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An indie tribute to J-RPG classics. Explore a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction, intense ATB battles and branching story.
An indie tribute to J-RPG classics. Explore a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction, intense ATB battles and branching story.
4,045 backers pledged $161,246 to help bring this project to life.

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Early Access: What's the plan ?

Posted by Guillaume Jamet (Collaborator)

Hi there!  

Now that the release of the Early Access is just around the corner, we are getting closer to what will be the actual state of the release on December 5th.  

Since we want this Early Access to be a joint effort between you, the players, and us, the developers, we need to be totally upfront with what will be in that version.  

While we *obviously* want to avoid spoilers, at the very end of the update, there is a list showing what content will be in this version of the game and what’s coming in future updates. If you want to keep your mind free of any possible hints and light spoilers we would recommend to stop reading after the spoiler warning.  

What to expect :  

  • An indie game made by a handful of people. We started this project as a 4-people team and raised our numbers up to 9 only recently. Though we are definitely not a triple A team, we nevertheless believe that the work done so far and its results are quite an achievement. It will not be the perfect, polished experience that a triple A studio can dish out on a regular basis, but it will sure be a product of love and dedication. 
  • Bugs. Some of them funny, some of them infuriating. The debugging process will continue to take place as the Early Access progresses. We will be hunting down the ones that may affect game progression in priority, but we can’t guarantee your playthrough will be bug-free. If bugs happen please share them with us on the Community Hub. You can also take captures to turn them into funny memes (if they’re funny in the first place). Either way, we’re sorry in advance. Be assured we will be working hard to solve every issue you will encounter.   
  • An imperfect user interface. Improving the UI is one of our top priorities. When the Early Access will start, the UI will still have to go through several improvements, both in combat and in the menus. You can expect these changes to happen during the several stages of the Early Access, and again your feedback will be highly valuable to us.   
  • Things that need improvements! That’s what this Early Access is for. Whether they are to improve the user experience, or about adding raw new content, we will be listening! From the global user experience to small content details, Edge of Eternity is still a work in progress. Again, we believe that’s what this Early Access is for and we count on our early users to help us create the game you expect.  
  • Update Schedule. We have a series of updates planned and we want you to know precisely where the project is going. We will alternate huge updates, once every three or four months, which will massively expand the game, and, in-between, minor updates including hotfixes and smaller content additions.    

-------- Spoiler Warning ----------  

What will be in Edge of Eternity’s Early Access :  

  • Main quest: introduction, tutorial, and a quest that will see you through most of the first available zone of the game - you will go places, walk the pavement of a majestic city, meet colourful character, and face many dangers.  
  • Two fully playable characters, Daryon and Selene… and a couple of temporary party members  
  • The first city of the game, Herelsor - which will act as your main quest hub for the Early Access  
  • Six side-quests - with their own self-enclosed story-lines  
  • Three types of procedurally-generated sidequests - two with their own short narration for added flavor  
  • A Tactical Turn-based combat system  
  • A character progression system through levels, crystals and equipment (your weapons will also level up)  
  • The two first tiers of weapons and armors  
  • Our in-house Mod Kit “The Eternal Forge” and an in-game Mod manager  

What’s coming :  

Major Updates:
Every major update will comprise more content: new zones, new events, new quests, new monsters, new weapons, new skills.  

Edge of Eternity - Early Access Roadmap
Edge of Eternity - Early Access Roadmap
  • The Plains of Solna - Late February 2019
    This first major update will unlock a second part of the open world, which means a much larger playground. It will boast another city, “Old Herelsor.” Though humbler than the first, it nevertheless has it own bucolic charm and history. The next step of the main quest will carry you at the confines of the Plains of Solna, where you will find a very peculiar farm, sheltering a very, very special creature.  
  • The Reunion - Spring 2019
    The second major update will open a third part of the open world, an entirely new biome, the next steps in the main quest where the heroes’ journey will take many unexpected turns, as well as a new dungeon. 
  • The Man who survived the Corrosion - Summer 2019
    The third major update will take you to a new, large city filled with quests (both main and side) - where the party will encounter a new party member with a tormented background.  

