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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
10,877 backers pledged $250,070 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Crash Games

      We need to get that d-10! Here's a reddit link that might help us get there.

    2. Aaron on

      yay! I sent PA an e-mail a couple days ago, no idea if it helped or not. but PA can be a firehose of money for deserving projects.

    3. Nathan Williams on

      Thank you for the thread. I had no idea this existed, at all.. I've been under a rock obsessing over the latest Starcraft II expansion lately and missed this.. Six copies on the way! (Thank you for involving International customers!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben W on

      Reddit, where we'll scream through our fedoras about our rights to post anything, just don't break our rules.

    5. JoshDM on

      Michael, you can breathe easy... Apparently "Tycho" of Penny Arcade promoted you:

    6. Keith & Diana on

      Hey, throw in a KS exclusive hero that uses the extra hero dice, so there's two heroes which use it. Could be fun! Mayhap someone gets to roll all the heroes and pick one to leave behind? (Halfway between the Mercenaries reroll and the Guild Leaders extra dude; could make for a nice subtle perk that leaves room for awesome ultimates or extra other bonuses.

    7. Matter on

      Eric is right. I'm not sure which subreddit it is, but one of them only allows one post ever about a particular KS, because they were getting spammed by posts for projects nearing the end. If this is the one, that may have been the reason.

    8. greaseDonkey on

      Anyone here thinking that reddit is one big community, you are wrong. It's a community based driven website and every community decide to apply their own rules. I don't know the exsact reason why it is unaccepted in /r/gaming, but my guess would be that there is too many kickstarter project related to gaming that this community chose to remove them completly.

      Now the best place for submitting kickstarter project related to boardgame would be in /r/boardgames and if I recall correclty, this kickstarter project was well accepted over there and wasn't deleted by the mods. Though, with that been said, I think they have implemented a weekly thread where people can submit kickstarter project weekly so that /r/boardgames doesn't become /r/boardgameskickstarter.

      Reddit design is nice, but it promote easily consummable content to be upvoted easily this is why each subreddit make their rules to promote good content.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mokurk on

      I am really quite excited to see Dungeon Roll break the 250,000 marker, and I know that it can be done w/or w/out Reddit!!!

    10. James & Amy Anderson on

      To me if we want to hit $250 today we need a surprise $225k item that would be a KS exclusive that would get people to change their mind on whether to back. Lets face it, if getting $250k makes it possible for you to improve your product for sales going forward, you should be jumping at the chance to have that paid for by this KS and get that to happen.

      This would get people who are "on the fence" that have decided the couple nice KS items and saving $10 off of MSRP which they will likely be able to pay about the same retail in a few months anyway is not worth committing now to change their mind and fork this over.

    11. Ira Burton on

      Gotta agree with William, the most common complaint I see is with lack of communication on projects, there is no way I will complain about too much.

    12. William

      Why don't you disable emailed updates from this project then?
      In fact anyone should disable getting email updates from any project if they are annoyed enough to post about it.
      Click on manage notifications on that link, and you can individually adjust a project's updates getting emailed to you. You can manually come back to KS to see updates when you choose, then it doesn't fill your email inbox.

      Then the rest of the backers who want all updates can continue to enjoy them, and the ones who don't want them don't have to see them in their inbox.

    13. El Squivadore

      Yeah, r/games and r/gaming both focus mainly on video games. There'd be more interest in r/boardgames. The thing is, most subreddits don't like Kickstarter reminders. I'd just recommend posting a comment in the current post, which is the second post on the subreddit. If you make another one, you'll probably get hit by the downvote brigade.

    14. soulchief on

      Newest one was removed, i deleted my reddit account. No wonder I never used that place before.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bieeanshee on

      I don't visit Reddit, and I'm rooting for this project to breach $250,000, but I can't blame the mods there for deleting the previous thread-- if you're going to advertise to a community, it really behooves you to be familiar with its written and assumed rules before diving in and committing a faux pas. Reddit seems to be highly metrics-driven, so it's not really a surprise that they'd frown on people asking for votes.

    16. Missing avatar

      vash989 on

      well, rule #9 of the gaming subreddit

      9. No Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, et al. "reminder" posts. Submissions about new projects or major updates to existing ones are allowed.

