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Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
3,843 backers pledged $116,398 to help bring this project to life.

Update #10 - New stretch goals !

Great News Today ! 

You've allowed us to reach almost all stretchgoals, and it's time to reveal some new ones !

The first is about really fun accessories which will bring new and really great sensations without changing the gameplay. Since we were kids we've always dreamed about having a Hoverboard. Few games have approached this subject and this is why we want to realize this dream. Hover's universe and playground is the perfect place for hoverboards, Marty McFly couldn't have hoped for anything better !

Spiderman movies have also always been a reference that we've been keeping in mind when developping the gameplay or searching for sensations we want people to feel. We also have read many comments asking for a specific accessory : The Hook. So we have decided, in tribute to Spiderman, to offer you the magnetic hook which will allow you to jump from buildings to buildings in Hover City and feel the superhero's sensations ! 

The second goal is in response to the high demand from the community : character customization. We'll offer you the possibility to customize two characters' appearance, one female and one male, as well as the opportunity to create the Gamer of your choice.


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    1. Jim Tarnung on

      @Gordy: I think it means that you can also customise the skill trees of your two custom characters.

    2. Gordy Wheeler on

      "We'll offer you the possibility to customize two characters' appearance, one female and one male, as well as the opportunity to create the Gamer of your choice."
      The way this is phrased I have to ask... does that mean there are two story characters you can customize, and a third playable character?

    3. DePapier on

      Boi, that's even better than Pizza and Coffee!! :D

    4. Missing avatar

      JasonG on

      Both accessories sound awesome, but I feel like they should be different classes of gamers so the hook doesn't overpower the parkour skating or hover boarding. Maybe have the option at special areas to swap gear.

    5. Jim Tarnung on

      @Gus: I agree that being spiderman would be awful because the other movement mechanics would be obsolete. But having moments where you feel like spiderman could be awesome. It's all in the balancing. The range of the hook can not be too long or it will break the game. Also, in my opinion, it should only be used for swinging, not for pulling yourself towards something.
      Since we only know the few sentences here in the update, we will have to wait for more information. I'm sure it can be done right, but it could go wrong.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zack R on

      Yes please! The best part is these stretch goals should help push Hover past the 100k mark and secure that Wii U version. =)

    7. Valentin Gauffre on

      Well, more is good, but please try to not loose your focus, by risking to have an ersatz of Tricktsyle with the hoverboard :/ (I like the idea tho, but not to the expense of the free running mecanics...) Having customisable characters is wayyy more important for an online game than new items, as a core function....

    8. DeafTard on

      For some reason I want the Swing Hook / Hoverboard stretch goal more than the two editable characters. However, I find it disappointing that the Swing Hook is not already included in the game. It just feels weird that we have to pass a stretch goal in order to unlock an item that you equipped. Sorry but that's just my view and i can't be the only one thinks this is wrong.

    9. Kadn Hart on

      See, both the hoverboard and hook are concepts I am exceedingly excited for, but I can't help but fear that they're stretch goals that were just tacked on as a wild hope. I mean, do you have solid plants on how their mechanics will work? I don't want these to take away from the freerunning, is all.

    10. Jussi Laine on

      Also, magnetically hooking up to passing cars would be fantastic! ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Gus Mcbean on

      Yesss haven't seen a good hoverboard since jak 2, I feel like the hookshot is overkill for a transportation method, it sucks in games when you're given a new way of moving that's way faster, then it's hard to go back to not using it. If you did add the hook it would have to be done really well, being able to pick up speed below a building, then grapple the corner and throw yourself up and above would be awesome, but if it feels like the spider man games I'm not onboard. I hope you'll be using it as flavour in addition to freelancing, instead of a totally different system where you would just be spiderman.

    12. Mozart Capita on

      what excited me the most is a chance of creating your own caracter, make it with love for us to enjoy it well :D

    13. Jussi Laine on

      Now, the real question is, can you use the hook WHILE on hoverboard?

      I'm reading Snow Crash ATM, so I'm getting a major Y.T./Kourier vibe from this. :D

    14. Otoshigami No. 40723

      nice. now we might try that on Oculus Rift someday. lol

    15. Craig Barton on

      Love the idea! Good luck reaching your goals! ^_^

    16. Miles Metts on

      I'm not psyched about the Swing-hook idea, and I'm only slightly excited about Hoverboards, BUT CUSTOM CHARACTERS!!!??? THAT'S MY JAM!

    17. Nia Pierce on


    18. 1UPForever on

      Getting a big Jak II and Spiderman vibe from those accessories. I hope they're obtained through gameplay/story and toggle-able. If so I REALLY look forward to these! I seriously hope we reach these goals!

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Chiong on

      @Midgar studios, just want to clarify for myself that hoverboard won't change the the parkour gameplay? like jumping up walls and doing those high jumps off the ground in the video. Is like we can just bring the hoverboard out when we want to ?

    20. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Just adds a new mechanic like it's nothing, wow haha so great!

      Feel kinda bad for that indie game made by the creator of the Spiderman 2 game swinging mechanic (Energy Hook) which doesn't look too hot.

    21. Jacob Leenerts on

      This project is just full of surprises, I hope that these stretch goals are hit!

    22. Robert Gipson on

      I'm excited to make a Tron character. Any chance of making custom boards?

    23. Watch on

      Couldn't really have hoped for two better stretch goals, both would be great additions to the game. $150,000 is very high but given the time left it might happen.

    24. Jason on

      I hope the swinging works as well as 2009's Bionic Commando. That was spot on.

    25. Josiah on

      So glad to see this project getting progressively better!

    26. Jim Tarnung on

      character customisation is a nice to have.
      hoverboards are a hell yea i want this right now!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brent Garner on

      0.0 I didn't think I needed these I NEED THESE THINGS!