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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
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    1. John Angelo on

      Who does the sketches? They are incredible.

    2. Darryl G on

      I'm hoping that it reaches the 250K for the spindown die, but I'm not married to it. If it doesn't get reached would a dwarven style spindown die, that's not oversized be out of the question?

    3. Sarah Reed

      Love the art! I definitely agreee that it would be so fantastic to have a download of all the sketches and final art. Or for when you do the merchandise KS, have an artbook made. I would definitely love a collection of this amazing artwork!

      I do agree that the bard looks very similar to the treasure hunter. What about making the bard non-human. In my RPG experiences, elves made the best bards so maybe make him an elf or half-elf. It shouldn't take too much altering.

    4. Rob Mitchell on

      I agree with Alberto, it would be really cool if all the sketches could be posted somewhere at the end.

    5. Alberto Vitali on

      Is it possible to have all the hero scketches as downloadable files?
      I really like the painted version but... the sketches are FANTASTIC!!!! :D

    6. Christoph Wagner on

      Taken down by a mod :/

    7. Jonathan O'Donnell on

      Up to 10 on r/gaming now!

    8. Christoph Wagner on

      I don't think you need to delete the links to the Reddit thread. If people go there and upvote them because they want to that's their decision ;)

    9. Michael Mindes 38-time creator on

      @zach - I already did an AMA a couple of weeks ago.

    10. Michael Moore

      Sorceress looks great!

    11. Aaron on

      @zach - i thought he did one.

      not to be a downer, but i don't see 4k an hour. more than happy with all that we've gotten though ;)

    12. Daniel Palmer on

      I love the dwarf sketch!

    13. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      An AMA from you about this would significantly help the kickstarter too. I highly suggest it.

    14. Eric Lange on

      That Dwarf Berserker is amazing! Any chance there will ever be a t-shirt with it on it?

    15. Jeff DeLeRee on

      I'm extremely excited for this game. I'm sure my friends are getting sick of seeing this on my Twitter and Facebook, but I have a lot of gamer friends and I'm sure it's generating orders. One of the LGS owners ordered 6 copies so this game will see at least mild saturation in the area. Can't wait!

    16. Christoph Wagner on

      Be careful, stuff like "So, please go here and upvote it!" is usually a really fast way to get banned. Not sure if that counts for threads others submitted but it's risky.

    17. Caio Corrêa on

      The r/gaming thread is really climbing fast, my inbox is getting flooded

    18. John Howard on

      @Nathan - It is a custom made cape designed especially for bards or knights that wear a sword across their back. it has a slit along one side that allows them to not only be stylish, but to also be quick on the draw with a sword/ least that's the story that I'm going with for now...

    19. Michael Mindes 38-time creator on

      Now we are in the 16th position on the r/gaming subreddit.

      *crosses fingers*

    20. Mike Loftus on

      The Dwarf Berserker and Ranger here (love the barefoot!) are spectacular!!! Love!

      Will the D10 have any other special properties other than being large? What color is being considered?

    21. Eric Lalande on

      Making the Elf Tracker a Redhead would be all that is needed to finally get my wife on board.

    22. Red Island Games on

      Please don't alter too much the sorceress! That is awesomeness!

    23. hair10

      That Bard looks an awful lot like the Treasure Hunter.

      Come on $250K...I want that die!

    24. Matthew on

      Yeah dwarf is looking awesome. Bard definitely needs fixing if possible, looks very strange.

    25. Mark Mistretta on

      Dwarf Berserker might be my favorite hero so far and it is only in sketch form!

    26. Michael Mindes 38-time creator on

      We are now in the 34th position in the r/gaming subreddit... Lets break through into that first page and then hopefully into the top of it.

      Then we will see if we are liked by the folks that are over there normally!

    27. Nathan Spillman on

      If there's still time, the Bard artwork needs to be updated. As it stands, the guitar is beneath his cape on one side and on top of it on the other.

    28. Caio Corrêa on

      Wow, 117 from Reddit?!? Wow!