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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
10,877 backers pledged $250,070 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Kristen on

      @Ryan Johnson - Any further word on a Dylan Drake card?

    2. Donald Ruiz Jr on

      I am so happy to see this project make all of its goals. I had $20 in my bank account, so I could only pitch in $15, but I am glad I did. I cannot wait to see the final product!

    3. Kristen on

      (@Michael - shhhhhhh ... I would *really* like there to be a Dylan Drake card )

    4. greaseDonkey on

      Haha John good idea.

    5. Dave Meyer on

      Now, send to me my new game... ASAP!

    6. Threemoons

      +1 to a Bloody Pillow card.

    7. John Ling on

      I think on the note of this update... we need to have a special promo card for all of us kickstarters. Bloody Pillows. Have it give some sort of bonus that makes them awesome!

    8. Nathan Essary on

      The thrill of the final moments was awesome. But really I just want to get the game and start playing. And now it will have a pretty sweet rolldown die provided at no extra cost to me! So thank you all and good luck selling off all of your extras, Tim!

    9. super-red on

      @Becky- yes on all counts! It's always fun to make more gaming friends! =)

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles Bruni on

      I am one of the many backers for Dungeon Roll and I am really looking
      forward to actually playing my copy of this game.

      Give me any news and updates you can pass on about
      the process and everything that involves the game.

      What I don't want (if I get a choice) is that appeal following your
      'Bally experience'.

      I am really happy for you guys (and myself :-) ) that this KS project has
      worked out!

    11. Missing avatar

      Josh Chen on

      +1 to Gregory. These people are probably those whom missed the thrill and also could care less about the die. On top of that probably just can't stand my "hero worship" behavior.
      It's just a card, and probably will be an unofficial one too. I just don't get why it's such a debate whether he deserved it or not. As long as the artist wants to make one, it's their business.
      I will be happy to print it out from the BGG files section and play with it later.
      For those who doesn't agree with the whole card thing can just ignore it.

    12. Becky Pusch on

      I agree with Red - there were a few dozen people (maybe more, hard to tell for sure) actively posting counting down the final hours of the project, and we all had a wonderful time. The last 10 minutes were more thrilling than most roller coasters, just for the sheer "are we going to make it?? are we? are we?? ON NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" factor... Frankly, anyone who wasn't there just doesn't and can't understand the inside joke, and probably feels left out and/or are grouchy to have missed the party.

      As for making friends, I personally don't believe one can ever have too many and I am happy to make them wherever I go. I hope to count Red, Rob, Timothy, Julia, Michael Moore, Metalruffles, Scott and many others among my gaming friends someday as I already do most of those involved in TMG - although it helps that I went to college with those guys.... :)

    13. super-red on

      I really appreciate the extra money that Tim B threw in to get us all to that final push, but that's not why I think he should get a card (which I firmly believe should be an official card, but I will absolutely play with the pnp version).

      Anyone who spent the last few hours in comments watching the numbers, throwing out projections, and having a grand, and nerve-wracking, time, understands the awesome camaraderie and utter fun there was to be had.

      Because of that, people in the comments section, myself included, got caught up in the awesome support that Tim provided solely to get us all to that goal, and wanted a "thank you" to him for being such an awesome guy.

      If thanking someone who has become a virtual buddy and providing them (or other KS backers) with something that commemorates the great time we had is somehow "unfair", then I, for one, am very content to be "unfair."

      Everyone has a right to an opinion, and has the right to voice it. I'm voicing mine that Tim made the hours spent on kickstarter incredibly fun and I would love a Tim card to remember that evening.

      Congratulations, again, to everyone in the Dungeon Roll team- you all are fantastic!!

    14. Daniel W. Cisek on

      I know this guy that bought the last 50 seats for the P!nk concert that's coming to town next week. Made the show sell out. Now he's selling those tickets for a profit. Heroic deed on his part.

    15. Matthew H. on

      ALSO, seriously "+1" dear God I hope they never make this thing a social platform...

      Its about finding awesome investments for my money, not making friends. I find those in real life...

