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A behind-the-scenes look at underground punk history, with stories about Jello Biafra, Black Flag, the Dead Boys, Raw Power, and more. Book, audiobook, and records now available from Microcosm!
A behind-the-scenes look at underground punk history, with stories about Jello Biafra, Black Flag, the Dead Boys, Raw Power, and more. Book, audiobook, and records now available from Microcosm!
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An oral history of Russian punk

Posted by Microcosm Publishing (Creator)

Hi Cratediggers,

We wanted to let you know about a new punk history book we have coming out. If there ever were a punk scene more embattled than Florida's, it's Soviet Russia's. This smartly put-together oral history vividly shows the making, ups, and downs of a successful music revolution in a truly hostile, and foreign environment. This one's a real page turner and we highly recommend it to you. 

Get an early copy and help us make this book possible by checking out our Kickstarter project.

Thank you!


Our new Kickstarter: Circle Jerks' never-before-told history

Posted by Microcosm Publishing (Creator)

Hi folks,

A quick hello from Microcosm to let you know that we just launched a new Kickstarter project this week. It features our six books that come out this Spring, and we wanted to let you know about one of them in particular: The Prodigal Rogerson is a short, dense, funny, fascinating history of Roger Rogerson, the original bassist for the Circle Jerks (and also the songwriter on their best albums). He stole the band's van and disappeared in the 80s and was subsequently written out of their history... then he came back under even more mysterious circumstances.

You can snag that book and check out our others right here:

Thanks, and hope your holidays are happy, or at least not maximally stressful.


Elly @ Microcosm

Getting into Good Trouble

Posted by Microcosm Publishing (Creator)

Hi Crate Digger backers,

Happy new year! 2016 is a big year for Microcosm—it's the year we turn 20. That means two decades of putting out books that inspire and chronicle music scenes, ethical cooking, alternative history, DIY projects, and inspiring, gritty, well-told stories that evade all cliches. 

If you dug Crate Digger, there's a strong chance you'll really get into our upcoming book, Good Trouble. It's the story of Microcosm, a punk history (starting in 90s Cleveland), an alternative business manual, an Asperger's memoir, and a coming-of-age story of making mistakes and figuring things out. 

The best way to get an early copy of Good Trouble (next month if all goes well!) is by backing our Kickstarter project. As an incentive and a thank-you to our loyal fans past present and future, we've added a few reward options that get you a BIG stack of Microcosm books from across the past two decades, which includes lots of punk histories. It's enough to keep you reading all year and then some.

Thanks for supporting Crate Digger, Microcosm, and helping us live the grown-up punk dream!

Elly for Microcosm

Crate Digger west coast tour, an audiobook, and more

Posted by Microcosm Publishing (Creator)

Hello backers!

We're happy to say that Bob is getting ready to embark on a Crate Digger tour of the west coast this October. You can find the schedule on our permanent page for the book (where you can also get another copy of the book if you've given yours away already).

We are also gearing up to produce the Crate Digger audiobook—Microcosm's first attempt at this genre. It features (with permission) songs from many of the bands in the book, as well as Bob's one of a kind reading style. We're excited. Bob's excited. You're probably excited too, and you can pre-order it here.

On a related note, we think you'll like our newest book as well: Daniel Makagon's well-researched Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows just came back from the printer and it's packed with poignant examples and potent quotes. Bob Suren even makes a few cameos, talking about his early days of organizing on-the-fly hardcore shows in Florida.

Our monthly Microcosm newsletter is going out this week; subscribe here to hear about all our new books as they come out, other events and news, and coupon codes for discounts in our online store.

Thank you all for helping make this book a reality and all the good things that followed too,

Elly @ Microcosm

Crate Digger Tour: July 2015!

Posted by Microcosm Publishing (Creator)
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Bob's taking Crate Digger on Tour - July 2015! - and you're invited!

These dates and places and times are subject to change. We'll be keeping the schedule up to date at Microcosm's page for the book, and you can always check with the venue. Want to help promote an event? Get in touch!

MON JUNE 29 - Austin, TX at Monkeywrench Books 7:00 PM
TUE JUNE 30 - Houston, TX at Vinal Edge
WED JULY 1 - New Orleans, LA Sisters In Christ Records
THU JULY 2 - Tallahassee, FL at Sweet Pea Cafe
FRI JULY 3 - St Petersburg, FL at Planet Retro Records
SAT JULY 4 - OFF in Tampa
SAT JULY 4 - Guest DJ on WMNF 88.5 FM or 5:00 PM
SUN JULY 5 - Tampa, FL Microgroove (early show) and Mojo's (late show)
MON JULY 6 - Gainesville, FL 8:30 at Arrow's Aim
TUE JULY 7 - Atlanta, GA 7:00 PM at Criminal Records
WED JULY 8 - Charleston, SC Tin Roof 6:00 PM
THU JULY 9 - Raleigh, NC at Sorry State Records 8:00 PM
FRI JULY 10 - Richmond, VA at Chop Suey Books 7:00 PM
SAT JULY 11 - Washington, DC at Crooked Beat Records 5:00 PM
SUN JULY 12 - Sit And Spin Records (5:00 PM) Philadelphia, PA
MON JULY 13 - New York City, NY 7:00 PM at KGB Bar (with On the Books author Greg Farrell!)
TUE JULY 14 - OFF in New York City or second show to be announced
WED JULY 15 - Pittsburgh, PA at Mind Cure Records
THU JULY 16 - Lakewood, OH at My Mind's Mine Records
FRI JULY 17 - Chicago, IL at Quimby's Bookstore at 7:00 PM
SAT JULY 18 - Des Moines, IA at Beaverdale Books at 2:00 PM
MON JULY 20 - Kansas City, MO at Mills Record Company
TUE JULY 21 - Tulsa, OK at Holy Mountain Records
WED JULY 22 - Ft Worth, TX at 1919 Hemphill at 8:00 PM

Most events are free; if there's a cover, Kickstarter backers will be on the guest list.

Thanks again you all!