex ...

 Also, imagine a situation where some mayors (remember: everyone will need a copy of Building Cities, a game box is meant for 1 player) join forces against one of them, literally making it out to the sound of Challenge cards, or excluding one from trade routes or even blowing a Legendary Building out of his nose during the auction, (perhaps useful for completing a goal)! It will also be possible to play in teams, 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3, and see which of the two teams manages to make one of their mayors stand out from their opponents. What if someone betrays his coalition? There are many possibilities! You decide how to play, as the rules leave you carte blanche! 

Trade Card

There’s another way called Fair Play Mode, where players decides to play without "throwing a monkey wrench in the works." Whoever first completes the goal revealed by the card drawn at the start of the game, not including the auction for Legendary Buildings, will win the game. In this mode, the Challenge cards will not be played against other players and the commercial exchanges will proceed during regular rounds.

But, really, shall we renounce the fun possibility of getting rid of another Mayor? What if a mayor asks you for a bribe to leave you in peace? Or if you proposed, on your own initiative, to share a generous part of your Bank-balance to persuade them, in order to convince them to withdraw from an auction? Everything is possible!

But.. what’s our own goal?  - Thanks to all these mechanics, sometimes complex, but always immediate - our goal is to give you a game with very high replayability, where every game will be different from the previous one!

As mentioned above, these 3 tutorials will allow you to understand how to start a game of Building Cities and deepen the latest notions with the Rule Book, so you will be able to become the best mayor in the world in a very short time!

The price (your pledge) is an exclusive for kickstarter, when the campaign will be concluded the purchase cost of the game box will be increased.

* fog effect not included in the game box
*Floyd the Robot and fog effect not included in the game box*

The prices listed above could undergo some slight variation based on the final weight of the box. The costs shown are inclusive of fuel surcharge and exclude VAT. For remote areas, it is necessary to add Eu 10 if you belong to these areas (SHIPPED WITH DHL).  

*** As you can see from the prospectus, the advantage of buying 2 or 4 boxes grants you the best shipping costs. ***

Risks and challenges

The game is complete and only needs further beta testing to be refined in all its parts and circumstances.
We cooperate with the best manufacturers in order to be able to deliver a quality product to our backers, from cards, tiles and manuals to miniatures and packaging.

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