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Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
Open world futuristic freerun / parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge
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    1. Plug In Digital Label Collaborator on

      I will try to answer some of your questions:

      Yes! The game is coming to consoles and you will receive codes for your prefered platform as promised.

      The game will come to Nintendo Switch, and yes, If you backed for a Wii U version of Hover, we will consider you as a Nintendo Switch backer.

      As of now, we see the end of the tunnel as for the console ports. We will come back to you as soon as we have some definitive news.

      Thank you again for your support, it means a lot, the wait is almost (h)over. :B

    2. Missing avatar

      Idioteva on

      Did send a personal message but received no response. The game has been in discount bundles for PC but I still don’t have a copy of the game I helped make. Is it coming to consoles at all? If not, just say so I can have a pc code. This isn’t fair.

    3. Michael Suzuki on

      Have been waiting 4 years already for the release, the console version I have requested for has already been rendered obsolete. WHEN WILL WE BE RECEIVING THE GAME THAT WE FUNDED?!

    4. Daniel Rowen on

      So if Hover is now coming out on Switch, will you offer backers like me who had backed this hoping for a WiiU version a code for Switch?

    5. David Perkins on

      Are we ever going to hear news of the console versions or have you cut and run?

    6. Missing avatar

      JKxZ on

      Hello? Any updates?

      I feel like the servers are going to be shutdown before I even get to play the game...

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Moon on

      Any way to get a refund? It's been almost a year since the last update with no sign of physical rewards (or even most of the digital ones) in sight.

    8. Leo Sivilla on

      GUYS, it's just been published that the PC build has received an Update Patch, which permits Cross-Play between PC-Switch-Xbox, and separately, PC-PS4!
      Release date announcement could be inbound!

    9. TimoH on

      I reported this project now. This is highly unprofessional and smells like a scam for everyone who donated for a console version or special editions.

    10. Aaron J. Amendola on

      Any update on when the Nintendo Switch version will be done?

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Goldwasser on

      What is the status of the PS4 version?

    12. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gardner on

      So are those of us waiting on a console release just screwed? You released in May of last year for PC but no word on PS4 or Xbox. Very disappointing.

    13. Missing avatar

      Idioteva on

      I heard the PS4 version was due around the end of the year. Any info?

    14. Missing avatar

      William L. Reedy III on

      i never received my key for this game as well.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zackary Richardson

      Midgar studio, I need to switch to a ps4 digital copy since nintendo is running scared of the wii u! Nintendo, the wii u wasn't that bad, just slow download.The wii u reminds me of the phillips zelda and mario terrible game past. That's why nintendo is acting like the console never exist!!!!!!!h@h@h@!!!

    16. Miles on

      I am still yet to receive a copy of the game for Xbox One.

    17. Missing avatar

      Collin Parris on

      I haven't received my key for the game yet.

    18. Missing avatar

      sub on

      I have emailed twice according to directions from the Hover Twitter and Steam forums and still have not received my backer key. The game has been out for months and I still have not been able to play it.

    19. Missing avatar

      sub on

      I have not received my Steam key yet.

    20. insider714 on

      Hello, still waiting for a response about my steam key. I got some rewards, but not the actual GAME.

    21. Zeek Aran on

      Didn't receive a Steam key, despite filling out the survey.

    22. Amy Kim on

      I got my keys for the digital collector edition but can't find anywhere to access the soundtrack or encylopedia. Am I missing something?

    23. Dan Bateman (Dangaval) on

      Hey devs, steam user here who donated $80. where is my "Digital Collector Edition : Digital Illustrated Encyclopedia+OST
      , all previous rewards included"?
      I haven't got any emails about it or any codes anywhere to actually use these?
      Kindof a waste of money otherwise...

