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Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
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Update #9 - Third stretch goal reached and more about Wii U !


City Size x2 reached, thanks a lot ! 

Because of you we'll have to work twice as much, we won't keep track of the forthcoming sleepless nights !

At this pace we're gonna have to create a "Pizza and Coffee" stretch goal ! 

But more seriously, the dream to have a true futuristic megalopolis like in the best SF movies will come true ! Thanks again for your support !

As Wii U Players we are great fans of the Wii U and we are sad too notice the lack of attention given to this really great console. As developers we want to bring to the Wii U an ambitious game that will use the specifications of the gamepad and its possibilities of asymetric game mode.  

Even if the WiiU is a console with a very decent performance, it's kind of pale in comparison to the technical ambitions that we have for Hover.

That's why we need to create a unique version for the console with specific optimization. The task is a lot harder because Hover is a huge, dense and dynamic openworld and we don't want to release a WiiU game that doesn't have a good local multiplayer mode.

It's a Nintendo console and we appreciate a lot the conviviality of the manufacturer about multiplayer games.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Chiong on

      @Jorge in which I dont mind being wrong :) still beautiful

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Chiong on

      @Jorge well we will have to wait for the game to come out? Ive saw the video with the first guy to try it and plus all the updates in the past two days about it being 60fps. but I read it was upscaled 1080p so I left that out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jorge Chavez Muñoz on

      @Joshua Chiong actually MK8 will run at 30 fps when playing 3 or 4 players. Still pretty remarkable having 1080p with 60fps with 1 or 2 players though

    4. Timothy Kolek on

      @Jim: I dont see anything that would need to be cut for Wii U for it to run the same, but games coming to Wii U tend to be lacking features because of what seems like laziness. That is my only concern regarding it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Chiong on

      @Dennis: Did you see the new mario kart? Just beautiful with constant 60 fps even with 4-players. That's impressive. WII U HERE WE COME

    6. Jim Tarnung on

      @Puffball: All platforms will have online multiplayer (and local multiplayer if the stretch goal is met).

    7. Dennis Kopcan on

      Wii U is still powerful, not as much as the true next gen, but I'm sure they can get their game nearly as fantastic looking as the others and of course content. I only want the Wii U version, so hopefully the 100.000 mark will be done. The my 15 bucks are yours :D at least

    8. Missing avatar

      TamaskanLEM on

      I'll be buying the Wii U version as well. Just like to see the difference between the two.

    9. Jim Tarnung on

      @Thomas: They bring it up because its the next stretch goal. Makes sense to me.
      @René: lol

    10. Puffball on

      My only main wuestion is if the wiiu will have any type of online gameplay. I only hear about the asymetric gameplay for t he wiiu but never the online so it kinda worries me....

    11. MonTrail Rudd on

      I can't wait to see it on either system. I've been fan of jet grind radio's style, gameplay, and music since the Dreamcast days. This new game has me very excited. I'm a proud backer. :-)

    12. René M Jensen on

      Aww we cant have these guys having to work twice as hard. time to take some money back to help them out! :P

    13. Thomas Waterhouse- Biggins on

      It's weird that you would even bring up the Wii U if you were going to be passive aggressive towards the system. We all understand, as backers, why the Wii U had to be a stretch goal so why even bring it up again?

    14. Jim Tarnung on

      @Timothy: I'm pretty sure they can't yet predict whether they have to cut anything to get it to run on WiiU. As far as we know, they don't plan on cutting things. If anything, they plan to add additional gameplay features and game modes centered around the Gamepad Screen and the Gyroscope.

    15. Kaihaku on

      I decided to back this because of the Wii U stretch goal and am thrilled to hear that it will be a priority with it's own optimization process instead of just a simple port.

    16. Timothy Kolek on

      As has been already mentioned, I really want to know if anything will be cut from the Wii U version. If it isnt the same as the other versions, what is the point?

    17. DePapier on

      For all you Wii U lovers out there, here's is my interview with Fusty Game, developers of Hover: Revolt of Gamers:

      Fusty Game: "It is its GamePad and asymmetric multiplayer possibilities that make the Wii U a unique console and with your support, we promess to make something truly fantastic and fun."

      I will dedicated my blog to Hover this week to spread the word. Feel free to help me out so we can get this game on Wii U!! :)

      @Alex I think they mentioned that local multiplayer, if stretch goal reached, will be available on all platforms, so you won't miss it! ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      The Wii U has already proven to me that it can handle big open-world stuff (like Arkham City) so I'm sure this game will look great on it :) It makes me really happy that you guys decided to try to put your game on that console. A lot of indies are saying that putting their games on Wii U makes more sense than the others because there is less competition on the system from 3rd party developers, so more people are likely to buy your product. I just like that it also seems to make sense from a business perspective.

    19. OmnipotentSwine on

      As long as nothing is cut from the game I don't mind not having a special local multiplayer. I just want all the content that is included in the other versions. Same city size, same gameplay, online play, etc. Can we get that for sure?

    20. Nathan McNeil on

      This game has the means of becoming something big in the future, it's about time someone has actually thought about innovation. So long as it's delivered perfectly and polished (which can be done through feedback in the Alpha and Beta) you will have no problem making this a game of the year.

    21. Alex on

      The "local multiplayer" aspect the comes with the WiiU stretch goal also includes the other platforms right? I am getting it for the PS4 and would love to be able to invite my friend to come over and play since ALL of my friends decided to go with X-box 1

    22. DeafTard on

      As long as there is no major cuts to the Wii U version then I am happy! I just want all the same content that the other consoles/devices are getting because that's only fair enough. Graphics is the last thing I worry about cause I just want to make sure the game is getting enough content for instant replay value.

    23. Missing avatar

      lickawid on

      One of the main reasons for backing this (other than how amazing this game is) is because I want to see this come to the wii u games looking outstanding guys keep it up