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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
10,877 backers pledged $250,070 to help bring this project to life.

Mimic Box Art Unleashed

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

Rob has finished the Mimix box art and has made a time elapsed video of it's creation.


For clarification, this limited edition box will only be available through Kickstarter.

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    1. William J Norcutt

      The mimic box is neat, but I prefer the classic looking original box. I hope I can still get that one!

    2. Wendy Sisk on

      VERY disappointed we don't get the option of the real treasure chest. Not all nerds were D&D nerds you know...


    3. Raymond L. on

      Another upvote for having a choice of receiving the original box. Thanks!

    4. Scott Johnson on

      @Rob Lundry I enjoy the time lapse videos of your creations. Can you make a few comments about your process? While watching, I find myself wondering if you are working off of a physical sketch or just going with what's in your mind's eye. Also, on the technical side, are you using any special hardware like a drawing tablet or pressure sensitive device, or is this all done with Photoshop and a mouse?


    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Cordes on

      I would be willing to increase my pledge AND wait until the main shipment to get an additional copy with the original artwork. Any chance a poll or survey could be taken to consider the value of this option?

    6. Missing avatar

      Camarid on

      Admittedly, I'm new to being involved with kick-starting a project like this. I'm REALLY pumped about the game, and excited to be a (small) part of this. Frankly I am a bit amazed at the unabashed presumption of some to ask for things beyond the game they've agreed to help support. The packaging...Really?!? Backing the development is speculation. Be content, people. I'm certain the game will prove out, regardless of the box...regardless of the extras. Extras, mind you.

    7. Jonathan Williams on

      The Mimic box art came out nice, well done! However, I hope we get the choice of which box we want as I personally prefer the regular-looking chest design. Too many people won't understand what the Mimic is, whereas the chest with the lock is easily recognizable.

    8. Missing avatar

      MK on

      By the way...what is the new dragon Lair Stretch reward at 120k? The dice one was removed I see?

    9. Missing avatar

      MK on

      I love the new box, so count me in for that one. However, I owuld rather we spend the overfunding goals of the dice to have more heroes, or something else rather than using speckled dice

    10. Missing avatar

      Corby Young on

      @Rob Lundy - I LOVE the mimic box art! Keep up the incredible work.

      @Runeshade - Awesome comments. Could not have said it better.

    11. Rob Lundy on

      @Roland Sure thing, always happy to answer questions

    12. William

      I'd rather have it looking more like design and colors of the original box. If I want to reach into a chest for treasure while playing, I'd much rather have the original. Maybe the art can be tweaked? Something to subtly say its KS variant without screaming that its vastly different.
      Or, offer backers the option to choose either the original or this new one.
      I suggest doing a survey if you are unsure.

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      A choice of box would be nice though I do like the look of the mimic overall. It does seem to miss some of the details of the original box though like the lock (which is understandable not to have on the mimic) and that demon skull dragon looking thing with red eyes. Whatever box you use or options you give seems like it will be a cool game at a nice price.

    14. Ron Zelman on

      Awesome work!!

    15. Red Island Games on

      @Michael - thank you for the dimensions!

    16. Roland Olson on

      sorry for the typo Rob, didn't mean to give you a second R

    17. Roland Olson on

      @Rob Lundry - Also, I loved browsing your site, and laughed when I read your reply to cbdarden. I have a couple questions for you about art tools, but I'll send those via your "Contact Me" form.

      For this thread -- thanks for throwing us a bone here as the pledges creep towards $120k and a Dragons Lair Card with more art on it. :)

    18. Martin Gregory

      Seriously, my wife might kill me for this, but if you can find a way to offer both then I will likely raise my pledge from one box to six and get a mix of both so I will have Christmas gifts catered for.

    19. Andrew Kirk on

      That is awesome! Lookin forward to it!

    20. Stephen Jonke on

      I love the Mimic box! Thumbs up!

