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The SnapFocus empowers DSLR indie filmmakers to pull off Hollywood production value as a cinematic one man band.
The SnapFocus empowers DSLR indie filmmakers to pull off Hollywood production value as a cinematic one man band.
272 backers pledged $110,957 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jesse Kale on

      So I guess he used the money to get his MBA.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hal Long on

      This is so wrong. Everyone got the same calls/emails about the rig size and then nothing? I've been patient b/c I know it takes time to get a business of the ground. I've gone back over the many emails and posts from the founder that only can be described as manic and unprofessional. All I can say is it's a small industry and your reputation is everything. Too bad BDC doesn't realize that.

    3. Pablo Gaiger on

      What is going on over here? Still nothing?

    4. Kyle Crick on


    5. JR Linkous on

      Did anyone else receive a request for "Your current camera rig's handle diameter for mounting your SnapFocus levers"? I just did and that's the first notification I've received in years from Snapfocus?

    6. Jesse Kale on

      I know it's been awhile everyone, but I'm tired of waiting after being scammed. So I've filed a complaint with the FCC. I don't know how much it'll do, but I recommend everyone does the same.

    7. pixbytemedia on

      another six months later and nothing but nothing new here.
      a true "lessons learned" thing....

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Johnson on

      I see I'm not the only one who believes this asshole snorted our money away. What a scumbag. I hope karma kicks him down really really hard. And where in the f*^# is Kickstarter on this issue?

    9. Kyle Crick on

      Every now and then I remember this page and I come here to check for updates. Then I think about all those emails to and from the "midas mount" customer service and the bs about fulfillment numbers and how fucking nice and understanding I tried to be the whole time.

      Fuck this con artist. There is no hope. I, like everyone else, want my money back.

      I'll see you all here again in another 6 months.

    10. JR Linkous on

      Yeah, I will never use kickstarter again. Shame on this individual and this joke of a company. I hope your enjoyed your cocaine Brandon David Cole, you crack head!

    11. Joel Pilger on

      I'm baffled that Kickstarter hasn't swooped in to remedy this situation in some form or fashion.

      At a minimum, Kickstarter should close this project and officially apologize to everyone that got swindled. Instead, they appear utterly aloof. And asleep at the switch.

      Shame on you, Kickstarter.

    12. Grant Osborne on

      this whole thing put me off Kickstarter forever. the least he could of done is refunded everyone. what an asshole.

    13. Missing avatar

      Cedric Laurenty on

      Hello everyone! I'd like propose an alternative to suing Brandon for all that he has (left). I created a petition asking him to create a detailed DIY Snap Focus manual. This will not get us out money back but we could turn this situation around and create an Open Source project, where users worldwide can share their customizations to the design solutions.
      Yours truly, Snap Focus Backer #196.

      Please sign and share:

    14. Missing avatar

      J on

      I recommend that we go for collections... Since he did the project as an individual on kickstarter we can go after his personal property, i.e his house, car and personal wages. He is a freelance editor and a hack corporate director, I recommend emailing and phoning all his contacts on facebook, linked in, twitter and letting them know what type of person he is. Finally we need to set up several websites to tell what happened. So whenever anybody ever looks him up for work they will know the story.

    15. Pablo Gaiger on

      I'm also in the UK. How do I participate?

    16. Andy Laferme on

      Im in the UK - What should I do??? Any one else obacked from the UK or Euprope

    17. Larry Tice on

      The Washington state attorney general's office filed suit against the backers of a Kickstarter project that never delivered. The WAG did win a judgement, but it's only beneficial to the residents of WA state. I came accross this posting on the which references not only the case in WA but a similar case filed with the Federal Trade Commission which may have a broader reach for backers seeking restitution. See link:

    18. JR Linkous on

      Should we start by filing complaints with the attorney general? That appears to be how it starts with other failed kickstarter projects.

    19. Larry Tice on

      I agree with legal action at this point.

    20. Missing avatar

      Karl Bouro on

      Sounds good...let me know what we have to do and i'll do my part to make sure he doesn't get away with it. (based in Australia)

    21. Larry Tice on

      I am among the angry 272 and if anyone comes up with a method to address our losses, I'd like to see it posted here. I can't believe Midas Mount is selling product to customers and claims it has no affiliation with Brandon Cole or Kickstarter. Sure seems like a clear case of fraud to me, but I'm not an attorney.

