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You have no money, no employees, little information, a personal specialty, and 9 years to become a business mogul. GET TO WORK!
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Michael Mindes

1,733 backers pledged $116,894 to help bring this project to life.

Overfunding Achievement Unlocked - Here Comes #4 @ $35,000

Congratulations.  Now that we are over $30,000, all Kickstarter supporters will be getting:

  • 2 specialty tiles - Inheritance and Social Media
  • 2 forecast cards - Windfall and Great Depession
  • 1 tenant improvement - Niche Market

When we get over $35,000 then you will also be getting 5 economic scenario cards which represent certain types of economies, like the roaring 20's, war time, or a technology boom.

Essen Pickup

I need to check on a couple of additional timing issues for deliverability, but I am leaning toward making this available at no charge and including Skyline.  More to come.

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