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$26,503 pledged of $200,000 goal

Edge Of Eternity - Update 2 - Art of Edge Of Eternity


Today we'll show you some pieces of arts we did for Edge Of Eternity.

The  first piece is a drawing about a concept boss battle in the game, the battle take place in a consortium magical airship attacked by a flight of meca-dragon.

The second piece of art is about the space, many people have questions about the space part of Edge Of Eternity but we can't tell many things about it since it's late game and we don't want to spoil !

This artwork is showing a vessel-planet named "The Ark" very far from Heryon but our heroes will have to go there for some mysterious reasons.

The plot of Edge Of Eternity is complex and we revealed only a few things about it since we don't want to spoil every mysteries of the game !

Stay tuned and thanks everyone !

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    1. Midgar Studio 3-time creator on October 4, 2013

      Yes absolutely every drawings are research for the gameplay and environments ;) !

    2. Sir Jordi
      on October 4, 2013

      Great artwork!
      Can we expect something like the first picture in the final version? I can thing of the possibilities in real gameplay just watching it!

      Good work guys
      Go Go Go!