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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
10,877 backers pledged $250,070 to help bring this project to life.

FREE BONUS - Treasures Explained (& Artwork) - Respect The Streak

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

Free Bonus Treasures

So, we were operating under the assumption that we would only be able to have 10 tokens per punchboard and printing 5 punchboards for a total of 50 tokens. We have now corrected that, we have 12 tokens per board and 5 boards.

So, we will be able to get you 4 additional experience tokens to help keep track of those high scores which Kickstarter backers are so deserving of.

Additionally, you will be getting 6 additional treasures, which are Dragon Scales. These treasures have no particular use during the game, but every set of 2 is worth an additional point at the end of the game.

Treasures Explained

I know many have read the rulebook and seen the videos, but I thought it would be prudent to take a little bit of time to explain treasures in a simple way and then show off the artwork for them.

You will draw a treasure token every time you:

  • Defeat a dragon.
  • Open a treasure chest.

Unused treasures at the end of the game are worth 1 point each, except for the town portal which is worth 2 points. And the Dragon Scales could be worth an additional point.

Treasures can be used on your turn to help you get deeper in the dungeon, but use them wisely as they are worth points at the end of the game.  This is what they do:

  • Dragon Bait - Changes all monster on the current dungeon level into dragon faces.
  • Town Portal - Lets you escape the dungeon immediately allowing you to score points for the level that you are on. It is nice backup to have when pressing your luck and is best used if you are about to die.
  • Invisibility Ring - Skip fighting the dragon, but you get no bonuses associated with normally killing the dragon.
  • Dragon Scales - No use, but are worth +1 EXP at the end of the game for every 2 that you have.
  • Potion - Use as a potion.
  • Scroll - Use as a scroll.
  • Sword - Use as a fighter party die.
  • Thief Tools - Use as a thief party die.
  • Magic Staff - Use as a mage party die.
  • Talisman - Use as a cleric party die.

Now, here is the artwork:

Bear in mind that these look dull to me, it is probably because I put these samples together from files that might have been made in CYMK instead of RGB. CYMK is the color formatting for the printing of physical things while monitor displays are in RGB. The coloring is much more dynamic and nice.

Unfortunately, I am not an artist, but I wanted to get some more art for you guys to see, and I got impatient!

Cross displaying them messes things up, and I am sure you artist out there are very familiar with this issue. Me, I only know because I often get art sent to me in CYMK which then looks funky, and the artist forgot to convert it to RGB.

Respect The Streak

Everyday that this project has been live thus far we have hit a funding goal or stretch goal. Let's respect the streak and get through that $100,000 marker today and get you 2 more Dungeon Dice (Kickstarter Exclusive).

Considering that we are pretty far away right now, this will probably require active search for new backers by existing backers. While, social sharing is easy and has a decent impact, there is nothing like a personal email looking out for a friend and making sure they know about Dungeon Roll.

Now For A Video...

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    1. PK Levine

      I just supported - this game looks great!

      But I have to say, I'm VERY underwhelmed by the Dragon Scale. First, it's a joke compared to the Town Portal, which has a useful special ability OR is worth 2 XP. If a Dragon Scale is worthless except as an XP boost, it needs to be worth MORE than 2 XP, not less -- though that might unbalance the game. Second, it has the potential to ruin being a Tomb Raider (think about it).

      Please just cut the Dragon Scale and use the newly found room to print more of the existing treasures.

    2. J.l. Robert on

      @Seth...are you saying that there is ONLY room for EXACTLY 5 sheets of tokens in the box? I was only referring to the treasures. Per my example, you'd end up supplying 6 sheets in a copy of the game, but your printing costs should be reduced since you'd be printing more copies of fewer sheets.

      Are all of the Experience tokens identical? Does this mean that the other 2 sheets have nothing but Experience tokens? If this is so, then it makes even more sense to increase the tokens provided to 72, and keep the print run sizes of all 3 different sheets (in my model--the 2 treasure sheets and the 1 Exp. sheet) identical. You simply pack 2 of each into every box, streamlining the packing process, too!

      Obviously, I don't have access to your accounting numbers. So if I'm totally off, please let me know. But I think this suggestion would both reduce your overall cost and supply more goodies for the end users...a classic win/win situation.