    17. andvaranaut on

      nb. I say "it seems clear" not because *I* personally think so, but because having two popular threads promptly taken down is as clear a red flag as it gets...

    18. andvaranaut on

      It seems to have been removed again, which is kind of a shame, since it was gathering quite a bit of activity. That said, you should probably leave Reddit alone - no matter the personal opinion of each of us, it seems clear that this kind of post is in violation of the rules and there's no point in having another one just for it to be shot down within the hour...

    19. followthechris on

      No one feels like this is spam? No one else feels like they're being asked (or not asked *wink*) to spam other websites with advertisements? This is grubby mass advertising that circumvents rules, lacks content and it is frankly painful to be a part of.

      I just want the game. I'll retweet when I feel like it. I'll upvote if someone is DISCUSSING the game. I'll "like" if I see good, original content. And I have. This? This is awful and is clogging up my inbox.

    20. Sarah Reed

      Reddit confuses me and I never go there. But I am happy that it help us get funded to the $200k mark. Yes, the roll-down die would have been fantastic, but if we don't make it, just keep it on the table for a future expansion or include it in the merchandise campaign.

    21. Missing avatar

      tr0tsky on

      @Peter the post doesn't show anything. The title is just that there's 12 hours left. Maybe if he had made a post with his latest update or something. We'll see. Reddit moderators can be fickle.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Burns

      So many update emails. Argh.

    23. Cervantes3773 on

      Posting on reddit has led people here, so I think calling it "time wasted" is a little harsh.

    24. Peter on

      @tr0tsky I think this is considered a major update so it shouldn't be deleted. As it shows how much has been added since the original submission of the kickstarter.

    25. Duke Ritenhouse on

      ANY time spent on Reddit is wasted time. Forget the whole idea and move on.

    26. Bardia Noohi on

      Guys, lets not start bad mouthing reddit here. They have their rules and we will abide by them. Either way, we have been getting a good response.

    27. Christoph Wagner on

      > Hah.. that's just childish of Reddit.

      The problem is when you allow it, your main content will be from big players that have thousands upon thousands of fans. That's not childish, that's an important measure.

      > If individuals decide to upvote something based upon their interest

      That's why linking to Reddit threads is no problem whatsoever.

      Finally, it hasn't been removed by "Reddit" but by a single moderator of /r/games. The Admins contact the offender if it seems that they are not spammers.

      In general, don't flame something you have no clue about please.

    28. Missing avatar

      tr0tsky on

      This one will probably be deleted too. If you look at rule 9 for the gaming subreddit, you're not allowed to make Kickstarter "reminder" posts.

    29. JonXP on

      To expand on what Ben said, you posted a "self post" on reddit, which is text post rather than simply a link. However, your post is empty. You should probably edit it and add a description of the game along with a link.

    30. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Whatever, I upped my pledge to the $75 level anyway!

    31. Michael on

      What a weird and dumb technicality. Then again I don't visit that site mainly because it layout is atrocious.

    32. Mark Glenn Jespersen on

      Well in some aspect, everyone that is sharing a topic from that site, is teoretically asking others to upvote it, at least implicit...

    33. Jesse Steinfort on

      Hah.. that's just childish of Reddit. Another reason to have no interest in that site. If individuals decide to upvote something based upon their interest, I have a hard time calling it "vote cheating". Good thing political office doesn't work that way or campaigning would be illegal... hmm maybe I have something there... :-)

    34. Missing avatar

      Ben Walker on

      You should edit your post to include a link to the kickstarter.

    35. Bryan Holmes on

      No worries. Reddit is pretty... well strict... when it comes to the rules. Plus it's like, huge when it comes to /r/boardgames and word of mouth spreads fast.

    36. Scott Johnson on

      Yes, r/gaming is the wrong choice.

    37. Peter on

      Mods can be mean sometimes. Compared to some of the crap that reaches front page on r/gaming, your thread actually served a purpose to expose a fantastic game to a larger audience.

    38. Adam J Marquis on

      Reddit is truly rules-lawyer manchild city.

    39. Missing avatar

      JDWarner on

      r/Games might be another good target. r/gaming is supposedly video games, while r/Games is more gaming in general.

    40. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      That's weird. I see people asking threads to be upvoted all the time.