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Portrait artist seeks funds to kickstart an exciting year-long project involving YOU and produce a drawing / painting tutorial video
Portrait artist seeks funds to kickstart an exciting year-long project involving YOU and produce a drawing / painting tutorial video
479 backers pledged $62,736 to help bring this project to life.


Dear Pledgers,

THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful, intelligent, and insightful suggestions regarding multiple rewards and possibilities for filling up the 365-day sketches. I appreciate the response and want you to know that even though I am a little behind in getting back to each one of you individually, I HEAR YOU and am taking all of your requests and comments into careful consideration.

You asked for it, and you got it!

I’m happy to announce a NEW REWARD option specifically designed for those of you who want more than one $125 portrait.

Here’s how it works…

Select the $250+ reward that says:

“Want more than one 365-day portrait? Awesome! For TWO portrait days, pledge $250; for THREE portrait days, pledge $350; for FOUR portrait days, pledge $475 and get a FIFTH PORTRAIT DAY FREE!!”

You’ll notice that I’m offering a discount for those who want 3 to 5 portraits as an extra incentive / special THANK YOU for the generous support.

Now you may be wondering…

How will you keep the portrait limit to 365 days??

I will distribute the 365-days between this reward and the original $125 reward according to the pledges that come in by adjusting the reward limit. As we approach the April 28th deadline, I may choose to close the new reward or I may allow us to go over 365 days. I will make that decision if and when the situation presents itself. 

What if I already created 2 accounts for 2 ‘365-day’ portraits??

First of all, I apologize that you had to go through the hassle of creating two accounts. I’m learning and adapting with the project as it evolves and had I known I was going to offer this new reward, I would not have put you through that. What happens now is up to you. If you want to leave your pledge in 2 separate accounts, please do so. Or if you want to delete the additional account you made and adjust the pledge in your main account, that’s okay with me too.

What if I already signed up for 1 ‘365-day’ portrait and want to upgrade to 2 or more??

I’d love that! Thank you! Please follow the instructions below to adjust your pledge amount and select the new reward.

My pledge is for a highly-detailed drawing / full-color painting but I also want a 365-sketch… what do I do??

I love you too! Please add $125+ to your pledge amount but KEEP YOUR REWARD SELECTION THE SAME. If you change your reward selection, you will leave a top-level portrait spot open and I am not taking on any more of these types of drawings/paintings (see UPDATE 2 for the ‘Why not?’). Please follow the instructions below to adjust your pledge amount ONLY.

How do I adjust my pledge amount AND reward selection??

Please visit the project page and click ‘Manage Your Pledge’. Enter the new amount in the pledge amount box. NOTE that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount of your pledge.
To change your reward, make a new selection on the same page. NOTE that changing your reward selection does not automatically change your pledge amount.

How do I adjust my pledge amount ONLY??

Please visit the project page and click ‘Manage Your Pledge’. Enter the new amount in the pledge amount box. NOTE that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount of your pledge.
Leave your reward selection the same. Then continue, and you will see your previous pledge amount vs. the newly entered pledge amount before you finally confirm and go through the Amazon Payments process for authorization.
(Thanks Matt C for your help with this!)

If I get 2 to 5 portraits will I also get 2 to 5 postcards and 2 to 5 DVDs??

It’s up to you. If you are receiving 2 to 5 portraits and would like the same amount of postcards and DVDs, you got it! If you only want 1 postcard and 1 DVD, then that’s okay too!* I will ask you what you prefer in the survey at the end of the funding stage. 

*Please note that there will be no discount/price difference if you decide you only want 1 of each. This is due to the fact that if you pledge less than the reward selection you want, you will be unable to select that reward. And pledge amounts cannot be changed once the project is funded.

Now that we’re on the subject of multiple rewards…

I also want the Limited Edition print! But that is a reward all by itself. How do I get one in addition to my portrait??

I created this reward with the idea that 100 L.E. signed prints would be more valuable than 500 L.E. signed prints. I had no idea (and still don’t) who and how many would pledge for each reward. I realize that opening this up may increase the amount of L.E. prints but please be aware that this print is for KICKSTARTER SUPPORTERS ONLY and will NEVER be issued outside of this project window. If you have previously pledged for a portrait ($125 and up) and would like one of these prints, you get a $25-off THANK YOU discount! Please add $50 to your pledge.

How are you going to keep track of all these extra pledges??

Kickstarter sensibly records all adjustments and so do we (my fiancée, Melissa, and I keep our own super-organized records in addition to theirs). We will make a note by your name when you increase your pledge; ask you to confirm your additional portrait, print, and/or digital copy in the Kickstarter survey I send out at the end of the funding stage; and compare notes to make sure you, me and Kickstarter are all in agreement. (Whew!)

Remember to Breathe.

This project is so very exciting, things have been happening faster than I could have ever imagined and just when I think we’ve hit the top, we continue to blow away all expectation. As you must know, Melissa and I have been running around non-stop to ensure everything is in order. It is enjoyable and happy work but I must admit that we have been so driven that we haven’t given ourselves a moment to let it all sink in. Perhaps we aren’t ready for that just yet but it is good to be reminded of certain things. One of the many new friends we’ve met from this incredible experience said exactly what we needed to hear right now…

Breathe. It’s all good.

Thank you my friend and thank you to each and every one of you for your encouragement, kindness, and absolutely wonderful support.

Stay tuned!  :)

With love and gratitude,


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    1. Michael Shapcott Creator on

      Ha ha! Thanks Jenny! Yes it is certainly a lot to take in. I keep wondering if anyone reads these super long updates and offers!! ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      jenny manno on

      Whew is right, I'm exhausted just reading about all the wonderful new opportunities you are giving us!!!! I was already over the moon about recieving my own official top of the line Michael Shapcott original.. but now this too:)!!! Your are one class act Mr. Shapcott!!

    3. Michael Shapcott Creator on

      @Liz - Thank you! And, yes, Dale is correct... well, on his second comment that is! ;) I originally planned on a 100 print run but since I decided to open it up to all backers, it is possible to go over that 100. So far there are only 32 backers who have selected/upgraded for a print, so it's also possible that the run will be smaller. It all depends on who's interested! :) @Dale - Thank you for helping clear that up! @Brandy - Thanks Brandy! Me too! And yes, it's definitely going to be interesting to see how the portraits evolve throughout this process. Very exciting!!! :)

    4. Brandy Tieman on

      oh how wish i had the extra cash to have my daughters sketch at the beginning and one at the end of the project!!! So excited to have a Shapcott piece !

    5. Liz Poole on

      @Dale, thanks for the input lol :) I thought something similar too. Really I'm amazed at all the bonus things we get from funding an amazing artist.

    6. Dale Reed on

      He does however say that he will do MORE than 100 prints, BUT the prints will only be for kickstarters. So he'll honour however many prints there need to be, but obviously it'll make them slightly less limited in terms of volume, but still valuable as this will be the one and only time anyone can get one.

      See, I didn't shut up after all!

    7. Dale Reed on

      Oh wait, now I see what you mean! And suddenly it's a good question! I'll shut up now :)

    8. Dale Reed on

      @Liz, the rewards themselves are limited (ie there are 100 rewards and 100 prints, so it can't go beyond how many prints there are...

    9. Liz Poole on

      This may seem silly, but how will you know if we want a L.E print/how will we know if there are no prints left (100L.E right?) ?
      I added $50 to my pledge, fingers crossed.