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Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
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Update #4 - Characters !

Today we'll talk about the next stretch goal "More playable characters"  

In the presentation video of "Hover : Revolt Of Gamers", we've shown you many different characters. 

By reaching the next stretch goal, each will be playable and we'll create new ones !

The gamers will await you everywhere in the city, You can talk to them in the order that you want, each will give you many missions concerning their own personal story and the story of Hover City.

When you'll complete all missions of one gamer, he will join your group and the resistance and you will then be able to play it !

Gamers stats are balanced, no gamer is stronger than the others and each one have a unique skill tree

By customizing each gamer you'll obtain a complementary team that match your game style !


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    1. Kevin Thomsen on

      I dunno, I usually think of robots as ungendered unless specifically said otherwise.

      Far left (pink Skrillex hair) is a woman, right?

    2. Wes Frazier on

      that should read "doesn't seem proportionally represenative."

    3. Wes Frazier on

      @Kevin Thomsen I realize the robots are not mamals, but their clearly masculine. I have only been seeing two female characters versus about six male characters in most of the promotional art if im missing a third I apologize, but it still doesn't proportionally represenative.

    4. Kevin Thomsen on

      @Wes Frazier
      Well, there're 3 female characters, 4 male, and 2 robot... I wouldn't exactly consider that "dwarfed."

    5. Quidohmi on

      I like well-designed characters, no matter the sex. Great designs, by the way.

    6. William Michael Schneider on

      Great update but I hope there will be alot of playable female characters. Because I like playing as female characters.

    7. Bunz on

      Maybe this is an obvious thing to include, but I like the idea of the character design matching their skills and strats, and for each character to feel very different than the others.

      So far Watabax is easily my favorite character. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be as interested in the game.

    8. Mickael Godin-D on

      I'll add my voice to the group, more female characters please, ideally, a near equal split between each genders. There's just so many great possibilities when playing with female chara designs, it just feels like wasted potential at this point

    9. Aaron Willis on

      I'm in agreement with Wes, an increased amount of female characters is needed. Coming off of Jet Set Radio where the 'radness' of a character like Cube makes me play as her almost exclusively, I would be disappointed if the cast of Hover lacked the variety in gender to allow such distinct personalities to flourish.

      Not that gender determines personality or anything, but it does permit different perspectives on a society, which is something I'd like to learn about while playing in the world of this game.

    10. Nia Pierce on

      I really wish Grind-E were on that list. She looks so badass!

    11. Wes Frazier on

      The number of female player characters is really dwarfed by the number of male options. Any chance this stretch goal can be used even things out a bit?

    12. Thousandone (1001) on

      Cant wait to hear more about the details, maybe a little bit more sneak peek,
      or some video to show their unique skills,

      Love to see more, cant wait ~

    13. More_Badass on

      Could you talk more about the kinds of skills characters will have? Is it just star boosts like faster speed or higher jumps or will there be unique abilities like air dashing, double jump, slow motion, etc.?

    14. Bunz on

      Very nice!

      Would love to see what other characters will be unlocked if the stretch goal is met, and exactly what types of skills each character can develop.