    21. Rob Lundy on

      You guys are are all entitled to your opinions. I've read all the comments since The art was posted. We will come up with some sort of solution so don't worry. You will hear from Michael once he's figured out how best to make this work. Till then stay positive!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ankur Gupta on

      I love this box and the proposed game inside of it. I had already upgraded to 2 copies. I'm thinking of going to six. . . .

    23. Andrew Danny Taylor on

      Also, Runeshade you're awesome :) great comment.

    24. Andrew Danny Taylor on

      that's awesome :) can't wait!

    25. Michael Moore

      @RavenTroll - 4" X 3" X 3"

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mayes on

      Whoa!! The mimic box looks incredible!! Super excited to be getting this! Great video Rob, thanks, you are very talented!!

    27. THoiA on

      Love the mimic box if another comment means much...enjoyed the 9+ min. video of the making of it too, kind of cool watching an artist apply his skill. Looking forward to this one. q

    28. Red Island Games on

      @ Runeshade - awesome suggestion with the wooden treasure chest at Mused Fable. I'm trying to find the dimensions of the Dungeon Roll box somewhere to see if it's similar dimensions. Thank you for that!

    29. Shumyum on

      Amazing! Huge thumbs up!

      And the video, like a rollor coaster, was an amazing ride even if it did make me a bit nauseous.

      Great job, everyone!

    30. Ian T on

      Runeshade, I'm not sure if your advice was sarcastic or not, but that's actually an amazing idea with that site. Now my son can have his Neverland Pirates toy after all.

    31. Runeshade on

      I almost feel sorry for Michael and Rob and the folks at TMG after reading some of these comments. These guys are doing an amazing job of delivering what looks to be a great game at a fantastic price, and all folks can do is argue about what the box looks like, or whether or not the paladin should show cleavage. I don't know what anyone else here is backing for, but I'm backing this for the game, which looks like its going to be a blast to play, and I can't wait to get my 5 year old daughter rolling the dice. I don't believe I've ever heard so much debate in my life about what is essentially packaging.

      Whether you personally like it, or not (and personally, I think its clever), the mimic box is going to immediately and obviously set the kickstarter version apart from the regular retail version. It visually distinguishes that this is the box/version that contains the extra goodies; the guild leader, the 2 extra dungeon dice, all five of the "promo pack" heroes that others will later have to order separately and pay extra for, and whatever other limited stretch rewards that might be upcoming. It differentiates what will one day be the "limited edition" from the regular retail edition, and later on, folks will be bragging about having the limited edition box. Some people seem to be forgetting that they will be receiving a heck of a lot of extra value for backing this project. However, if the new box is still for some reason a gamebreaker for you, my advice would be to point your browser over to Mused Fable, where for $10 you can get a wooden treasure box, which will set the mood a whole lot better than a somewhat fragile cardboard box ever could.

      As for what is really important, thanks Michael/TMG for the killer price point and fun looking game. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and roll up my first dungeon.

    32. Kristen on

      @Albert - +1 for some kind of Kickstarter mark on the box.

    33. Alberto Vitali on

      Oops, sorry... I've seen that the Kickstarter logo already is on the box bottom.

      ... maybe put it also on the rounded top, close to the game logo "Kickstarter Exlusive Mimic Box"

    34. Alberto Vitali on

      Great work on the Mimic box! I really like it!

      I'm thinking the same as Jon Geruntho:
      - put the Kickstarter exclusive stats on the box bottom and NOT the regular game stats... also, if possible, place a big "KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE BOX" text (or the Kickstarter Logo with the word "EXCLUSIVE MIMIC BOX"

      ... just to let this new box be a true jewel to show at other gamers, seeing them grumble because they don't have this Exclusive Box ^___^

    35. Missing avatar

      Jon Geruntho on

      Finally read through all the comments (in this section) and I have a question for Michael; Is it feasible to design the mimic box slightly smaller (or larger) to fit inside (outside) the original box? I think it's silly that box art matters to someone, but that might make the logistics of satisfying everyone easier. I am not sure what your cost increase would be to do that.