    24. Alex Spedding on

      I have to say I believe this KS was poorly run: lack of communication and neglecting sending your backers keys in preference of new Steam sales. If I back a KS I expect to get the game at the same time or earlier than non-backers. I will never back a KS by this studio again

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      i have a question, what about kit? that robot character with a hat that we see in some of the art. is he going to be in the game eventually?

    26. TimoH on

      Sorry, wrong question: When can we expect the PS4 release approximately?

    27. TimoH on

      Uh... where are the PS4 keys? I filled out the survey but never got any feedback.

    28. Dan Bateman (Dangaval) on

      Upon the release of the game every single one of my characters and their progress was deleted. I have to start a completely new game, with ~40 hours wasted. Why they did this f**king baffles me but I really hope they restore them soon.

    29. Shelley Olson on

      Nice. Ty for the update. Looking forward to my xbox code later this year.

    30. Michael Sagoe on

      What do you guys mean by "The Playground Area from Early Access"? Do you mean the original starting city WAAAY back during the initial alpha versions of the game? Because that would be awesome if you guys re-included that area for players to run around in.

    31. Paint'Riot Studio

      Contact them on facebook if some questions :…

      Quick response ! i just send them several messages !

    32. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Stephanie Swan : try to contact them on facebook.

    33. Stephanie Swan on

      Id' like a response to my message maybe? I don't want to like double message...

    34. deathjet on

      For those that don't follower Midgar's other Project, here's a snippet from their latest update.

      "Some of you may now that Fusty Game, the crew behind Hover: Revolt of Gamers, is a sub team inside Midgar Studio. Usually, both games involve completely different members of the team, but for the past few weeks, we did help them polishing Hover, which has entered its final stretch of development.

      ...Which means that - Big News ! - Hover will be officially released on May 31st!"

      Also, Hover, What going on with the distribution? I, personally, am still waiting for info about that DRM-free version.

    35. Stephanie Swan on

      I sent them a message seeing if it was possible to get a Switch digital code instead of a PS4. I know it was like a month after the survey was sent out but we recently got a Switch and I had originally pledged to get it on the Wii U cause screen. Not sure if I'll hear anything but decided to give it a shot. *shrug*

    36. Shawn Barnes on

      and silence again... cool

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam King on

      Has anything been said about the physical collectors edition in a long time? I assume it remains exclusive to PC.

    38. deathjet on

      What happened to the DRM free version?
      The survey only lists Steam for PC options.

    39. Shawn Barnes on

      Just got a backer rewards survey, with the Switch as an option?? At this point I feel like this is an empty gesture and I'll never actually see my copy for the switch, but may as well fill it out.

    40. Missing avatar

      Harry Howard on

      Wow it's been nearly 3 years! On the plus side I've got a new computer since then, the old one probably wouldn't have been able to run the game :P

    41. Missing avatar

      Drecq Julien on


      When we'll get a steam key?

    42. bigbossjelly on

      Don't think I didn't notice the Hover logo at the Nindies presentation ;)

    43. JARED BECKER on

      Item never received
      Can you please send refund

    44. Missing avatar

      benjamin cady on

      With the Wii U dead, are you going to put this game on Switch?

    45. Missing avatar

      Dream on

      Hello. I didn't received any steam key yet. I'm a 70$ backer. I contacted by email: and they replied they couldn't verify me in the list.

    46. David Perkins on

      Have a horrible feeling that this will be the first Kickstarter failure I've backed. Just checked and I see, "Estimated delivery: Apr 2015". Not heard a peep about the PS4 / console version, and I doubt we ever will, other than in the seemingly inevitable, "sorry, we over reached and over promised... everyone can have a Steam key" update.

      I hope I'm wrong, but we're near two years past the promised delivery date, I think you can stick a fork in it, and if this ever comes out on the Wii U, I'll be stunned.

    47. Kyle Schilling on

      When is the release of the DJ robot coming to the game? I'm a backer of the 40$ tier and never noticed it.

    48. Shelley Olson on

      is this ever actually coming to xbox?

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Barnard

      So still no key...

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