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We are making our debut record with your help.
We are making our debut record with your help.
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Rewards Coming Soon

Dear Kickstarters,

This is an exciting time for us! Our album release show is fast approaching, and as you may or may not have noticed, we're getting ready to ship albums/other rewards. If your reward is anything physical, meaning we have to ship it to you, you will have already seen an email from us asking for information. Let us know if you have not.


Tickets for our September Friday the 13th album release are on sale now and are $7 each. If you would like to make sure you will get tickets to the show, we strongly recommend buying your tickets right away. For Kickstarter folks, we have three options for how you can get yours: 

1) send us an email (mideaumusic (at) gmail (dot) com) telling us how many you want and we will include tickets when we ship your Kickstarter package. We will give you simple payment instructions in a response email.

2) go to and order tickets. Convenience fees are higher here, but it is truly more convenient. 

3) stop by Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, Utah when they are open (usually after 8 PM Tuesday-Saturday) to buy tickets in person. Email us if you have questions about this option.

VAN VLIET FUND - Help a good cause and download a song early!

Although the album release isn't until September 13, we released a song early for a good cause. Kassi Van Vliet is a young Provo resident - she is a college student, wife, new mother, and is undergoing chemotherapy to treat a grade 3/4 Astrocytoma brain tumor. With her husband Tommy and a new three-month old baby girl by her side, Kassi continues to fight. 

After hearing their story, we wanted to do something to try to help these two. We released a song that means a lot to us, called "There, There" off of the new album as a name-your-price download through our page as a way for people to donate to their cause. All proceeds will go directly to helping the Van Vliets with their mounting medical bills. 

We really appreciate the support that you've given us, and can't wait to have you join us for the album release. 


The Album is Coming! Friday the 13th

Dear Kickstarters,

IT'S OFFICIAL. We're putting the very last touches on the album, and will be releasing it September Friday the 13th at Velour in Provo. For those that haven't been to Velour, it's been a great home for us to play. Our very first show was at Velour, and we are working to make it a special show that you won't forget. 

To celebrate, we have a new video for you. Check it out here, and go to to see more of what's been going on. You can also subscribe to our official Mideau email list on the website. Those on the email list will get first dibs for tickets to the release concert. Ticket sales will begin soon.

When will I get my pre-ordered album? As promised, you will still receive the album two weeks before the Velour release, and you should expect to see it on your door in late August.  

When will I get my other Kickstarter rewards? The answer is also August. The t-shirts, cover songs, exclusive demo album, will all be sent to you in August. You will begin to get emails from us requesting sizing information and updated addresses.

Will the album be available everywhere on September 13? No, it'll only be available to Kickstarters and to people in attendance at the Velour show. It'll be available in other outlets later in the year. Although we aren't doing our national release on September 13, we really wanted to get the album out to you that have supported us. 

Do you have any shows before the September 13th release show? YES. We will be playing this upcoming Friday, August 2nd at the Provo Rooftop Concert Series with Mindy Gledhill. This is a big, free, family friendly, party of a show on top of a parking terrace. Starts at 730 PM. 

It's been a long road, and it's far from over, but we are extremely pleased with how things have turned out and recognize that we could not have made this happen without your support. 

As always, thank you.


We want to sing to you in Salt Lake City

Hello Kickstarters, 

We've gotten some word that our updates/emails have not been working correctly. If you've seen these messages below already, thanks for your patience with receiving multiple updates. 

First Official SLC Show

First of all, we wanted to let you know about our first show in Salt Lake this Saturday, April 27 at The State Room. We have played a handful of shows in the last few months, but haven't yet hit Salt Lake City until now. We have been invited to play the City Weekly Music Awards. It's a mere $5, and includes great bands in Matteo and L'Anarchiste. More details can be found HERE

Listening Parties

If you've missed our other updates, the audio for the done. This is extremely exciting for us, and we had two listening parties this last week to celebrate. Some of you may have missed the emails and didn't hear about it in time. If you feel left out of the loop, let us know - we are considering doing another in Salt Lake sometime before the album release. 

Album Release

In regard to the album release, we've had some interesting opportunities emerge in the last month. In order to explore these opportunities properly, our release will be delayed for a couple of extra months. We want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate you and how so much of what we are able to do is a result of your generosity. You will still get the album before anyone else. You will still get every reward as promised. Our timeline has just shifted a couple of months. We greatly appreciate your patience, and we will keep you updated.


Full Song Download Available NOW

Hi Kickstarters,

Since the Kickstarter campaign ended, we've locked ourselves away and have been working diligently on the album. We've said it before, but we are extremely excited about it. We're still wrapping up many of the details of it BUT we wanted to share a full, finished song with you in the meantime. The song is called Benny.

Please click here to listen/download it from It is set up as a 'pay what you want', but you good people have already given us your support, so don't worry about that. The most important thing to us is that you listen, snag a free download, enjoy it, and share it with whoever you'd like. We will only have the song available until Valentine's Day, so go listen and get it. 

In other news, we are also assembling our STREET TEAM. This is for those of you that want to offer some extra help. As part of being on the street team, you'll help us with some promotional activities, but you'll get invites to exclusive events, opportunities to win free tickets to shows, first access to new songs, and more. If you want to be a part of this, email mideaumusic (at) gmail (dot) com and you can just type "YES" and we'll add you to the list. 

Thank you again for all the support. We're working our tails off to make a great album for you. 

- Mideau - 

Hear A Song / Thank You!

We posted a song for you. 

Please check out this video. It is the first real listen to the record. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We made it! Our goal of $10,000 dollars has been reached. On Wednesday, January 2nd, the great generosity of you backers put us over the edge. You have given your hard-earned money to fund our creative project, and for this, we are overwhelmingly grateful. We cannot thank you enough. 

What are we gonna do with our new funding? (1) Album Production & Artwork/packaging - first and foremost. (2) More Music – acoustic versions, B-sides, etc. etc. and so forth. (3) Music Videos – We have already begun planning out videos with some fantastically talented individuals. (4) Promotion – Radio campaigns, publicity 

You can still pre-order goods or increase your pledge until Saturday, January 12th. We are excited to share the rewards you’ve earned - we have been crafting the cases for the ‘Rare Acoustic Demos’ and getting ready to print t-shirts. Any extra support means more music, more videos, and more promotion. 

How far along is the album? We couldn’t help ourselves. We are much too eager to wait for Kickstarter, so we continued working tirelessly on the album. Your support through Kickstarter and other platforms bolstered our confidence to do more and keep working. We are in the thick of album art, wrapping up the music, and working through the many other details that require so much attention. 

Facebook | Twitter | InstagramYouTube & write to MideauMusic(at)gmail(dot)com to join our email list.