    16. Matthew H. on

      @Scud. Not sure who all said they wanted a level card. I know I did (and will probably make it myself) and was relatively vocal about doing so, but I'm a game pimper it's what I do. I would be more disappointed if I couldn't have that opportunity. To be honest I don't care what they do with the Timothy card. It can always be thrown out if you don't want it.

      I get the whole meme thing, what I don't get is the comments I'm seeing on here about him being a's a die for pete's sake not the solution to world hunger. This whole conversation is getting a little #1stworldproblems.

    17. Scud Zero on

      Made it to what? The project goal? Nope. Oh the final stretch goal, that from what I read from the comments, a fair number of people didn't want but rather a Level Card instead. And we put him on this pedestal as if we would have got nothing without him. So what about the person that did put us past the $15000 mark. Where is the parade for him/her?
      People will have a difference of opinion yes, but please don't even start to imply that you know how I think. Discuss, debate, express your opinion, not others.

    18. Gregory Gresik on

      Thanks to Timmy B - who made sure we made it. Kudos to you and all the backers. Anything TMG or anyone else wants to do for Tim is great by me - after all, I get a countdown 10 sider too!! Don't listen to the negative - there will always be people who think it's good to be nice - just not TOO nice. They somehow think that recognizing people diminishes them. Sad really. Nicely done TMG, Timmy and all.

    19. David Autzen on

      Any idea if the game will be available for pick up at GenCon? Save you some postage?

    20. Sean Nowell on

      @John Howard - Quadricorn Pegasus in clown garb juggling bowling pins riding a unicycle...

    21. Missing avatar

      Josh Chen on

      It is good that KS can't edit post or comment so that Marty can quote Bart's words exactly how he typed them on here.

      During the last hour I thought we weren't going to make the last goal and we all remembered that 2~3k jump that kick started the last rush of funding. It's the Internet after all and there will always be people who will not be happy when the crowd want to commemorate Tim B for his heroic deed of putting that much money into a game.

    22. shellynel

      Ohh John, I want a picture of a sheep surfing on top of a airplane!

    23. John Howard on

      +1 Rob
      +1 Ryan
      If anybody wants Art specifically for themselves I would be happy to draw you up something totally unartistic and unprofessional.
      <---NOT an artist XD

      Congratulations to one and all for all of the cool stuff that we get!

    24. Rob Lundy on

      Yeah I'll be happy to work with Ryan on making something fun for Tim B. and that I kinda doubt it will be official... but it will definitely have official looking art and all. That's all us.

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      Congrats now the fun part you get to ship to over 10,000 different locations.

    26. Ryan Johnson on

      I want to chime in here since I was the one that helped start something people are complaining about. As far as I know, the only promis made to Mr. Baldwin is this:

      Due to the meme-ness of his actions and the comraderee and excitement his action made, I will create a Dungeon Roll card for him and post it to This is outside of anything close to a pledge. Of course this information and the cards location for download would be shared with all backers. My other statement was that I would talk with the design team before I did that, if they felt it was something they wanted to include either in this Kisckstarter edition + expansions, or as a stand alone, or whatever.

      No matter the option, the card in question will be made available or bundled so we all get it or no one gets it.

      Who knows. Do something I think is amazing and you just may get a free digital painting with your likeness on it too... pledger to pledger.

    27. Scud Zero on

      I think it was an incredible thing to pledge such a high amount so that this KS could achieve the final stretch goal. But the same thing could be said for anyone else who pledged over $71.
      And it was just that, a stretch goal. The project was funded on day 2, so it's not like we were at risk of losing anything achieved by that point.
      @Karl I love how you are complaining about complaints. Just saying.

    28. greaseDonkey on

      Part 2 (accidentally sent my previous comment before completing it)
      ... As for this whole Timothy thing going on.

      I don't think any backers of kickstarter project should be single out. Whether you spent 1$ or 2500$ this is a community thing. What about the first backer? What about those who advertised for this kickstarter project? We all contributed in a way.

    29. greaseDonkey on

      I discovered this project 2 days ago and it's the first time I'm backing a project. I'm very glad to be part of this.