Hotfixes and smaller updates:
On top of the scheduled updates, we will release frequent hotfixes and small updates to fix the issue the players may have encountered during their playthrough, while also adding bite-sized content to ease the wait between each major updates. When? As often as possible. You can also expect a few surprises, here and there!  

-------- Spoiler Warning End ----------  

So here it is. During this whole Early Access, we will be as upfront as we can with the development of the game. We hope you will take pleasure in watching Edge of Eternity grow and develop throughout its updates, and engage with us on what you think makes the best possible JRPG experience! 

 Stay tuned for more! 

Midgar Studio 
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Early Access Coming December 5th - The Work Done So Far

Posted by Baron Von Chateau (Collaborator)
Not much time left before the Early Access. Our hearts are pounding with excitement - with a few ectopic beat here and there - at the perspective of the release.  

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a few moments to go back in time. Let us drop that controller down, take a hot cup of cocoa... and reminisce. 

It was February, 15th 2015. That day, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds for Edge of Eternity - the feedback and participation of our 4,045 backers was nothing short of amazing. 

We were already determined to make Edge of Eternity awesome, but the Kickstarter community kicked up our ambitions even higher. This wasn't just "a J-RPG made by a few fans of the genre" anymore : thanks to the resonating success of this crowdfunding, it became something greater. 

It was a love letter to the genre, yes, but also much more. It was not just "our" project anymore, it became something... else, something bigger than what we envisioned. The funds were a big help, of course, but the support we got, the kind words, the remarks, and the interest were what pushed us forward the most. 

So we began working on it, iterating, improving the game, the gameplay, the story... And... 

The characters
The characters
The environments
The environments
The creatures
The creatures

And pretty much everything. When we look back at it, the amount of work accomplished is daunting. If we had been confronted with the final product several years back, we don't know if (and how) we could’ve pull it off.

But this is not about patting ourselves on the back: we're not there yet. And there is still a lot of work to do. It's been almost four years since the Kickstarter, and now we will begin the Early Access period. We are confident that, with the help of the community, we will be able to bring the game to new heights - more than we did during these past years. 

The combat system
The combat system

It will be a new stage of development, one that will be made hand-in-hand with the players - and this is probably what we're looking forward the most. On more down-to-earth news, we must also announce that we are postponing the Early Access date to December the 5th. 

We are going through the last stretch of polishing and want to insure that the game - even though it is still in EA - will be as enjoyable as it can be. 

So, dear backers, we suspect it won't be the last time we will thank you, because our gratitude is eternal. We are happy to be sharing this adventure with you, and we are looking forward to continue developing the game in Early Access with you! 

 Midgar Studio   





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Beta & Backers Survey

Posted by Guillaume Jamet (Collaborator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Herelsor - City of Wind

Posted by Baron Von Chateau (Collaborator)
As we continue putting some finishing touches here and there, we are beginning to see the end of that (first) tunnel which will lead us to the Early Access.  

In the meantime, let’s have another bit of lore. Now this one is important ! (“like all bits of lore!” yammers our Narrative Designer)  

It’s about Herelsor, the first city you will discover in Edge of Eternity :

Herelsor, the City of the Wind  

A city of crafters and merchants who managed to stay clear of the "war's most adverse consequences" as its natives would put it - Herelsor is known to trade in most valuable goods. Its tantalizing wealth is spread out between many rich families who own most of the city's world-renowned businesses.  

There has always been enough gold flowing through its streets to insure it would never bleed to death - even in times of war - for all of Heryon's nobility crave for the subtle refinement of Herelsian craft, from their famous winery or delicate gem-cutting. No other city on the planet can boast such an exquisite savoir-faire.  

The many spires that circle the city's perimeter harbour several dozens of hardened Fire Bearers... sorcerers who will not hesitate to hurl bursts of fireballs to any Archelite's aircraft that would dare to hover their way.  

Street urchins prowl the back alleys - teenagers of the age of 14 or 15, expelled from the far too-coveted city orphanages. Living in the sewers and organized in small "families", they go by until they finally reach the age of conscription - for them, those two years of homelessness is but a fleeting moment between the suffocating atmosphere of the orphanage, and the horrors of the war.  

A war that - they know - will claim their lives just like it claimed their parent's.  

