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Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
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Update #6 - Graffiti Mode and a little word from Hideki Naganuma


Thanks everyone ! 

We've nearly reached the second stretch goal !

To celebrate the collaboration with the composer of "Jet Set Radio" we'll add a "Graffiti Mode" !

We'll use the Graffiti system on two different occasions.

First, there will be a classic mode, it's a tribute to "Jet Set Radio" and you'll have to spray graffitis on some elements of the background during special anti-propaganda missions.

We also want to create some "special graffiti tricks", when realizing a "graffiti trick" on the ground or during a wall slide you'll leave a graffiti on that surface and gain a speed or jump boost for you and the allies behind you when they'll step on it.

A little word from Hideki Naganuma about Hover

"It was love at first sight. Hover has hot graphics and a cool worldview. At first glance, I felt like I’d love to make music for Hover. This feeling’s been a long time since Jet Set Radio Future." ~Hideki Naganuma

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    1. Nathan Shorts on

      This is absolutely fantastic! Everything about this game is what I've been wanting. Now with this graffiti addition, you've brought it to a new level. Thanks for the hard work. Proud to be a backer.

    2. Otoshigami No. 40723

      looks like this game has become a new SWAG Game. lol

    3. DePapier on

      @Bunz I think whether the Wii U can or can't handle, and whether any of our ideas will be feasible and relevant will be up to Fusty Game to decide once/if the stretch goal is met. It's just great to have the freedom to think about such ideas and to share them with the development team.

      To me, what the game's whole atmosphere and its inhabitants make me think of is F-Zero GX: a costume-clad superhero (Captain Falcon) dealing with a revived disonaur (Bio Rex) and a robotic racer (Mighty Gazelle) among others, as seen here in Chapter 3's cutscene:…

      I'm just so glad Hover is bringing back the craziness of when I was a kid. :)

    4. Bunz on

      @DePapier: I really like this idea. I was thinking about the film Warriors in relation to this game. All these different cliques with very personalized style at war with each other; it's so cool! I especially like the way information was spread in that film via covert narration and musical lyrics; like a subtle Professor K from JSR. I think your idea of custom in-game tags would support that even more. Especially considering how leaderboards are going to be integrated into the game.

      I imagine territories within the city being held by certain cliques, or very difficult to reach places (huge skyscrapers) being a very coveted place to leave a tag. This would work even better when the city expansion stretch goal is met (which I'm positive it will ^__^).

      I don't really know if any of this is possible, because I don't know how online gaming would work. Would there be different servers with different versions of the same city that players could occupy and battle over territory? How many players would be able to enter the same city?

      Seems like it would be a huge development task, and I wonder if Wii U can handle such online processing.

      Anyway, I really hope this makes it to Wii U. Hope we get some character customization too! ^__^

    5. DePapier on

      @Orson Cream But I want to come back on of your points actually, about how the Graffiti Mode could be explored on Wii U. (Once the stretch goal is met, supporting that it does become the case.)

      My idea is some huge wishful thinking for now so it'd be best to just keep it to the realm of our conversation, but you know how Super Mario 3D World introduced Miiverse Stamps, right? It'd be cool if you could potentially draw something on Miiverse, and then tag it into the game! The best think about it from a developer standpoint is that there would be next to no need to moderate the drawings (which is something that'd be heavily needed to do in-game) since the Miiverse administration -- as I asssume you're familiar with -- would be taking care of the moderation themselves.

      There's actually already something like that in place in Wii Sports Club: you draw your comment, wait 30 minutes till it gets approved, and then you can use it in game to taunt your opponent. (Being from Paris I'd always draw "Ici c'est Paris !" or "Paris est magique !" to lighten the mood and support that "Club" spirit.) ;)

      In Hover, you would -- I can never emphasize that "would" enough -- be able to make your own drawings on Miiverse, and import them as tags into the game.

    6. DePapier on

      @Orson Cream I've spent two years in a "Black American" school and I'm Black myself. Swag is pretty much the way we said "cool!" over there. :D

    7. Gearsoul Dragon

      Obviously it's rarer to get some of the bigger, more expensive items in that list as swag.

      Usually they're still available, but not for free.

    8. Gearsoul Dragon

      :/ 'Swag' is the word used to refer to branded items, often free merchandise handed out at events(though sometimes used to refer to paid items, 'merch' is a more appropriate term), which are framed as a cool incentive to attend the event beyond the actual content and/or activities of said event.

      Such as hats, drink bottles, t-shirts, lanyards, key rings, hoodies etc. with the name/logo of the event, if annual and general(e.g. Soundwave, ComicCon), or the band(s) playing at a concert.

    9. DePapier on

      N'empêche, déjà que l'univers est coloré ce sera encore plus super pour le Gamer de pouvoir y apporter sa propre touche !!

    10. William Michael Schneider on

      This is going to be amazing! Will we have the have the ability to make our own custom graffiti?

    11. Jonathan Sanders on

      It's tooo coooool! Can't wait! and it's very exciting to hear Hideki Naganuma so excited as well!

    12. Alexander Ponce-Bonano on

      Looks great! Can't wait!

    13. Gearsoul Dragon

      .0. OMG, Graffiti mode on Wii U could be super awesome!

      Like, you could tap the screen and then DRAW the Graffiti on the Gamepad!

      Or toggle the option off so you just have to tap, if you want to keep the action flowing without 'pausing' the game.

    14. Timothy Kolek on

      Would Graffiti mode be for all versions of the game, including Wii U?

    15. Frogacuda on

      I'd pay $15 just for a new Hideki Naganuma album, even without a game.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tyler Carlson on

      It was love at first sight for me also.
      I'm really looking forward to this.

    17. Theo Guttenplan on

      So awesome that you've got Naganuma on board. JSR's soundtrack is still one of my favourites of all time. Onwards to 80,000! Oh, and one other thing. If we've gone for the alpha release tier, is there a concrete date at which we'll get it?

    18. Gearsoul Dragon

      Ooo, I hope so! C=

      What about customisable mission details for Graffiti mode? :0c

    19. Midgar Studio 3-time creator on

      @MooNpigS Huge chance that it will be but we must explore deeper before announcing something about that :)

    20. MooNpigS on

      Will customisable graffiti tags be a thing ? :) (upload our own)

    21. Mellefly on

      This graffiti mode sounds great ! :)