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$13,810 pledged of $30,000 goal
$13,810 pledged of $30,000 goal

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Thank You, Rework, & International...

Thank you for backing City Hall and sharing this project with your friends.  I greatly appreciate you and what you have done to help City Hall come to fruition.

I am guilty of being lazy for this project and for that I apologize.  I have been working hard to accomplish many things for TMG and City Hall has been on the Kickstarter docket for a long time.  In fact, the project should have been launched awhile ago.

With the project starting late, and the window to deliver by the end of the year closing, I felt the pressure to get it up and funded, even if it was done with a partial effort.  I tried to depend too heavily on you without leading.  I am sorry.

Rework & International Shipping

Jamey Stegmaier is a friend of mine.  I was skeptical of the ability to provide free shipping internationally, or even cheap shipping.  He has outlined how he will do it here.  Until it is successfully done, I worry about things going wrong and mistakes being costly.

Anyways, I have discussed this with him more and I will be seeing him at GenCon.  Sometime after GenCon, we will relaunch City Hall (possibly combined with Captains of Industry)  with some sort of low cost international shipping to Canada and Europe.  Probably not free, but at a very low premium like $10.

Sorry Again, And We Will Be Back

Again, my apologies for getting you excited and then failing to do what I should.  We will be back in the future, and do much better.

Your game servant,

Michael Mindes, Founder

Tasty Minstrel Games

A Fantastic Start

In just a handful of days, City Hall now has more backers than it did the fist time that it was on Kickstarter.  And in only a handful of days now, it will be funding.

It has become clear to me now a major disadvantage of having a short Kickstarter campaign.  Psychologically it appears that the campaign will not fund because of the short number of days that remain even when it is launched.

These short campaigns is contrary to the way the people currently use Kickstarter, and thus it looks worse than it is.

I have confidence that City Hall will fund.  For one very specific reason.

TMG has the best Kickstarter backers ever.

We are excited to bring City Hall to you, especially Michael Keller.  Let us make this happen!

Also, feel free to use the Avatar provided to help promote the campaign.

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28% There - More About The Launch

We now have 151 backers for City Hall, which is fantastic.  Thanks for joining TMG (for many of you, again) on this Kickstarter project.  City Hall is a great euro game for gamers and as such we will probably be having a small print run.

Once the project funds, we will likely be making 2,000 or 3,000 games.  For reference, Noblemen's and Village's first printing was 2,000 copies while Belfort's first printing was 3,000 copies.

If you waited on those, then you know how hard they were to find for awhile (or still hard to find in the case of Noblemen).

So, I am glad you are with us early on this Kickstarter project!  And your friends will be glad too, so please share with them.

Goa Type Auction

One of the main mechanisms of City Hall is the Goa type of auction for the use of the offices at City Hall.

(For those unfamiliar, the active player will choose something to auction off after which other players will make offers.  The catch is that the active player will get the payment from the other player.)  Or the active player can just take the ability for themselves without getting paid.

This makes it important to understand what the other players want to get (or more importantly what multiple other players want) to be able to get top dollar from your auction choice.

So, if you like Goa or have friends that do, then City Hall might be a great game for them.

No Magic Button...

There are some people out there that think that TMG has some sort of magic Kickstarter button that we push and get tons of funding.  This isn't true, not one bit.

We do have some powerful methods that we have built consistently over the years.

But most importantly, we have a relationship with you.  And your friends listen to you when it comes to what games will be good for them.  If anything is a magic button, it is that relationship.

So, if you are thinking something like, "hey TMG has another project up, cool I will back it and get it in several months, I don't need to do anything else." then please just take the time to share this with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, direct emails, live in person conversation (does that exist anymore?), and so forth.

Really, the reason that we find success is because of you.  Not for just backing our projects with your dollars, but through your endorsement of us.  So, THANK YOU!


Michael Mindes, Founder