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Update #8

Please help us in this last week of fundraising!


I can't ask for any more support from anyone seeing this update, because you have already done more than I could have ever asked for. But I am going to ask you for some help. We can't spread the word alone and I need your help, it is our last week of fundraising and we did hit our goal, but it was well below what we need to finish this project, because we never thought we would get this far. Please tell everyone you know and all those people you have already told and have said, "oh it sounds wonderful," but haven't supported us, ask them again for me. It is very easy for everyone to let emails and websites fall into the far depths of our email accounts. Emailing or telling people in person one more time, during this last week of fundraising won't hurt or annoy anyone. Here is the link and thank you very much for your continuing support.

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    Support The Journey: Every Dollar counts ... literally. With just a buck you can share and support the journey from story to screenplay.

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    Follow The Journey: Receive updates of our journey as we traverse Eastern Europe. Our updates will keep you informed as we learn and write. We'll have photos, short videos and an inside look into how the writing process unfolds.

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    Remember The Journey: Access to all of the updates, PLUS a PDF copy of the completed screenplay. Keep a little piece of Joseph's (and our) journey forever ... or at least as long as your hard drive lasts.

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    See The Journey: Receive all updates, a PDF copy of the script AND the documentary DVD of our journey and the writing process. See us learn about Joseph's journey, maneuver through the writing process and suffer humiliating translation-related miscommunication with locals. It will be just like you were there ... except you won't have to smell Zack's socks.

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    Feel The Journey: Updates, DVD and a printed copy of the completed screenplay. PDF's are great, but sometimes we need something we can grow old with .. like a large stack of papers. Try not to cuddle too closely, those paper cuts hurt!

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    Collect The Journey: Updates, DVD's, printed screenplay WITH our Herbie Hancocks. We'll even include a personal note thanking you for contributing. A collector's item, sure to someday be worth millions (of old, out-of-print Polish Zloty).

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    Wear the Journey: Updates, DVD, Script and our super-cool What Would Joseph Do T-Shirt! Pop Quiz: You've been thrown in a Polish dungeon for being a deserter. How to get out? Just ask yourself, "What Would Joseph Do?"

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    Wish You Were On The Journey: Everything above PLUS we will send you postcards. When we get to a new town, we'll send you a new card, with a personalized message about how much we are learning, how much fun we are having and how it would be super-awesome if you were here, but you're not so here's a postcard!

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    Live The Journey: Well, if you're THIS interested in the project, you might as well come along. You can't stay in our room, though.

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