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$186,217 pledged of $40,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$186,217 pledged of $40,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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In the year 1119 AD, the Crusading Orders were formed to protect the thousands of pilgrims who were travelling to Jerusalem. The knights were closely tied to the Crusades, and they were considered to be some of most highly skilled fighting units of that time. The orders grew in wealth and power for almost 200 years until King Phillip IV of France had them persecuted and arrested for reasons that are discussed by historians to this day.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, a brand new game from designer Seth Jaffee (Eminent Domain, Terra Prime), will put players in the role as the leader of a Crusading Order. Using an innovative Mancala/Rondel mechanism, they will move their knights through Europe and the Middle East. They will battle with enemies, construct buildings, and train troops - all the while trying to be the order that has gained the most influence before the game comes to a close.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done will be published in glorious Deluxified™ format, with all the quality you have come to expect from TMG.


First, why don't we let the designer, Seth Jaffee, tell us in his own words what was behind his creation of Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done:

“Awhile back, I heard about a brand new boardgame coming out that was going to combine a mancala mechanism with a rondel. I thought that idea was brilliant, and made some assumptions on how that must work. My guess was that on your turn you would choose an action to do, resolve that action based on the number of action tokens in that space on the rondel (the more, the better), then distribute those tokens around the rondel a-la Mancala. This sounded fantastic, as each action would sort of grow in power until you take it, then it would revert back to zero, and you’d have to build it back up before taking it again. I was really excited about this idea, but to my surprise, I found out that I’d guessed wrong!”

“So in a weird bit of serendipity, my incorrect guess at the mechanism ended up giving me an idea that would make for an entirely different mechanical experience, one I thought was well worth pursuing. Looking at how Crusaders turned out, I think I can safely say I was right.”

Tasty Minstrel Games is committed to not only publishing amazing and excellent games, we also want those games to look amazing and excellent as well. Our past Kickstarters for Orleans and Yokohama have set a high mark for Deluxified™ components, and we will continue that standard of quality with Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.

The additional cost for the Deluxified™ components matches our cost with no additional profit, to make and deliver them to you the backer. For this reason, TMG will only make a Deluxified™ version through crowdfunding. We will make enough for Kickstarter Backers, some replacement copies, and some convention sales in Limited Quantity.


 A major part of playing Crusaders happens on a players personal player board, which has a lot going on as you can see.

To get a full run down of game play, and how the player boards interact with the main map, check out this video.  

Check out the BETA rules for Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done HERE

Help our Crusaders rise up!!!  Conquer these funding goals one step up at a time. 


TMG thinks Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done is sure to make gamers all over the world happy, but instead of taking our word for it, we reached out to several independent reviewers and asked them to tell us what they thought of the game.





While technically not a review, Twist Gaming was kind enough to have TMG's own UndeadViking on their channel at Dice Tower Con and played Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done!

Also at Dice Tower Con, TMG had dozens of people demo Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done. We were able to capture some of their thoughts on video!



With more reviews on the way. 

People have come to expect a premium experience when choosing to support a Deluxified™ TMG game. Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done will follow our high quality shipping standard of being bubble wrapped, boxed individually and then boxed up again before being shipped to you. This will ensure that your copy arrives in pristine condition, ready to enjoy. The following is an unboxing of a Deluxified™ Yokohama, to illustrate what we are offering:

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In addition to premium packaging this project is:

What does Friendly Shipping mean? It means that for each of these countries we will be sending bulk shipments to fulfillment partners paying VAT and fulfilling more directly. We have also done all we can to ensure that globally everyone has a good experience with the best shipping options that we could source. Whenever a shipping partner has the games and is ready to ship, we give the green light. This means that some parts of the world might receive their game a few weeks before other places. This is done so that you get your game the earliest we are able to get it to you!

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done will be sent in 4 primary shipments that will go to shipping partners in the US, EU, AU, and Asia.

The approximate weight of this game will be 4kg - a heavy package. Shipping fees are not a profit center for TMG, and all shipping prices listed below are based on the shipping quotes of a package of that weight.

USA - $6
UK - $14
Canada - $15
Belgium - $19
Denmark - $19
Germany - $19
Ireland - $19
Netherlands - $19
European Union - $22
Mexico - $23
Australia - $25
Croatia - $29
Greece - $29
China - $30
Hong Kong - $30
Japan - $30
Philippines - $30
Taiwan - $30
Cyprus - $33
New Zealand - $35
United Arab Emirates - $44
Saudi Arabia - $51
Brazil - $60
Rest of the world - $90

We realize that the last amount is quite expensive. We suggest to backers that fall inside that shipping category to possibly look into using an independent freight forwarder This would allow the use of an address in the U.S. which could lower the overall cost of shipping.

All of us here at TMG realize that a good relationship between publisher and backer during a crowdfunding campaign is paramount for it to be a success. It is our goal to make sure that the communication in the Kickstarter projects run by Tasty Minstrel Games will be more active and connected than ever before. For the first 7 days of the campaign, we will post updates at least once every 72 hours. In addition, during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on weekdays), the comments page will be monitored for questions and those will be answered by the TMG Staff.    

After the first 7 days, while the campaign is live, we will update the campaign at least once a week. The comments page will continue to be checked on a regular basis every day and questions will be answered at those times.  

After the campaign has concluded, the comments page will continue to be monitored on a regular basis, but with less frequency than before. Any questions posted will be answered when they are seen. Updates will be sent whenever new, pertinent information about the campaign can be relayed to backers. If 30 days go by without new, pertinent information, a quick "all is well" update will be posted to maintain communication with our backers.  

After the games have been sent to our backers, and fulfillment has been completed, we will consider the campaign to be concluded, and any further communication would need to go through our normal support lines.   
It is our mission and our intent that with these guidelines, our backers will enjoy an unprecedented level of connection to the campaign, ensuring a satisfying experience from the beginning of the campaign to the day that the game is delivered to them, and beyond.

Risks and challenges

Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) has delivered numerous games throughout the world. Some that were funded on Kickstarter and some that were not. As an established small games company, the real question is making sure we manage potential sources of delay and communicating clear expectations throughout the campaign and after the funding ends.

TMG is now a growing team of 11 individuals that are managing all aspects of the business which has helped to mitigate all of the various risks and challenges.

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