    22. Missing avatar

      Filip Ghiorghi on

      272 angry people. This guy accumulated a lot of bad karma. It will bite him in the ass one day.

    23. pixbytemedia on

      what a failure....

    24. James Neat on

      Well. We are literally almost 3 years from the wretched anniversary of this out-of-date device. There are already better systems now available for purchase. So even if (not going to happen) it gets completed we will be behind the game. I'm owed a substantial amount of money from this complusive liar. I'm game for legal action; so if someone has begun this... I want in. I'd rather a federal court settle this just like that article read except I believe we can try and get garnished wages out of Cole here. It may take sometime for him to pay us back but at least the ball will be rolling. That's the only outcome I see.

    25. lastSKYsamurai on

      Say, anyone ever get any sort of message back from anyone via contact page on the MidasMount website in the last few months? Just not holding my breath with the email I just sent them. : /

    26. Missing avatar

      J on

      I have contacted about 30 people so far and I plan to contact about 100 or so more.
      19 have responded, 2 were negative ( friends I assume ) the rest are coworkers, casual friends. brands and production companies he has worked with and currently works with . Some had no idea about the midas mount. Others had heard rumours about it and how it went.

      To quote

      " This news is not surprising, It is well known in the Culver area production community what his MO is, he chronically over promises and under delivers, While we have not experienced the collective loss the SnapFocus pledgers have we have experienced disappointing results with the editorial work we have given Brandon"

      There does not seem to be much respect for Brandon David Cole as an editor or director within the small production community he works in. Several crew members complained about how late he pays and that he is a "hack"

      To that end. I encourage the 272 backers who pledged $110,957 to not let him get away with this.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hopes on

      I hear!
      I wish I could give him 'A Bunch of Fives' as they say here in Australia....
      After my initial pledge he tried to and did get more out of me for some sort of upgraded version of the bull dust mount...
      Looking at it now I'm kinda glad that I don't own one of the ugly monstrosities - what was I thinking what a joke....
      Funny thing is he will just go on justifying all this to himself....but one day Brandon - one day you will hear your train à coming...take that any way you like but it's on the way dude

    28. JR Linkous on

      I'm personally in talks with local news and CNN about doing a story on the whole matter. If we can't get the product then we need to let people know about the dangers of crowd funding and specifically the horrible experience with the Snapfocus.

    29. Missing avatar

      J on

      We are never going to get the product and or a refund. I encourage everybody to do the following.

      1. Email all of Brandon's personal and business ( midas mount, cole clayton ) contacts find everybody who he has worked with and for. You can do this on Facebook, twitter vimeo, instagram, Facebook, twitter linkedin and and his websites. Let them know how he treats clients and investors

      2. Social Media, call him out on social media. Address his friends family and business partners. A post links to the kickstarter and all emails. I recommend something simple like "Your friend Brandon David Cole took $800 from me with his Kickstarter project, he has not delivered and not refunded. It has been nearly 3 years. Please ask him what he did with the over 100k he collected.

      3. Email all the camera sites and gear sites and tell what happened in this case of kickstarter.

      4. Create a wikipedia page,for brandon, use all these interactions as references on the page.

      5. Annotate the Kickstarter wikipedia page and mention Brandon David Cole and how he was able to do on kickstarter

      6. Meta tag all the content #brandoncole #coleclayton #brandondavidcole #editor #director #commercials #brandedcontent so when he is searched as a reference he comes up.

    30. Chris Rowe on

      Remember that time when Brandon challenged anyone who wasn't happy to come fight him? Well I'm actually now more than willing to take him up on his offer. Anyone want to join me?

    31. Bill Spencer on

      If you know of a fraudulent crowdfunding campaign, we want to hear about it. You can email me directly at, or hit up

    32. JR Linkous on

      Still waiting Brandon, you still alive? Still care?

    33. Jeffrey Ferrer on

      Anyone else see his response to a complaint filed on the BBB website?

