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"Music to my Earholes" -n- a phrase used to express the awesomeness of something just heard i.e. Michael Jay Purser's second album

A starving artist. A devout oldschool gamer. An ambitious fiddler.

Michael Jay Purser is all these things, and now I want to fuse them and produce my second album in chiptune style. Experimenting with my gameboy and watching documentaries on the subject, I realized there is neither a big above-ground scene nor a genre between chiptune and what many people consider "radio-friendly." I'm hoping my full-length album will change that.

"But Michael, all your fans know you as a celtic fiddle player and folk artist! Why are you abandoning us?!"

Rest assured, this new direction in my artistic endeavors will fuse the nostalgia of chiptune music with my previous styles of folk and indie. It will be something new that hopefully both sets of fans will enjoy!

Plus, rewards!

"Music to my earholes."

Listen to this demo, not yet album-ready but a good example of what's in store for ya. Underwater Level:

Your pledges will go towards printing physical copies of the CD, pressing limited edition-vinyls, printing limited-edition posters, and printing t-shirts. Any funds raised above the goal will go towards releasing my third album (which is actually already in the making)


On the song “Nine Minutes Old,” the fiddler, Michael Purser took center stage, someone who is obviously their pride and joy. Trying to keep track of Purser is part of the challenge because as soon as his bow hits the strings, the man becomes the jumping frog of Barren County, the likes of which Mark Twain could never anticipate… until his energy tumbled into the audience and one couldn’t help but bounce along.

“The energy was contagious, but it was impossible to be distracted from the fact that he was hammering out fiddle lines that would have both Itzhak Perlman and Charlie Daniels drooling."

-Quoted from an article written by Susan Tebben of the Glasgow Daily Times on June 4th, 2010

“Love the eclectic mix of music styles that all seemed to mesh together as one, just an awesome debut! And that gorgeous violin piece at the words...”

-Joann Henry Phillips - CD Review
"If the fiddle wasn’t enough, in the next minute, Purser brought out a didgeridoo as long as he was tall for the jungle groove, waving it around as he walked through the audience."

-Glasgow Daily Times


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