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Portrait artist seeks funds to kickstart an exciting year-long project involving YOU and produce a drawing / painting tutorial video
479 backers pledged $62,736 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator David Luhr on February 2

      Hello Michael. Any updates on the video and ebook content? You mentioned the planning in your update almost a year ago, so just checking in.

    2. Creator Dan Karlsson on April 13, 2014

      Still no video?

    3. Creator Lia McCaffrey on February 23, 2014

      Do you have an expected completion date for the video?

    4. Creator Lonnie on February 1, 2014

      How's the video coming along?

    5. Creator zbiggie on January 10, 2014

      Got my LE print. Looks absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get it framed and up on my wall. Thank you for the great work.

    6. Creator Juho Vepsäläinen on December 30, 2013

      Good news! Just received my LE print here in Finland. :)

    7. Creator Juho Vepsäläinen on December 23, 2013

      Any update on this? I received a postcard earlier this year but no news of any other material.

      Looks like Michael's blog has been last updated on January (2013). He does appear to be active on Facebook and has some fresh work for sale so he is definitely still in business. Just hoping he hasn't forgotten about his commitments.

      Had I known it would take this long I wouldn't have supported the project. I can understand delays as long as there's some communication about it but Kickstarter updates have been somewhat dead.

    8. Creator Dan DiMicco on December 12, 2013

      Similar comment to Elisa. Please let your backers know.

    9. Creator Elisa Ellsworth on December 9, 2013

      Any news on when this project pledges will be fulfilled ? Just checking ...

    10. Creator Lisa G. on November 28, 2013

      Did you get my message?

    11. Creator renfig on November 4, 2013

      Still no postcard. Thanks.

    12. Creator Kim Heil on October 31, 2013

      Hi Michael - Just checking on the update of my painting. Thanks

    13. Creator Susan Goodell on October 31, 2013

      Michael, I emailed you privately about a month ago and haven't heard back from you. I don't mind things are taking you longer, but I wish you would at least keep people posted on your progress. For me pledging $725 is a lot of money and it would be nice to know how things are coming.

    14. Creator Liz Poole on October 20, 2013

      Hi Micheal, i've been trying to get into contact with you via email etc. I pledged $725 and haven't heard from you since i gave you the reference image. Could you email me back? I'm just wondering if it's going ok.

    15. Creator Maha Ahmad on October 10, 2013

      HI Michael
      I pledged 5$ to get a postcard painting
      but didn't receive anything till this hour !!

    16. Creator Michael Shapcott on September 2, 2013

      Hi Lori! Very sorry for not getting back to you sooner... I've been moving/setting up the new studio work space so took a break from online to get moved in. No, you haven't missed anything! I'm just a bit behind with the paintings and so would like to complete those before filming the DVD. It's all planned and ready to go and now that I'm in my new permanent studio I'm back to work full-time, full-speed again. Even though I'm behind, everything will be created and delivered as promised. I've also wrote you an email explaining a little better. I appreciate the support Lori and hope you understand the delay!

    17. Creator Lori Garner on August 23, 2013

      I know you have had a crazy year, but I have emailed you twice at your gmail address and contacted you via Facebook and I still am awaiting a response.

      I am a $275 backer and I received an AMAZING portrait from you. Thank you so much. However, I am curious about the other awards that I was to receive. Included in my awards "a signed DVD copy of the my 1st ever full-length painting tutorial (comes with a beautiful fridge magnet featuring one of my paintings)--estimated delivery date, Feb. 2013. I have heard no further update on this unless I missed it someplace and Feb was 6 months ago. I wonder if I missed getting this award or you are still working on this or...?

      I would be very grateful or an update!

    18. Creator Lisa G. on July 29, 2013

      I forgot to send you a picture!

    19. Creator Michael Shapcott on March 27, 2013

      Hi Lee, I'm so sorry to hear that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I liked the idea of sending a traditional postcard open with stamps and all. I think that's part of the fun! But the downside to that, as you mentioned, is that there is a possibility of a little wear. The wear on your postcard was certainly a bit excessive though and I can see how that would be disappointing! I will be happy to send you another postcard to help make up for it. And, please, no worries about your other reward - when it comes time to ship the DVD's they will of course be protected in a protective outer packaging. Also, if anyone else has any issues or concerns about postcards or any other rewards, please don't hesitate to send me an email at Thanks so much!