    3. SethJaffee on

      @J.I. - the punchboards also contain the Experience tokens. If we use up 48 of our 60 slots for treasures, then we won't have enough room for enough Experience tokens.

    4. J.l. Robert on

      Looking at your sample treasure sheets, you're supplying 36 tokens on 3 different sheets. However, if you re-distribute the tokens to:

      Sheet A: 3 Dragon Bait, 3 Town Portal, 3 Invisibility Ring, 3 Dragon Scales
      Sheet B: 2 Potion, 2 Scroll, 2 Sword, 2 Thief Tools, 2 Magic Staff, 2 Talisman could supply 2 copies of each sheet for 48 tokens (for more fun). AND you'll have one fewer sheet to proof, and one less print run to worry about.

      Would the savings of larger print runs for 2 sheets offset having smaller print runs for 3 sheets?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rule on

      Mike thanks for your transparency on your concerns. I think that you have a great idea for a game and if i may say so, I really think that your TMG logo is spot on good. I am a graphic designer so whoever designed that for you did a good job. Did the same designer do your token art? It doesn't have the same feel and i was wondering if they did.

    6. James on

      @michael - yeah, i know, looting from the box is awesome. but with all those extra cards and dice and such that might not be active in game...they have to go somewhere if im using the box as a prop. i could see me wanting to put the loot in a pouch like a crown royal bag so i can still have storage too, and i bet others will think similarly. but the chest IS cool...

      re: xp tokens, i see we now get that not a pretty low number for more than 2 player games? whats an average score? if 4 players got to level 5 each time, youd need 60 score tokens right? would having some of those xp tokens be 5s make sense or be possible, using those "new" slots on the punchboard?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      I was going to wait until it got near 100000 to be the one to knock it over but could not wait :) looking forward to playing it with my kids!

    8. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Marty - Fantastic sharing, and thank you!

    9. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Mike BRodu - The potion face design is already locked in.

      @Angi - This type of modification to the game would require significantly more testing, although one expansion which we are considering would have a shop at town, where you could buy items for your heroes in exchange for treasures, or hire henchmen...

    10. Marty McFly on

      @Stephan - I've already told all my gamer friends -- including my nephew who, unfortunately, isn't in a financial situation to have the "fun money" budget to back the game. But he thinks it looks fun (he's very perceptive!) and has probably already told all his gamer friends too. One of us may end up with 2 copies if he changes his mind and becomes a backer.

    11. Angi Spri on

      Here are some suggestions: I think that for example "Sword - Use as a fighter party die." is not very thematically because you basically just find another fighter... How about this: if you found a sword, you can equip one of your rolled fighter dice with it. So the fighter wields a new weapon, which acts like a bonus fighter. And after the fight, the sword breaks and the token gets discarded, leaving you with the fighter dice... Maybe there could be some kind of blacksmith/shop action too- here you can sell unwanted weapons for an amount of gold or trade in weapons for other tools for money... Just some ideas.
      I would also LOVE to get some nasty player interaction... Being able to steal points, treasures etc. from a different player. Some kind of Mimic token would be also cool...

    12. Mike Brodu on

      To be sure I understand, the Dragon Scales are worth 1.5xp (total XP is rounded down), correct?

      Also, the potion design reminds me more of Chemistry class (or the corrosive liquid sign) than magic potion. Would it be possible to change it to a more "medieval looking" bottle? Square-shaped or drop-shaped, maybe?

    13. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @james - The back of the treasures are all the gold coins, so if you don't want to loot from the chest (WHATS!?!), then you could do that.

    14. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Mike Brodu & @MK - The treasure tokens are 2-sided, but on the other side is the image of a gold coin.

    15. James on

      I also like the thematic nature of treasures rather than exact icons, and think the coloring is. Very nice touch that does the same work more elegantly. The party dice color matching what it defeats is actually what sold me on this being an easy to grok romp, as not everyone will get hats beats blobs. But blue matches blue. The blue treasure beats a blue. Fair enough.

      I'd prefer one side of treasures to all match, so you could put them out flat without a box to choose randomly, making the game even more portable.