      As for this whole

    30. Michael Moore

      I'll just +1 Becky and save some time.

    31. Becky Pusch on

      Why doesn't KS have a thumbs up button like everyone else...

      +1 Rob
      +1 Karl
      +1 Tim
      +1 Joshua

    32. Rob Lundy on

      Ya know what... Sometimes being a hero is about being in the right place, at the right time, and doing something just a little extra.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karl von Laudermann on

      Wow; 2 disgusting things in this update:
      1. Bloody pillows
      2. Some guy complaining about Timothy possibly getting a thank-you gift

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Joshua -- Yeah no kidding, that was really something. The fun, the anguish, the absolutely riveting 10 second countdown when it was juuust not making it and then it squeaked over the line AFTER it hit 0...I don't think I'll forget it either. It was well worth the price of admission.

    35. Nick Josh on

      Watching the last half hour of this being funded is something I do not think I will ever be able to forget. I can't wait to get my hands on the finished product whenever it is finished be it in August or however long it takes.

    36. Darryl G on

      @Brandon - that's a lot of dungeon roll. You can make one heck of a party with that many dice. :P I wonder how many levels you'd get through if you didn't have to stop. :P

    37. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      @marty - I should let Mr. Mindes respond to this, but in very rough numbers per one of the updates:

      Every $15 pledge is enough to make 2 and mail 1.

      which means "Don't worry, we'll all get our stuff". Eventually. :-) (I'm an Ogre backer, schedules mean nothing. :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      Anybody who chipped in a full 1% of the project can get something special. As long as everyone else gets what they paid for, who cares?

      I'm just wondering if I should have gone from $30 for 2 to the 6-pack . . . Oh well . . .

    39. Caio Corrêa on

      +1 to what Kristen said.

    40. Brandon Reed on

      Tim tossed $2500 in the last few minutes. It was pretty amazing.

    41. Phil Jaros on

      I would like to thank Tim Baldwin and any one else that kicked in a bit extra to hit the magic number.

      I don't understand why there is any discussion over what TMG might or might not do for Tim Baldwin. It is a free country and Michael Mendes can do what ever he wants.

      Thanks again to all of you that helped with the final push at the end.

    42. Kristen on

      This poor update post! :-(

      Yay - Dungeon Roll is funded, AND set a Kickstarter record!

      THANK YOU Michael for giving us a game to be so excited about. CONGRATULATIONS!

      And thank you to everyone who contributed to this Kickstarter in so very many ways. EVERYONE'S help is greatly appreciated!

      (And could we PLEASE stop arguing here? Points have been made and re-made ... It's gotten tedious.)

    43. Darryl G on

      All this talk about Mr. Baldwin has me curious as to just how much he pledged in order to ensure that he put it over.. either that or I'm not reading the comments close enough if it's been mentioned prior.

    44. Marty McFly on

      Fairness: the state, condition, or quality of being free from bias or injustice.

      Somehow Timothy getting something extra means that others are being treated with bias and injustice. Sure, they're still getting what was promised. But if someone gets something extra, then everyone else is being treated unfairly. Got it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Bart de Vos on

      @Marty - Thank you for showing I didn't say it. "Along the lines of" is just plain nonesense. You're reading things into it. Look up the word fairness in the dictionary.

    46. Missing avatar

      Bart de Vos on

      @Michael - Oh, come on, that is just silly,. A lot of people were suggesting an extra stretch goal at 220 or 225. I was just chipping in by suggesting something that could be added. That is completely incomparable to this situation as: 1) it was when the project was still running, and 2) everyone would have gotten it. And I do trust the designer to make the right decision. And I'm doing my bit to help by disagreeing with suggestions being made :-)

    47. Sean Nowell on

      @Mike - Agreed!

      Now, is it August yet?!

    48. Mike Loftus on

      I don't think the proposed card for Timothy:

      A; Is something that would be included in all games, just a fun thing one of the artists might do on his own.
      B: Has been officially addressed by TMG except for the "I will contact him".
      C: Should be something anyone spends time arguing over... we should be celebrating that we get a fun game we all backed and had a fun time discussing.