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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mokurk on

      I like the artwork for the tracker. Her outfit and appearance are interesting enough to promote some appreciation, but slightly concervative so as I can still play the game with little-ings! I personally like the thigh sections, it is ever so slightly like that of MTG's Lilliana.

    2. Mattimao on

      I think the art shows a neat take on the whole elven tracker thing. She is so at one with nature that she doesn't even need shoes. You know, like Legolas walking on top of the snow while everyone else struggles through it. Really cool. Good job on the art!

    3. Adam Laughton on

      What Jerry H said!

      It is true that this is artwork extremely "tame" - it's just a bit tiresome this sort of thing everywhere.

      Anyway - playing the game is more important in the end. And it is a lot of fun. Well done TMG.

    4. Anaxphone

      Forgive me if I don't rail against the heavens over something that cannot be changed (he said the art is the final work, no debate) and spend my energies elsewhere aiming for some of the more egregious offenders.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bart de Vos on

      I'm not a big fan of using updates on one project to advertise your other projects no matter how interesting they might be. I come here for info on this game, not others. Thanks.
      I also agree with others that the artwork on the elf is a bit off. Her right thigh really looks way too thin and making her scantily clad like that just looks ridiculous imho. Pity it's final.

    6. Jerry H. on

      "While somewhat impractical, this is far from a noteworthy occurrence of fanservice compared to the fantasy game genre as a whole."

      Um, that isn't a good thing. That comment basically sums up the problem.

    7. Kristen on

      I'm in agreement that thigh section on the pants makes no sense!

    8. Sarah Reed

      Yay! A redheaded elf with a bow! The kind of character I always liked to played in D&D. :-D

      I'm with Kevin - I am so disappointed that you would bare her feet like that. No self-respecting elf tracker would let her toes be exposed.

      So excited to get Dungeon Roll. Still trying to figure out if we can support Eminent Domain as that has been our list to buy for a long time now. But such a short campaign doesn't give us much time to figure it out.

      I'm enjoying your podcast so far, but 5 days a week is quite a lot. While I am enjoying it, you might want to slow it down to a couple times a week. Maybe do longer segments then. This would also give you the opportunity if you wanted to have guests on your show.

    9. Kevin Brown on

      I'm aghast at her scantily clad toes. When can we stop the stereotyping? Not all people who enjoy dicey dungeon delves have foot fetishes!

      Art looks outstanding. One if my favorites!

    10. Anaxphone

      @Adam- You assume that everyone here is not interested in mancandy. While somewhat impractical, this is far from a noteworthy occurrence of fanservice compared to the fantasy game genre as a whole.

      Personally, I was jsut commenting on the leg's positioning as it had gotten others to note it. I didn't even point out the odd positioning of the quiver. ;)

    11. Adam Laughton on

      I love Dungeon Roll... but WHY do we have to pander to these stereotypes?
      Sigh... female character showing flesh... so not your typical nerdy gamer art style then!? (joke)
      We would all run a mile from male characters in "G-strings" - so why do it for the women. No tracker would ever go out looking like that! (Just ask Bear Grylls!)
      Still - what's done is done! Great game! That's the main things.

    12. Matthew H. on

      "I'll vote for realism..."

      Because we all know how real faeries, skeleton monsters, dwarves, dragons, half-goblins and magic is...

    13. THoiA on

      So does this mean we get the roll down die now too? :)

    14. Keith & Diana on

      Oops. Chaos = chaps. Stupid autocorrect.

    15. Keith & Diana on

      So, chaps? Sweet. Chaos with exposed thighs? ... Means she's not wearing any underwear.

      Kinky. ;-)

    16. Douglas Ortiz

      1) How do the thigh parts of the pants stay along the legs like that without any tension element in the horizontal direction? Tree sap.

      2) Assuming she's right-handed, the right arm (arrow draw) does not need a glove other than the finger guard? Ambidextrous elf, ready to pull off crazy shots at any angle.

    17. Zymm315 on

      Awesome! I would be most interested in listening in on that podcast!

    18. Rob Lundy on

      If I had gone through the effort to get cool tattoos on my outer thighs, I think I might put in the effort to show them off... Also I know a lot of women who put up with quite a bit of discomfort for fashion's sake #Shoes

    19. Ian T on

      I would like to say I am a part of the camp that says 'nice artwork' and has more important things on my mind than critiquing a single graphic for a $15 game.

      Holy crap.

    20. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      How do the thigh parts of the pants stay along the legs like that without any tension element in the horizontal direction? Assuming she's right-handed, the right arm (arrow draw) does not need a glove other than the finger guard; that's where tattoos or markings would show.