    16. James on

      One effect the treasures don't have is getting experience. Maybe the scales could have an ingame ability to trash for XP, in addition to set collection. Tension in the choice, but sometimes worth it to flip your card a turn earlier. And would combo with the treasure hunter fine.

    17. Missing avatar

      MK on

      @Michael, my comment was more like in the direction of Mike Brodu. Can you give specifics on the front/backs of the tokens? Benefitting from the fact that they are 2 sided seems much better than sides being equal

    18. Mike Brodu on

      Hi, I just came to the party!
      Will the tokens be double-sided? Because if they are, you could please everyone by having the current design on one side, and the corresponding die icon on the other side.
      Also, possible stretch goal: collaborate with the guy that does these awesome pennygems tokens:… as this would be awesome to draw these. I'd be willing to buy them as an add-on.

    19. SethJaffee on

      @Julia - looks like you got your Multipack... and for cheaper than you wanted! :)

    20. Stephan Reitz

      @Marty - don´t want to feel you guilty :-) - but I bet your nephew will love you even more if you give him such a wonderful birthday present. And what about you nephew´s friends, don´t you want to share the love with them, too. ;-)

    21. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      4 Additional exp tokens in addition to the 20 that were already planned.

    22. Missing avatar

      MK on

      Michael what do you mean that 4 tokens will be used to keep track of the experience that we will need? Can you give more details on the usage of those?

    23. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Julia - That is a big reason that I do it, so I am very glad to hear this!

    24. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      LOL I love starting a pledge level that helps TMG!! At $12.50 each, I'm guessing that they will make really great gifts... most people would assume the game costs $20, not less than $15.
      And if you live in any kind of community with a board-game crowd, it's not hard to round up some people to pitch in. We made a great new gaming friend by posting a Ground Floor multi-pack offer for our town on BGG. We've since backed three other projects with him and have played games with him five or six times over the past year. Michael, you just never know how your games will bring people together in unexpected ways. :-)

    25. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Marc - I would like to do metal coins for the treasures at a certain stretch level, but they are ridiculously expensive and would add another $0.37 in shipping costs to the game, and with things as tight as they are now...

    26. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Becky - Introduce the game to friends, especially friends that might not be heavy into gaming.

    27. Marc Johnson on

      Any thought of using poker chips as the treasure tokens if you hit a certain stretch goal? I much prefer the weight of poker chips as opposed to the flimsy cardboard tokens that most games have.

    28. Becky Pusch on

      I've been silently rooting for "Julia's" multi-pack - made it in as the second backer on that level.. :) hmmm, now what to do with the extra copies? :)

    29. Marty McFly on

      @Stephan You make me feel guilty! Fine, I'll order another copy and give it to my nephew for his birthday in September. Happy now?! :-)

    30. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Jarrod & @Chris - my vote was to have the treasures look the same as what they can be used for, but as was pointed out to me, you don't really loot a thief or fighter. Additionally, on the player aid cards there will be a chart to assist with what each do to avoid confusion.

    31. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Aaron - Thanks. There was a consideration to make it a stretch goal (to boost excitement), but it didn't really seem like a legit stretch goal to me.

    32. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Stephan - Wow, thanks for such the great pledge when you don't need all of those copies yourself. It is greatly appreciated.

    33. SethJaffee on

      @Johan - Let's give Rob a chance to draw it first, eh? :)

      @Jarrod @Chris - I hear you about matching the die icons, but it didn't seem very thematic to open a chest and find a Fighter inside. Finding a Vorpal Sword on the other hand... We had originally talked about also using an icon matching the die, but the tokens are pretty small, and I don't think it was able to fit. The treasures ARE color coded to go with the die face they match up with. I hope that will be enough to help players keep them straight.

    34. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Julia - How could I say no to you, such an awesome backer of everything TMG. I have opened up a $75 pledge level for 6 copies, which I will announce more formally the next time there is an update.

    35. SethJaffee on

      @Lior - We are upgrading the Dragon Bait so that it's more useful and more fun. When it only turns 1 die, it isn't very useful. We tried it turning all dice of 1 type, and that's largely the same, though sometimes better (and when better, it's fun). We're considering up grading it to what Michael said - change ALL monsters into Dragons... the Dragon arrives and chases away all the monsters! :) That's probably on par with the power level we want for the token. Rest assured we'll figure out the best version for the final rulebook!

