TraqCloud - GPS Tracker, App & Cloud Service starting at $29

by Michael & Matthew

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    1. James on

      So how much of the money remaining will be available for refunds?

    2. James on

      Sorry, misread.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan Stevens on

      Well that's lame.

    4. Jauvane Oliveira

      Mike, don't give up just yet. How much would the price need to be? Garmin has a similar device (GTU10) but its cost was way superior to the value you listed here, so that there may still be enough interest on the device even if it has a higher price tag. If that doesn't go beyond values from other sources (such as Garmin's GTU unit) it would still be relevant, specially if it could have some added features on it (such as being possible to attach it to a DSLR or other expensive device which would benefit from effective tracking).

    5. Missing avatar

      James Wilson on

      @ James:You were never charged, they never got the money because they canceled the campaign

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      So what's this really about? Did we not pledge enough, or is it that you were just using the individuals who pledged to get investors for your company? Did the plan go wrong and you weren't able to sell us out for millions like Oculus Rift? Denying their pledgers equity in a 20 billion dollar company created with their money?

    7. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      We tried to start a company with a solid idea and an agreement from a china manufacturer to make it for an agreed price. Later we found out the agreed price was a lie (read previous updates). The real price was double what we were told based on the 1,000 unit volume we were hopping to get support on Kickstarter for. Unfortunetely there will be no TraqCloud company. :-(