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Now in Scoville you can breed peppers in your own Lab outside of the influence of other players. Time to put your creativity to work.
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It's been a year since Scoville was made a reality here on Kickstarter, early this year many of you started planting your cute pepper meeples and fulfilling spicy chili recipes. From it's release it was clear that Scoville was going to be HOT.

Scoville designer Ed Marriott wasted no time getting to work on expansion ideas. These were presented to the TMG team and here we are excited to present to you...

Scoville Labs is an expansion for Scoville. [the base game is required for play.]  In the box you will find:  

  • 6 Player Labs for private pepper research.
  • 12 Market Orders. (9 + 3 from Stretch Goals)
  • 12 Recipes. (9 + 3 from Stretch Goals)
  • Pepper Multiplier tokens.
  • 6 More "Plant 1 Extra Pepper" tokens.
  • 6 Phantom Peppers. (Stretch Goals included in Pepper qty's)
  • 7 each Green, Orange, and Purple Peppers.
  • 7 each Black, Brown, and White Peppers.
  • 6 Alternate Breeding Charts
  • 1 Rule Book

Scoville is a game about competing with the other players to breed hotter and hotter peppers which are then exchanged in various ways to obtain points.

A round of Scoville consists of a blind auction, which determines player order, a planting phase, a harvesting phase, and a fulfillment phase. Each round, the players plant peppers in the fields. Throughout the game, the available opportunities for crossbreeding increase as more peppers are planted.

Below is a video done by "Watch it Played" on how to play Scoville.

Competition is heating up in Scoville’s Chili Pepper Festival. Competitors seeking the coveted Scoville trophy are using science to try and get an edge. Personal Labs are being built as Growers are studying their peppers trying to increase their quality and speed up the process to get the most heat. We think it started with the local high school’s chemistry teacher. (Flames Rule!) 

Put on your safety goggles, this baby is about to boil.

Shortly after Scoville was released, Ed Marriott submitted several possible expansion ideas to TMG.  As we went through the various ideas we considered releasing one big expansion, but after some testing felt like it would add too much too quickly.  Scoville : Labs was the focused expansion that enhanced game play simply while also allowing us to sensibly get more peppers into players hands.  Labs opens up some options that felt restrained before, really enhancing the race to score Mayors Awards, fulfill Market Orders and Chili Recipes.

Labs introduces 3x3 personal lab boards to the game that players use to breed peppers outside of the influence of other players. You plant in your lab after planting on the main board, and when you do, you will collect new peppers based on what is adjacent in your lab. So, if you plant a black pepper next to a white pepper in your lab, then you will get a phantom pepper.

One of the great things about Kickstarter is that it allows backers to become part of the project in a very real way.  Last year Scoville backers added their own personal flair to the game by naming the Chili Recipes.

We invite you to again add Chili Recipe names to comments that you would like to see in the game.   We will choose our favorite ones for Scoville : Labs recipes.

Name a Recipe!
Name a Recipe!

We have received a lot of ideas over the past year of what kinds of things people would like to see in the game.  When we fund we will have a great expansion. The stretch goals introduce some of the extra things that players would like to see in the game, and we need just a little extra funding to make it happen.

The original Scoville was funded on Kickstarter a little over a year ago, with Kickstarter backers asking for and banding together to make the loved pepper wood pieces part of the game.  

Scoville received so much attention that our initial print run sold out faster than we anticipated.  By coming back to Kickstarter for the Scoville expansion,  it is our hope that those who helped make the game a reality, no matter where around the globe they may be, will have an opportunity to get their hands on Scoville: Labs.  It is also our hope that we will get a better idea of the pulse of Scoville for reprint numbers.

Thank you very much for supporting Scoville: Labs.

Risks and challenges

Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) has delivered numerous games throughout the world. Some that were funded on Kickstarter and some that were not. As an established small games company, the real question is making sure we manage potential sources of delay and communicating clear expectations throughout the campaign and after the funding ends.

TMG is now a small team of 5 individuals that are managing all aspect of the business which has helped to mitigate all of the various risks and challenges.

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