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Tasty Minstrel Games & Game Brewer present Stephen Risthaus' "Gentes" a game about ancient civilizations- in Deluxified™ Format!
Tasty Minstrel Games & Game Brewer present Stephen Risthaus' "Gentes" a game about ancient civilizations- in Deluxified™ Format!
Tasty Minstrel Games & Game Brewer present Stephen Risthaus' "Gentes" a game about ancient civilizations- in Deluxified™ Format!
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    1. abaddon1 about 7 hours ago

      My hope now is that now that they've looked into it and deemed it too costly for Gentes, they can budget accordingly for subsequent releases where there are pieces with too much detail for silk-screening.

    2. Vincent Frederick 1 day ago

      I have several games from TMG with stickers and they hold up fine. It was investigated and deemed too costly. I'm fine with it. I don't get the outrage here. It's the game as it was promised. Deliver on time, communicate information about the production and I'll be a happy backer.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason E 1 day ago

      @matthew that's such a good punk band, i saw them in the 90s.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fehl 1 day ago

      Fuck stickers.

    5. Andrew 2 days ago

      Also happy on the stickers heat transfer would be nice. But since there will be a extra set of stickers Incase peeling should occur I am satisfied. Good campaign and excellent response congratulations on a successful campaign.

    6. Petr Kveton 3 days ago

      In one of updates You said: "we have achieved great success and we are therefore able to ensure that it gets every rule in the language of your country."

      It's true? Do we have to choose "multi lingual" or does it also apply to the EN version?

    7. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      3 days ago

      @Tjiko - please email this to

      @Endi - please also email so we can get you set up

    8. Missing avatar

      Mariya Meshcheryakova 3 days ago

      I am personally happy with the stickers. I would have preferred the heat transfer tiles, sure, but this isn't a big deal to me. I kind of like putting stickers on pieces (even the crazy stickering project that was Orleans!) and as far as durability is concerned, all I want is extras in case a sticker gets ruined, which TMG said they will provide. I definitely prefer these over plain cardboard.

      By the way - TMG was very direct about not being able to promise us those heat transfer tiles. They explained that they needed to get a quote. And everyone is aware that Gentes is a rather fairly-priced deluxe game. They just don't have money in the budget for huge additional expenses. I know that's tough for some folks to accept, and sure I wouldn't mind those tiles being offered as an add-on, but every game publisher has to make trade-off decisions and I think they're making a reasonable one here, which aligns well with what they promised us.

    9. gerraldo
      3 days ago

      @Lance Myxter: OK, thank you, I overlooked this.

    10. Endi Wong
      3 days ago

      I did not receive any e-mail to access my pledge manager. I follow the link in the update to request an e-mail, but I still can not get one. I have checked my junk mailbox, No e-mail inside. What should I do?

    11. Missing avatar

      Tjiko 3 days ago

      In the dutch manual there seems to be a mistake. On page 6 textiles are in French not in Dutch. Can you guys correct that?

    12. Petr Kveton 4 days ago

      EN version is included in all copies multi-lingual game / multi-lingual have only one rulebook extra with choosen language

    13. ichin 4 days ago

      I was looking at the pledge manager, and it appears I selected the multilingual version instead of English... What should I do to get an English copy when it gets sent out?


    14. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      4 days ago

      @Robert - solo mode will be part of the game. The rules are being tested and refined. We will share the rules when they are done.

      @gerraldo - please see the most recent update (#13) for an explanation regarding shipping.

    15. Missing avatar

      Pedro Vaquero 4 days ago

      In what language will the names of the letters be in the multi-language edition?

    16. Piet Wenings 4 days ago

      @gerraldo, the update already states that shipping outside US is very expensive. No error.

    17. gerraldo
      5 days ago

      @Lance Myxter: Can you help? See my comment to Max...

    18. gerraldo
      5 days ago

      @Max: You're lucky mate... I tried adding some extras for ED & Flip City, ending up with shipping costs of + $ 120,-- for $ 40,-- add-ons!? Flip City: Wilderness ($ 15,--) added $ 50,-- for shipping??? This is crazy... There certainly IS something wrong with shipping costs!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Young 5 days ago

      Is solo mode still coming? When I backed it was on the basis of a solo ruleset having been added, I'm pretty positive this was a stretch goal, but now I see no mention of it on the main page.

    20. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      5 days ago

      RE: PM Close date - there is no set date at this time. It will be open for at least 30 days. Once we get closer to a finalization, we will announce it in an update.

    21. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      5 days ago

      @Max - each Deluxe game is sent separately with multiple layers of packaging to make sure they arrive undamaged. This is why each one has its own shipping cost.

    22. Missing avatar

      Oliver 5 days ago

      I found the stickers and, as a warm-up, put them on the fridge using cold transfer.

      (I promise to stop at this point. Three comments is enough.)

    23. Max 5 days ago

      If i want 2 copies of deluxified gentes... it adds twice the shipping cost? no discount on that? How can you explain that?
      Now, if i add a not deluxified copy it doesnt charge me any additional shipping... guys, please check the pledge manager because something is wrong

    24. Missing avatar

      Oliver 5 days ago

      I am also willing to iron them by myself if that helps to bring down the productions costs by x!

      In the meantime, I will search our home for stickers to practice. I remember our daughters had many when they were five, with lots of detail and colors.