    36. SethJaffee on

      @Marty: You are correct, Each Dragon Scale is worth 1 point no matter what, and you get a bonus for every 2 you collect. We're considering upping that bonus a bit because we don't want people to feel like the treasure is worthless even if you get your set of 2.

      @Chris - the Archeologist was created before this treasure was added. This is part of the problem with creating game content on the fly as stretch goals pop up and are immediately knocked down. I have several ideas for that situation, and I'm not sure which one we'll go with... (1) Up the Archeologist's Treasure draws by 1, so you have more treasure to work with, and if you draw a Scale it's not as bad. (2) In the Book of Heroes, indicate that the Archeologist discards Scales and re-draws (3) Allow the Archeologist to KEEP Dragon scales (4) Change the text of dragon scales so that it actually activates and says "Use this Dragon Scale: Discard another Dragon Scale to collect 3 Experience" (5) Leave it like it is and accept that sometimes you'll get a bum draw... I'm sure there are other possibilities, but this is why we keep saying that the specifics are not final!

      Thanks for the comment!

    37. Chris Brown on

      I agree Jarrod, the similarity between die faces and tokens would be very beneficial.

    38. Jarrod Babel on

      I like more tokens. However I would like to put in my 2 cents. I think the tokens for each die face (thief, mage, fighter, cleric) should match the die faces to avoid confusion and make for ease of play and teaching.

    39. Mark Fadden

      I love getting more stuff just because you figured out a better way!

    40. Johan Månsson on

      Great stuff! very excited about the next goal, if we don't reach it today we will tomorrow! By the way, when do we get to see the mimic?

    41. Missing avatar

      Lior Cohen on

      Let me just say first that you're all doing an amazing work,
      and I really can't wait to play your game...

      I just have a little question about the Dragon Bait:
      In the PROTOTYPE RULEBOOK it's says "Change any one active Dungeon die so it now shows the Dragon face. Move that die into the Dragon's Lair." - change one die.
      But now you said "Changes all monster on the current dungeon level into dragon faces."
      So correct me if I understood you incorrectly, but now just one Dragon Bait changes all the dungeon dice into the dragon.

      Btw, sorry for my poor english...

    42. Marc Aranha on

      Hmm...comments appear to be disappearing from this update?

    43. Joel White on

      Pushing to get as many friends as possible to pick it up. Very excited to play, I can't wait for it to be made and get here.

    44. Val Krzyzaniak on

      The black image on base color background artwork for the tokens does not "pop" like most modern game tokens. It is sort or reminiscent of an old 16 color 1980's board game. A bit of a yawn. But the rest of the art in Dungeon Roll does "pop". The hero cards look great! I am thinking that the token black images of flask and sword and shield should be more full color and not just black shadows. But I still love this Kick-Starter so best of luck!

    45. Aaron on

      i'll just count this as the 90k stretch goal and thank you for more free stuff ;)

    46. Paul Wilson

      Super--more stuff! Lets get to more dice!

    47. Marc Aranha on

      @Dreadpirate - lol, that's a pretty awesome idea :)

      Love to see the artwork progress. Talisman and Dragon Bait are definitely my favorites. They have the right amount of detail (and contrast) to stand out against the token backgrounds that pull at my eye first. The dragon scale seems ultra-minimalist (I thought it was a grave-digging spade at first) and the Thief Tools seem to get lost. Tools may have been better served with a more focused lock and pick. Anyways, my unsolicited two cents! :)

      Cool update - thanks for sharing!

    48. Dreadpirate
      on of the new treasures should be a 'bite' token.

      Because, you know, you just stuck your hand in a 'mimic'.

      ...(reposted: it seems that kickstarter 'ate' some of the comments. How appropriate.)

    49. Dreadpirate

      One of the treasures should be a 'bite' token.

      Because, you know, you just stuck your hand into a 'mimic'.

    50. Stephan Reitz

      Great tokens, man this game will rock like hell !!!! I don´t really need the 12 copies i ordered, but I will make this game a present to my whole role playing group - I bet they willl love it !!!