      Business Response
      First off I would like to say that the person making this complaint never gave Midas Mount any money. He gave money to KickStarter as a pledge to help create and invent a camera operating system. This pledge was to help create this project and in return the backers (the complatint) would receive a reward. It is very clear on the KickStarter website that they cannot guarantee projects or investigate a creators ability to complete their project. With that being said the complainant should be making a complaint about KickStarter or to KickStarter itself. ******* **** launched the KickStarter Campagin , Midas Mount did not, so making a complaint through the bbb about Midas Mount is simply not a valid complaint. ******* **** is fulfilling all of his obligations to fulfill rewards through the KickStarter campagin and there is no time limit on how long it will take him to fulfill rewards. As long as he is making progress he is fulfilling all of his legal obligations to the bakers that pledged money to him in the hopes to receive a reward. The complaint pledged money as a hope to receive a reward through KickStarer. This has nothing to do with the business, Midas Mount. ******* **** has been communicating with these backers through the KickStarter website and I would like to irritrite the fact that these are in no shape or form customers of Midas Mount. - See more at:

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    35. Pablo Gaiger on

      You asked for my vote on the Microsoft thing, I voted for you AND asked for my friends to vote for you on Facebook. Despite everything - your disrespect towards your backers being the most serious one - I still supported you, hoping you would AT LEAST update us here. You did not. I am embarrassed to even talk about your product to my fiancé and partner, who now and then asks me about those near $600 I spent funding your product. Now I am angry. Not hopeless, not sad, not ashamed... Angry. Be a man and honor you word or give back the money.

    36. Missing avatar

      J on

      Sorry can't support you Brandon. The idea has not aged well when compared to the other things available. You won't win the Microsoft completion, I bet 20 people from this kickstarter emailed them and told them all about what a failure this project has been... but you know that already.

      You and other failed kickstarters have brought normalcy and accountability to the the whole crowdfunding world. 60% drop in crowdfunding in the last 2 years all do to guys just like you. Guys who promise the world and deliver nothing. Congrats!

      Things have a way of working themselves out though. I lost several hundred dollars and learned a lesson. You have immortality on the internet as a Brandon David Cole the guy who stole a hundred thousand dollars from other filmmakers. You screwed over a pile of young, broke filmmakers, and you got away with it.

      Fuck You.

    37. Missing avatar

      adrian zueblin on

      Hi Brandon. What is that Microsoft bullshit? I'm waiting for two years now. I was patient, everybody can make a mistake. But now I'm going to lose my temper. You owe me 400$!!! I want to have a answer. Now!

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Russell on

      Brandon's past history makes me very reluctant to vote for Snap Focus to win any business competition.

    39. Frank Miller on

      Did everyone else get an update today asking us to vote in the Microsoft small business contest?

    40. Jesse Kale on

      The best thing to do would be to report him to the BBB. Make sure he never rips off anyone again.
      Someone should definitely see if a site like No Film School would report on this or a Kickstarter watchdog site. I'd hate to see him pull this again.

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    42. Don Strong on

      I see your Web site is back up and active again, promising 4-week delivery on SnapFocus.

      Hello? Are you serious?

      Look, I get that you're just trying to recover enough money to fulfill what you owe, but how in the world can you have the nerve to sell what you owe us before you deliver it to us?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mattoon on

      Oh sorry, my bad.

      You blew through $111,000.

      Even worse. Jeez.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mattoon on

      Brandon, I have been one of your biggest cheerleaders and supporters, so please listen to my advice carefully.

      Quit. Just quit. You have no business being in business for yourself. You need to work for someone else thereby taking all the pressure off yourself.

      You took more than $60,000 of other people's money and squandered it. You probably paid personal bills and such. I doubt you bought a car our anything like that, but you blew through that wad much faster than you should have.

      You've stopped updating people, which is just as well because at this point it's all BS. So, my advice is to just send one more message to everyone telling them that you are done with Snap Focus. Sell or close down Midas. Give up. You're a lousy business person. Shoot. Edit. Direct. Produce. Do something, but do it for a boss cuz you're not a good one.

      Sorry man. Merry Christmas.

    45. Jesse Kale on

      People should start reporting him to the BBB. I did once and he quickly emailed me about working everything out. Once I retracted my complaint, well, I got silence again.

    46. Pablo Gaiger on

      The least he could do is update us.

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