Jaded but lucid, these kids are able to take this small moment of freedom for what it is: the best time of their lives. In the streets of Herelsor, they enjoy a short period of emancipation before their conscription into the army - even if they have to live off scavenging and stealing.  

"They will serve their country soon enough" whisper the rich merchants with indulgence as they throw a few coins their way.  

A loose handful of them becomes apprentices or shopkeepers. Some of them gets adopted by rich patrons. Some others leave the city and become outlaws... but no matter their destiny, and no matter their choices, all of them know that their existence will be short-lived and full of hardships.  

Daryon and Selene were orphans too before their mother took them in. Even though the latter warned them not to go on any "stupid goose chase" and "throw their life away trying to save someone who is already dead", Daryon and Selene are still hell-bent on finding a cure to save her from the Corrosion.    

Herelsor will be the first city you will discover - as players. It will be but a short stop in your journey - and a convenient base of operations where you will be able to slowly develop your characters through the means of crafting, trading or side-questing.  

We hope that you will find the accommodations to your taste. .. For a time, at least.

Thanks for following Edge of Eternity! A few weeks to go, and we hit our next important milestone : Early Access! In the meantime, don't hesitate to follow us here!  

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- Discord  

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- Twitter

The Corrosion

Posted by Baron Von Chateau (Collaborator)
29th's Early access is come closer by the second - Edge of Eternity's Early Access is shaping up quite nicely and the tension is becoming palpable (well, probably not for you who are comfortably sitting in front of your screen, but for us, it is.)    

We felt it was time to put the game's plot and the heroes's purpose in perspective... After all, it will soon be *your* quest, too.

You do remember that the world of Heryon was threatened by something, right? Now it's time to talk about... 

The Corrosion


It all began with a few people complaining about an itch - an itch behind the left eye.

Little they knew at the time that it was one of the first symptoms of the Corrosion - a terrible plague unleashed by the Archelites on Heryon. 

They watched, helpless, as the sickness slowly devoured their flesh, turning it into a throbbing, painful biomechanical mass. People panicked - many of them were cast away, kept into quarantine camps built by the Consort until the Sanctorium would find a cure... 


A cure that never came. 

The overwhelming pain caused by the Corrosion eventually took over their minds but a few moments before they turned into complete abominations. In the dark room that became their mind, a silence devoid of thought. Pain. Unending, uncompromising pain. 

To this day, it is unknown if it is the pain itself that turned them mad, or if it is the nature of the Corrosion itself. Nevertheless, all of the Infected inevitably turned into ravenous, destructive beasts : they had lost the last spark of their humanity - became berserk, rampaging, killing, destroying everything around them. 

For the Consort, finding a cure quickly became an afterthought: containment was the new priority, killing the sick before they could infect others. A dirty deed done quickly, without ceremony. 

As a precaution, the corpses of people who succumbed while carrying the Corrosion were thrown in mass graves – and buried. People thought they would be safe that way. Until the Night of Saint Zenon, that is. 

The Night of Saint Zenon 

Only a few people, both wise and reckless, had acquired any semblance of knowledge about the Corrosion - but even these handful of scholars couldn't have predicted what was going to happen. 

During the Night of Saint Zenon, in the year 459 of the Cyrus Era, a gigantic monster crawled out of one of those mass graves : the Amalgam. 

The innumerable corpses of the Infected had fused together and formed a towering, nightmarish assemblage of limbs and mouths. Nothing could harm it - for the Amalgam regenerated at an impossible rate. The Consort had to resort to using forbidden weapons in order to repel its assaults. It took the death of hundreds of soldiers to drive this forty feet-high abomination into the crater of a volcano - where it would, after days of carnage, know its ultimate rest. 

From this day on, The Consort ordered the construction of several Foundries, where the bodies of the Infected would be utterly consumed, so that never - never again - another Amalgam would see the day on Heryon. 

The Corrosion also claims animals and monsters
The Corrosion also claims animals and monsters

At the time of Edge of Eternity, one year and a half passed since the Night of Saint Zenon. Far enough time for the Corrosion to spread, and for people to lose hope. 

Now is the time for Daryon and Selene to begin their quest. A quest to find a cure - a cure for everyone - and a cure for a loved one. It will be a personal story for them, just as it will be for you. 

Stay tuned. More is coming! And as always, thank you for believing in this project.