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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mokurk on

      I really like the female alchemist artwork, especially that she looks like a normal person who shadows as an alchemist. The artwork has nice smooth lines, but the shading on the face does seem slightly blotchy on her left side.

    2. David Larson on

      My first reaction to the alchemist is relief that there's a female character who isn't over-endowed and under-dressed, so I can keep that card in the game when I play with my 8 year-old daughter. Thanks!
      She might not like the leprechaun, but I'll save that one for when her mom and I play DR.

    3. Shawn G Bowers

      Poor girl got hit in the face by a truck.

    4. Kenneth VenOsdel on

      I like the leprechaun a lot (especially the pipe!) but not to excited about the alchemist. Reminds of the artist from Dominion that I don't really care for.

    5. Sean Riley on

      How appropriate to have a leprechaun today! And I'm going to have to remember to put him up if/when the kiddies want to play, his artwork scares me! (You know it's good art when you can feel something about it!)

      Perhaps I have an inherent fear of leprechauns since that 1993 movie? :P

    6. Missing avatar

      Larry Welborn on

      Echoing some earlier posts, I really like the artwork on both of these characters. I also appreciate that there are plenty of female characters as I will be playing this game with my son and daughter and she prefers female characters if available.

    7. Kevin Baron on

      Love the look of both of these adventurers!!!
      I hope we make it to at least $200,000 to get that last surprise hero.
      Leprechaun is great!!!! His evil grin is perfect!
      The only hero card I don't like visually is the face of the Necromancer... too washed out. It needs to more skull or undead like.

    8. Biofrost2001 on

      Same here I would love to buy the international combo pack but the customs problems and extra € isn t worth it. So with no shipping from Europe I ll stay with my International adventurer 1.

    9. Missing avatar

      Angel on

      To be honest, the only thing stopping me from getting the International combo pack is the problems with customs: I live in Spain and everything from USA over 30 dollars is held, scrutinized for weeks and then charged around 20 euros only for the administrative costs (and then 18% VAT, etc). Are there other European backers in the same situation? I know you said in the FAQs it was unlikely, but is there enough critical mass of backers in Europe to send the copies from inside the EU/UK, hence saving us all that trouble? UK would also work for me as my wife is from London and I could get it sent to the in-laws :). Ayway, good luck with the last couple of days and feel free to ignore my request if unreasonable of course (I'm sure I will give in during the last few hours and will probably get the International combo and risk the customs holdup anyway, XD). Know I've shared with my friends not only because I love what I see about the products, but also because of your open, honest and friendly approach to the whole Kickstarter process :).

    10. Daniel D. on

      Leprechaun is fantastic. I will take great pleasure in playing an evil devious leprechaun in the game.

    11. Kristen on

      Just posted to Facebook. ;-)

      Also, I agree that the ees on the Leprechaun are just too creepy!

    12. Kristen on

      I would love to make it all the way to the roll-down die!

    13. Sarah Reed

      Love, love, love the alchemist!!

      I agree, the Leprechaun looks evil, but then they are mischievous creatures and mischief can have bad consequences.

      I really really hope we at least make it to the graveyard card. Another hero would be great! I've been tweeting and posting to FB, but I think my network is exhausted. :-(

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott

      I like the look of the Alchemist, but will admit that the Leprechaun makes me think that he's slightly evil - I think it's the eyes. Hope you have a restful Sunday, Michael.