    20. Creator Lee Pearce on March 27, 2013

      I received my backer postcard today, this is the condition in which it arrived - - damaged and battered. I understand that once it is posted these things are out of your control but it is disappointing none the less. Perhaps in future posting them in an envelope or some other means of protecting them from damage during transport might be advisable (securing them inside the case of the dvd or other backer items for those who chose them perhaps). I just hope my other items make it to me in better condition.

    21. Creator Tejae Floyde on March 4, 2013

      Hi Michael, personally i don't mind that it's taking longer than expected, I just wish you'd post your comment below on facebook so that backers there know you're working on it.

      I've been wondering about the delay for weeks, i've sent messages and not gotten a response...

      Now i come here and see there is an understandable delay...communication is a good thing. :)

    22. Creator Michael Shapcott on March 2, 2013

      Hi Melissa, hi Elisa... it's taken a lot longer than expected to handwrite 450+ cards so I've been working on them little by little while doing the drawings/paintings at the same time. The good news is, they are all written out and I'm stamping them now. I estimate that you can expect yours to arrive within the next couple weeks. The prints are also being printed now. I wanted to wait until I had a painting that I felt worthy of making into an LE print! So those won't be too much longer either. The tutorial will need more time though due to 2 unexpected moves and a temporary studio so I will have to wait until my permanent set-up is good to go before filming the bulk of the DVD. I know that the delay has been quite lengthy so I do apologize. There's been a tremendous amount of work involved in this project and a few delays with some of the rewards but I deeply appreciate the support and will definitely deliver on everything promised! Thanks for the patience. :)

    23. Creator Melissa Malone on March 2, 2013

      Hi Michael, i'm a fan of your work but very disappointed at the fact that 7 months after the estimated delivery i have yet to receive my reward. I find it deeply unprofessional and while I do not regret backing you, I would hesitate to do so again. Good luck with your future endeavors. -Melissa

    24. Creator Elisa Ellsworth on February 26, 2013

      Hi, Just wondering when my print + stuff was going to be delivered ...Smiles, Elisa
      (I am in the $75.00 pledge)

    25. Creator Michael Shapcott on February 17, 2013

      Just replied Lisa! Thanks! Contact me through MichaelShapcott (at) gmail (dot) com for easier correspondence. :) And Steph... thank you so much! I'm so glad I could inspire you! I'm a bit behind on the e-book but it is coming! I'll be posting an update once it's released along with other news so keep an eye out for that soon. :)

    26. Creator Lisa G. on February 16, 2013

      I've sent you a few emails but they do not seem to be reaching you through Kickstarter for some reason...

    27. Creator Stephanie Lebel on January 16, 2013

      Hi Michael! Love what you've done so far. You're honestly my role model for portraiture and I hope I can be as good as you some day. I was just wondering: you mention on the front page that there will be an e-book available for those who pledged over 5$, do you know when it will be made?

      Thanks for the taking the time to read this,

    28. Creator Michael Shapcott on January 9, 2013

      Hey Dale! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've sent you an email with details on your drawing. It's coming! Many thanks! Hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year! :)

    29. Creator Dale Reed on January 9, 2013

      Hi Michael, I've tried contacting you via your email address a few times now but no luck so far. You told me you would be doing my drawing in the fall of last year but haven't seen or heard anything since. I know you're still drawing away as I keep an eye on your tumblr site. Can you let me know if/when I'll be getting my drawing?

      Thanks in advance.

    30. Creator Sonja on September 9, 2012

      Congratulations on your busy summer. I have so enjoyed the days going by on Facebook. It's pretty neat seeing the different portraits. I can't even think about how you are going to get through writing all our postcards. One-a-day. haha Don't forget to take some time for you and yours. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

    31. Creator Melissa Malone on August 26, 2012

      I'm just wondering the same as Katy. The drawings are looking great so far, congratulations on meeting over 6x your requirement!