      I'm a guy; I like pretty girls; but I'm also an engineer and a gamer. I'll vote for realism over "style".

    21. Matt Rock on

      I'd say if anything the hole seems reversed. Chaps normally have the big extension over the hips with the breaks around the crotch region for improved mobility. She could wear something else to cover up there in addition, leaving less overall exposure but still hints of the tattoos/markings.

    22. Adam J Marquis on

      Michael, I'm backing your other project almost exclusively because of the way you managed this one. It was the first project I've kicked and honestly the models of funding other people with projects on here is disappointing after watching Dungeon Roll develop. The other projects really want to use kickstarter as a profit center rather than a launching pad to boost development of the product. I also appreciate your analysis of Kickstarter and web analytics, it's interesting to me.

    23. Marc Aranha on

      Awesome artwork. That's a serious glove.

    24. Brian Patterson on

      I love her overall design of her armor, weapons, and design but I'm in the "why the thigh holes" camp as well. I get that it is a game (and a fantasy-based game at that) but showing some skin just for the sake of showing it is a letdown. Nearly ass-less chaps do not scream tracker to me but I'm probably in the minority there.

    25. Jordan York on

      I have no problems with the outfit, but I do see how the one thigh looks awkwardly small. Oh well, the artwork is final :p

    26. Lyndsay Peters on

      I love the ranger's big sleeve gauntlets and chest armour, but the thigh holes are also iffy for me. They don't make sense from the standpoint of a character who spends a lot of time among poky trees and grasses. I'd have to put myself with the other backers who've expressed reservations about her armour.

    27. Michael Mindes 38-time creator on

      @All - FYI, artwork is 100% final.

    28. Michael Mindes 38-time creator on

      FYI, the "behind schedule" is related to the fact that we have the extra custom die, but that is well within the established tolerances, and that we were about 1 week past the desired time to deliver all of the artwork files.

    29. Anaxphone

      @Harvie- I think it's the fact that her left (our right) leg seems to be drawn to be positioned in a different plane, but the foot an d lower leg are the same size as the other and the hips are canted in such a manner that she really couldn't be too far from the bodyline. This makes the thigh look even more awry than it is.

    30. Jerry H. on

      I'm with Alan De Smet and Donald Roberts... Why would she be wearing pants with huge gaps on her hips and thighs? It just doesn't make any sense. As Alan said, it's disquieting.

    31. Eric Lalande on

      WOW WOW WOW, this has just made the project for me... throughout this whole campaign, the only thing I asked was that they make the Elf a redhead...

      Whether it was deliberate or on purpose, Thank you Michael.

      Also, the art looks fine, call it the thigh gap if you want lol... but to me it looks like the hips are turning that way.

    32. Forrest Woodward on

      Thanks for the update, I'll definitely check out the podcast. I agree with the weirdness of the thigh on the Elven Tracker it was one of the first things that popped out of the image to me which is too bad because otherwise I quite like it.

    33. Harvie on

      @Nathan Cushman her whole right leg does look thicker than the left. I think it is supposed to be that her right leg is a little farther forward, but it doesn't look right... Also, the knife placement is odd...

    34. Paul Wilson

      I thought I was done getting games in a while- but I have been so impressed with how this Dungeon Roll campaign has gone I will seriously look at the ED game. I will also check out the podcast.

    35. Don Roberts

      @Nathan Cushman: You're seeing it right. Something is seriously wrong there. It almost looks like it was altered. Notice that there is a distinct change in shape near the knife's sheath.

      @Alan De Smet: I agree. It's more than a little odd, particularly after all of the fuss and eventual capitulation on the Paladin. Personally, a little bit of exposed flesh doesn't bother me. I just find this choice a bit odd.

      @Michael Mindes: I'm definitely not going to get crazy on the art critique, but fixing her thigh would make the oddness less of a distraction from the game. I noticed it at first glance and I'm sure others will too.

    36. Samuel Adams on

      As someone who's working on a card game I'm very interested in this podcast :3

    37. Alan De Smet on

      I'm not clear if the skin-toned areas on the thighs is supposed to indicate that she skinned another tattooed elf and incorporated their skin into her pants, or if she's decided she should wear rugged clothing suitable for diving through brush everywhere except her thighs. Either way, it's a bit disquieting.

    38. Nathan Cushman on

      Am I seeing this wrong, or is her right thigh (our left) strangely thin at the top? I don't know if it's just some angle thing...

    39. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Love the new art work, any idea when the next dungeon roll kickstarter will go live?