    25. Missing avatar

      Oliver 5 days ago

      I don't want to transfer more heat to the discussion, but wouldn't adding cardboard tiles be an option (just for the action tiles to avoid too much weight)?

    26. Wavy Mitchell 5 days ago

      @Creator: Thanks for looking into the silkscreen tiles! I know it's gonna take me forever to put the stickers on, because I'm too meticulous in that regard, but I understand that it's because the printing isn't monetarily feasible. Also, thanks for including extra stickers! We're still really excited about getting our Deluxified Gentes!

    27. Missing avatar

      EpicViking 5 days ago

      Would it be possible to make a vote regarding stickers or silkscreen with less colors?

    28. Missing avatar

      EpicViking 5 days ago

      +1 on remove some color and make them silkscreen than use stickers :)

    29. Scott D
      6 days ago

      Seconding the PM closes date.

    30. Pai
      6 days ago

      When does PM close

    31. Missing avatar

      Pedro Andrés Gutiérrez 6 days ago

      Could be avoidable stickered by a design otherwise Gentes...

      We have only 28 action tiles... are only 6 diferent color token...
      The color makes diference.

      For example the 9 tiles "CHRONICLER" are yellow,
      only are diferent in the *number* inside the circle indicates the cost in coins,
      *the hourglass

      you dont have to print the icon on the tile... could be cheaper printing without icon...
      Also the icon is going to print at tableboard...

      i just think different to make posible NO STICKERED by small design changes

    32. Missing avatar

      Markus Dorn
      6 days ago

      I really would like to buy "Amon-Re" but $90 shipping costs for only one game are far too high. This is totally unacceptable for me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jose Ramon San Martin 6 days ago

      Epicviking the problem is simple. The spanish editor tell us we have to chose the multilingual pledge and now in the last update the original editors says we have to chose the english pledge. Well now we chose the multilingual and we can't change the pledge, so we want to now if are going to include the spanish rulebook to us

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Egli 6 days ago

      I believe the problem was mentioning the heat transfer option before it was a done deal. Unmet expectation, even if the expectation only came from a implied source, leads to disappointment. You should have sat on the heat transfer information until it was a go.

    35. Missing avatar

      EpicViking 7 days ago

      Now I also get confused. What is the difference between English and Multilingual edition? In "update 13" it is written that if you want a Spanish rule book then you should select English version.

    36. Missing avatar

      Carlos Elvira Maeso 7 days ago

      @Lance Myxter I have the same problem than @rmnmon and @Jose. Maldito Games said us during the campaign that we needed to choose the multilingual edition and now the pledge manager doesn't allow to change from multilingual to English. How can we do the change? So the question is no answered in the update #13

    37. Missing avatar

      Jose Ramon San Martin 7 days ago

      I hope thats truth

    38. Missing avatar

      Jose Ramon San Martin 7 days ago

      Maldito answer in facebook to another backer and says all the games send to spain are included the rulebook in spanish.

    39. Dave Kelly 7 days ago

      I can deal with 28 square stickers...especially after realizing that the components I originally thought I would have to sticker are all silkscreened. Thanks for the heads up!

    40. Mr. Green
      7 days ago

      I’d also like to commend Lance and TMG for a great campaign and great communication. I am very pleased with how this was run, and who knows, maybe we will see a future Kickstarter of heat transferred tiles by themselves.

    41. Missing avatar

      Pedro Andrés Gutiérrez 7 days ago

      @rmnmon +1.
      I complete the survey and send email to crowd to resolve changing multilingüal to spanish

      Try to solve deluxe sticker issue, maybe clubes diferent color

    42. rmnmon 7 days ago

      @Lance Myxter The update says "Please select Gentes: Deluxified™ English edition" but Maldito Games said us during the campaign we neet to choose the muiltilingual edition and now the pledge manager doesn't allow to change from multilingual to English. How can we do the change? So the question is no answered

    43. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      7 days ago

      @Rhindon - Add-ons are planned to be shipped within a month's time.

    44. Lance Myxter Collaborator
      7 days ago

      @Jose and @rmnmom - please read update #13. This question is directly answered with our FAQ in that update.

    45. Rhindon
      7 days ago

      @Lance Myxter: The update states that the add-on games will be shipped separately. Do you know when you are planning to ship them?

    46. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer
      on March 9

      @ TMG/SethJaffee/Lance - Looking at the color simplicity on these action tiles... the colors are mute and similar I think you could easily silkscreen these tiles and you wouldn't even need stickers. I really hate stickers on gaming components!

    47. Missing avatar

      EpicViking on March 9

      I would also be prepared to pay extra to get everything in silkscreen

    48. Missing avatar

      David Deacon
      on March 9

      I thought the whole Gentes campaign was very smoothly run. The upfront deluxe edition without the need for stretch goal targets to be met suits the aim of a premium product.

      The sticker debate does seem to be a recurrent theme and rather predictable. Would it be possible to explore the different options before launching a campaign?

      I agree that the addon postage is prohibitively expensive.

      I look forward to the fulfilment.

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert Young on March 9

      I agree with Justin! I will happily pay more to get the action tiles heat transferred!

    50. rmnmon on March 9

      I can't change the selection in the pledge manager. As Jose Ramon says the Maldito says when join the campain the spanish backers who wants the spanish rulebook, we have to select the multilingual pledge. And now is not possible to change the selection to the english version in the pledge manager (or i can't found it).

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