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A cute fox is plucked by a spaceship and becomes part of a cosmic adventure. Classical animation based on Michel Gagné's graphic novel.
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    1. Hiram R. Maxem on

      Labor of love indeed! Michel, count me in if you need help assisting/inbetweening. I love little Rex, I can do some labor for free on weekends.

    2. Paul D. Zeke on

      wow you are an update machine. This is promising, as it indicates your production blog will be updated frequently and with great depth! I'm only a few years into my animation career, but seeing this done is very inspiring, and shows how many possibilities are our there. Keep it up, and best of luck on this project!

    3. Gemma Bright on

      I really admire the patience of those who produce feature-quality animation such as the contents of your teaser video. While I don't use Flash puppets, I don't know if I could dedicate myself to generating super-smooth motion like that.

    4. Uli Meyer on

      I'm amazed that you can afford to make one minute for so small a budget. I'm often amazed how even people within the industry have no clue how expensive it is to create full animation. If you had just one person working for each department you mentioned here and timed that by an average salary, even for just one week, the $7500 wouldn't pay for it. Good luck for doing it all on your own, you're probably one of the few who can take on such a task. Looking forward to the result.

    5. Ron on

      Love the old Don Bluth stuff. Was amazing. Glad you are going that route.