      I personally like the idea of getting a unique box that only backers can have. I also think TMG publishes fantastic games with a focus on quality of both components and game play, and am proud that I can help a company that is as dedicated as you are to sharing the hobby of board gaming with the masses.

    36. Missing avatar


      I like them both, I am getting two copies, and having two different boxes is awesome, planing for up to 8 players. It is not like they have already made 5000+ prints of the boxes yet, so hoping for the choice of which box you want with each copy in the survey.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jon Geruntho on

      Fantastic! It's awesome to see the artist at work!! Since the Mimic Box will be "Kickstarter Exclusive" will the stats on the box bottom be the Kickstarter stats or the Regular Game Stats?

    38. Missing avatar

      Corby Young on

      on this thread:

      35 positive "I like the new mimic box" unique posts

      11 "give me an option for both unique posts

      10 "I want the original box" unique posts

    39. sarah kimberly on

      I love it! I also really like the skeletal dragon on the logo revamp. I was excited about the game, but not terribly into the other box art; this makes me excited for the box as well as the game that comes packaged inside it!

    40. Jeffery Thompson on

      It's too bad it couldn't be a reversible box with one design on each side, now that would be sweet!

    41. Marshall Jansen on

      If we're counting voices, I *love* the Mimic art and will be happy to have a unique box for being a backer.

    42. Fco Javier on

      @RavenTroll 88 comments of people that watch the project. But sure they are backers that don't see the mimic box and dont know that the items they pledged have changed.

    43. Aaron on

      well, raven, you do have a point. most backers aren't super involved, though i do believe some will be a little surprised, some will love it and some won't. I would have preferred it in brown, but i'm down for one mimic either way, and i'd take an additional box to get the original art too.

    44. Kristen on

      However, if there is no choice regarding which box to get through Kickstarter, then I like the idea of also having some Kickstarter exclusive mimic tokens.

    45. Tamer Morad on

      Well done, but I Prefer the original Box.....the treasure chest would look sweet next to my Pirate games on the shelf.

    46. James Floyd Kelly

      88 comments here plus those in the other main thread.

    47. Red Island Games on

      @James, if you want to play the stats game, well over 5000 backers and all we have as feedback in this update (at this point) is a maximum of 88 comments. Add to that that some comments are rebuttals (yes I have not taken under consideration the general comments section), it still comes out to a very small percentage whichever way you look at it.

      In short, maybe most backers are interested more in the game itself and trust TMG's decisions on the direction it will go.

      Everyone has the right to their opinion but honestly I think it's getting way out of hand at this point. I think it was Rob who stated they will look into the options. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

    48. James Floyd Kelly

      @Giancarlo - I agree. I like the dragon on the front, the metal framing, and the overall look. I will take the Mimic box of that's the final decision that is made, and I will just purchase a chest version in stores. People seem to be taking it personally that some of us want the original chest, and I don't understand what is so difficult about the idea of speaking with our funding support. I didn't sign up for the mimic and therefore feel no guilt about dropping part or all of my funding. It has nothing to do with the Michael or Rob or the artwork. I backed a chest and then raised my support for two of them. Now I get no original chest. I'm glad folks like the mimic so the product can get made, but it's not what caught my eye and it's not what I plopped down $30 for... And I'm seeing a lot of folks agree.

    49. Roland Olson on

      @James Floyd Kelly - I'd say the likes and dislikes of the prototype art -vs- near to release art pros & cons seem about equal in general. :) Some of us are more passionate about our views, though, which may get repeated or definitely stand out in all of our memories.

      As you know from earlier, my stance is that the box, even though it's a nice perk has nothing to do with the mechanics of playing the game. And the creators are trying their best to keep us the most up-to-date as possible with the progress of all aspects of the creation of this game. Which quite frankly surprises me, and I appreciate them doing that for us. This is exciting watching a new game coming to fruition.

    50. Giancarlo Beltramini on

      I like it, but I liked the previous one a bit better. I mean, I like the fact that it was a chest for a "Dungeon", and the skull was very nice.