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Multi-use cards, planets to colonize or conquer, and tech to master—all for 2 players in 10 epic minutes (Includes TMG Promos!)
3,838 backers pledged $61,915 to help bring this project to life.

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Rules Update.

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

Just a quick update to let you know that we have made an updated file for the rules.  We hope this will answer questions some of you may have had, and help everyone enjoy their play experience more.


Click Image For Rules PDF
Click Image For Rules PDF

Thank you all again for your support.

Loose Ends...

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

By now all copies of Microcosm should have been received.  If you have not received yours; Please send a Private Message here on KickStarter so that we can correct the situation.

We thank you all for helping us make ED : Microcosm a reality!

If you haven't seen it already, the KS for Battlecruisers and Eminent Domain : Exotica are in their final days.  Please check them out. HERE.

Shipping Clean Up and New News...

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

Most of you have received your copies of Microcosm by now, which is great.  We've already received many emails of people enjoying the game, those are always nice to receive.  However there are some people still waiting to receive their game.

If you are still waiting to receive your shipment we ask that you please use THIS LINK for tracking.  We will be asking for reports of missing shipments in another week or two.

For those of you that may have received damaged/missing cards...

Please include your shipping address, and if able pictures of the damaged components.

Now, with Microcosm on most of your tables, we are excited to announce the next installment in the Eminent Domain universe, project now live:

Once again; Thank you all for your support.


Games Start Shipping...

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

We have received word that all US shipments of ED: Microcosm will be dropped at the post tomorrow, and that global packages will be in the post on or before Tuesday May 12th.

 When you receive your copy(s) if you find any problems please let us know via email at Please include photo's when able of the issues, and make sure to include you address in the email as well.

Thank you all again for your support, we are super excited to get this gem to your tables.

Almost Time...

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

The Entire Cosmos has landed, was pulled for exam and cleared that as well.  Next is a train ride to Utah and then the fun of fulfillment will start.

If you have changed addresses since completing the survey, please take a moment to update the information.  We will be locking down address changes in another week, you will be given a 48 hour warning.

To check/change your shipping information, just go to your Kickstarter user profile and view your projects backed.  Next to each project should be a blue button to get more information about your support to the project.  That is also where you can confirm your shipping address and make changes if needed.

Once again, we thank you for your support.  We are super excited to get Microcosm into your hands and onto your tables.