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A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
A vicious dragon is out there... Assemble your party at the tavern... Slay the dragon! Grab the treasure! OH GLORIOUS GLORY!!!
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Heroes Explained... Stretch Reward #1 - UNLOCKED!

Posted by Michael Mindes (Creator)

Incredible.  Dragon Slayer Reward has been unlocked - He is one of my personal favorite heroes because I like the idea of going and doing battle for the benefit of good.  Plus, the abilities of the Dragon Slayer are quite different from some of the other heroes, not that many are too similar.

Next To Unlock @$25,000 - The Bard

The bard is a cool hero is you like the idea of evading the dangers of the dungeon, pressing your luck with the benefit of a safety net, and inspiring champions to do great things.

Right now, we do not have any concept artwork for the bard, but will hopefully have some soon.

How The First 5 Heroes Work!

Now, onto the reveal of how the first 5 heroes work.  Behold, the Dragon Slayer, Paladin, Commander, Necromancer, and Battlemage!

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    1. Giancarlo Beltramini on

      I have just backed the project and I think the game seems great.

      I was checking the video and I think that the Knight / Dragon Slayer is a bit too much, I believe that it would be "better" if instead of any party die, a champion would be needed, like for the Paladin, that you need at least 1 potion.
      So, when you are a knight, it would be a champion and any other, and for Dragon Slayer it would need to be a champion.

    2. Travis Chance on

      Also, I kind of snicker every time I hear 'party die.' There is a wealth of other fantasy terms that could be used in place of this to avoid to immediate silly connection to keggers and sweet 16's.

    3. Travis Chance on

      I would think a mercenary would be in some way tied to treasure, as, traditionally, the definition of a mercenary is a gun (or, in this case, sword) for hire. Also, why would an opportunist level into someone with authority? A little semantic nitpicking, but Mercenary doesn't seem to fit as seemlessly as the others.

    4. Keith Collins

      @Lucas I agree with your "at least 1 potion needed" wording. I just liked the theme for fun.

    5. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @lucas - Oh yes, there will be a book of heroes which will have information about the hero and rules answers and such.

    6. Stephen Jonke on

      I was confused by the "minimum 1" as well, but not by the wording, mostly by the placement at the end of the sentence, but I think I prefer "at least 1 Potion needed" as well.

    7. Lucas Townsend on

      @Keith, you could probably even write it without theme included to make it even easier, like: "Discard all potions (at least 1 Potion needed) to defeat all monsters and unlock all treasure chests."
      The reason I put (at least 1 Potion needed) instead of min. of 1, was Because I personally had trouble figuring our what the minimum of 1 was for at the beginning. Others may have the same issues.
      @Michael, you could always put character ability clarification in the rules for increased help and less questions on BGG :)

    8. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Keith - I like it.

      @Cole - Both. Definitely both.

    9. C3

      I am curious. Does your concern over the wording for divine intervention pertain to the complexity of how the action is currently expressed or to the number of words used to express it, or both?

    10. Keith Collins

      Paladin: Sacrifice all potions to the gods for a divine intervention ( minimum of 1). The gods smite all monsters and unlock all treasure chests.

    11. Michael Mindes 35-time creator on

      @Aaron - Thanks, that is basically how it reads right now. We would like it to get much more simple than that even.

    12. Aaron on

      Paladin ultimate suggestion: "Destroy/consume/discard [whatever wording is best] all available potions (minimum of 1) to instantly defeat all monsters on the current dungeon level (all treasure is left)"