    32. Creator Katy ☯ on August 23, 2012

      I pledged within the $5 or more category, although haven't yet received the postcard.
      I realise that handwriting these will take a lot of time, but since the estimated delivery was July, I thought that maybe I would have received it by now.
      Just a quick query, not sure whether this was the best place to write it :S

      Anyways, hope the project it going well! :)

    33. Creator Michael Shapcott on July 16, 2012

      Sent you a message Tracey... check it out! :)

    34. Creator Tracey Lyne on July 13, 2012

      Just checking that you got my reference photos

    35. Creator Christoph "Sicarius" Hofmann on June 4, 2012

      Only two more days of waiting :).

    36. Creator Michael Shapcott on May 9, 2012

      All surveys have now been sent out! Please be sure to fill them out and return them at your earliest convenience :)

    37. Creator jedediah curry on May 8, 2012

      Haven't received anything yet

    38. Creator Brandy Tieman on May 5, 2012

      Has the survey's been sent out?

    39. Creator liuxiaoliang on May 1, 2012

      I like it.

    40. Creator Eduard Heard on April 28, 2012

      I was just checking out what was Kick starter and I found your project by luck, I love your work and was not an art type of guy. I have brought some prints off you, which are now on my wall :-) and I am looking for to supporting you on this project!

      Wish you all the best.
      ED (from England)

    41. Creator Diana Toma on April 28, 2012

      It's quite surprising to me that I just ran into your project, it's so random (of maybe not!) that I found it right after I started my own "3 drawings a day by the end of the year" similar concept project (mine is not a public project, it's more like my own yearly resolution)

      I find your work by google-ing "amazing portraits" about a month ago and your paintings have stuck with me, and I 'm keep going back to see them every time I want to get inspired. So I just did that yesterday and end up here, pledging. How cool.

      I'm happy I got to be part of your proj. It's such a delightful coincidental place of mind.

    42. Creator nancy heaton on April 28, 2012

      Your passion and sincerity is the Reason for your incredible success. Sometimes artists have to work harder and suffer much; and the hardest thing of all is never letting go of who you are and what you do. What a journey youve been on; looks like its just beginning. And the woman behind the man? You rock sister; good luck to you both with the project and beyond! Warmest regards to you both.

    43. Creator Matthew on April 27, 2012

      Such a great idea and I love your portraits. Congrats! Can't wait to pick/take a photo to send to you. (I'm a photographer and a musician...)

      My band, Jumpsuit, is made up of 3 artist/musicians and we successfully funded our vinyl record on Kickstarter, in part, by writing musical portraits of our top donors. Here are the four songs that peopled pledged at the "Jumpsuit will write a song about you level". (The song "The Outing of a Superhero" is the song for which someone pledged at the "Jumpsuit will write a flattering song about you" level.
      the link:

      Good Luck with your project!!!

    44. Creator Dale Reed on April 27, 2012

      Great to have achieved almost 600% of your target. I hope you manage to fill most of the rest of the 365 slots in the next 40 hours!

    45. Creator jedediah curry on April 26, 2012

      Just posted to Reddit again for a final push to fill up those slots.

    46. Creator Exton Quinn on April 25, 2012

      Synchronicity Michael
      1. we have the same birthday!
      2.I too am a portrait artist
      3.Your site was the first kickstarter project I have ever seen!
      I hope my site will be funded too when I make it

    47. Creator james koenig (deleted) on April 22, 2012

      i'd like to this done over a ten year period. it would be so interesting to see how people change in the artists drawing and how much they don't.

    48. Creator Donna Goff on April 22, 2012

      Wow! In your wildest dreams did you ever imagine this ? Incredible. Congratulations on reaching the big 50k!! I am so happy for you. Regards, Donna

    49. Creator Jody Morrison on April 20, 2012

      I am so excited for this project and to support you through it! I just purchased my own personal original portrait and already can't wait to see the whole process through!

    50. Creator cara lawson-ball on April 20, 2012

      Both of you are amazing!

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